New tool helps enrolled college and graduate students find scholarship

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ScholarshipOwl allows college and graduate students to instantly establish their eligibility for hundreds of scholarships and submit a single application for multiple scholarships automatically through a simple online tool.

March 14, 2016 – ScholarshipOwl, an automated scholarship search and application service that matches students to hundreds of scholarships, offers an opportunity to currently enrolled college and grad school students to reduce the burden of student loans by sourcing and automatically submitting relevant scholarship applications.

Not just high school students, but enrolled college and grad school students are eligible to apply for many scholarships from brands and other organizations interested in investing in higher education. “However, the search process is complicated and too time-consuming for busy college students,” explains Ken Sandorffy, the Founder of ScholarshipOwl. “That’s why we built an engine that aggregates scholarships that are available at any given time and allows students to apply for them with a single application.”

ScholarshipOwl continuously scans the net for new scholarship offerings, adds them to their database and then lets eligible students apply for those scholarships using the information already on file, saving students time and effort. It also saves their answer responses and essays, which can be reused for subsequent applications.

ScholarshipOwl already has 100,000 users matching each to 85-100 scholarships on average. It was covered by Forbes, GigaOm, TNW and others.

For additional information about the scholarship please visit the ScholarshipOwl website, call (302) 266–2831 or email at Follow ScholarshipOwl on Twitter @ScholarshipOwl.

About ScholarshipOwl
ScholarshipOwl helps US students reduce the financial burden of higher education by offering an automated scholarship search and application service. The platform uses each applicant’s birth date, gender, year of study, current or future major and other parameters to match the student with hundreds of available scholarships. ScholarshipOwl automates the process by allowing users to apply for hundreds of scholarships with a single application.

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