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Looking for a Recession-Proof Career? Teach Away Launches Scholarship to Empower English Language Teachers

In recent years turbulent times around the world have hit close to home for many of us and made us rethink many aspects of our daily lives – including our careers.

Living through the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, and an impending economic downturn led to a newly forming economic landscape. Along with the push for better working conditions that spurred the Great Resignation, many people are also looking for more job security.

Recession-proof careers promise consistent work and reliable income, even in uncertain economic conditions. But they don’t have to mean a dull career. In fact, far from it, many ‘reliable’ jobs come with opportunities for continuous learning, career growth, and global travel.

Teaching happens to be one of the best recession-proof jobs for 2023.

Becoming a certified TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) teacher opens up your career to endless job opportunities, as the global need for English-speaking teachers continues to rise.

High demand means getting qualified to teach is now more accessible than ever, making teaching an ideal job for new grads and career changers alike.

Teach Away, the industry leader in international teacher placement, has launched its first TEFL Scholarship Program. This initiative aims to provide aspiring teachers with the essential skills and training required to teach English abroad or online. The TEFL Scholarship Program is designed to support an aspiring teacher who is unable to participate due to financial limitations. The scholarship will cover the expenses of the selected candidate’s enrollment in the 120-hour online TEFL course, which has been created in partnership with Teach Away and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto.

“Students are facing financial difficulty more than ever before. Teaching English [abroad or online] is a great way to secure a steady income while doing very fulfilling work,” says Rene Frey, president of Teach Away.

TEFL grads go on to teach all around the world, from Japan and South Korea to the UAE, Spain, and beyond. A TEFL scholarship will provide the financial assistance needed to help one lucky recipient pursue their dream of living and teaching abroad.

A TEFL Certificate issued by OISE at the University of Toronto is globally recognized and increases aspiring teachers’ chances of securing their dream teaching job abroad. OISE is a top-tier institution in educational research and teacher training, with a particular focus on foreign language instruction. Its distinguished faculty includes world-renowned policymakers and school specialists, and the TEFL certification program was developed by highly respected instructors.

Teach Away is committed to making a difference in the lives of those who are passionate about education and empowering students. The TEFL Scholarship Program is an important step towards achieving this goal.

Since 2003, Teach Away has connected reputable international schools with great teachers through its recruitment platform and helped train teachers with high-quality internationally recognized professional development programs such as its TEFL courses.

The scholarship deadline is April 3, 2023, visit to find out how to apply!

About Teach Away

Founded in 2003, Teach Away has been on an epic journey to solve the global teacher shortage with amazing teachers. Teach Away is currently a global leader in international teacher recruitment and certification. We are home to the largest online community of international educators worldwide. We offer teacher certification, TEFL certification, teaching jobs, online teaching jobs, teacher recruitment and the opportunity to teach english abroad.

Through the past 20 years we’ve stayed true to our vision of a world where every student experiences the power of a great teacher.

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Paula Swirla
(416) 471-4031

Financial Aid Awareness Month: How to Make Higher Education Affordable

Financial Aid Awareness Month provides an opportunity to understand the numerous financing options available to alleviate the up-front cost of higher education, such as tuition and room-and-board.

For many students and families nationwide, affordability remains a high concern as they consider investing in a college degree. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 85% of students receive some form of financial aid; however, it is not always easy to access and understand all available options. Determining how to access and apply for financial aid can be overwhelming. At the heart of most tuition assistance options is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), an online form in which families provide household size, income, and other facts used to determine eligibility for various financial aid programs.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available to ensure students and families understand the tools available to make the best financial decisions while pursuing higher education.


One of the most popular forms of financial aid comes in the form of government grants which can be awarded by federal or state governments, nonprofit organizations, and from schools directly. Grants do not need to be paid back and are typically given to students who demonstrate financial need. Students will be automatically considered for federal loans by completing the FAFSA form, and any qualifying options will be applied to your financial aid award annually. Additionally, students may be eligible for grants at the state level. Although state grants may require students to fill out forms outside of the FAFSA, it is wise to explore all options to reduce costs.


The Federal Work-Study Program allows students with financial need to work part-time to earn money that can be used to help pay for education-related expenses. When filing out the FAFSA form, students must indicate an interest in participating in the program. While this is often a great opportunity for students to gain professional experience, not all schools participate in the program and jobs are not guaranteed. Unlike grants which are automatically applied to aid letters, securing a work-study job is the responsibility of the student once they arrive on campus.


Perhaps the most well-known form of financial aid comes in the form of loans. Unlike grants, loans must be paid back and accrue interest overtime. Loans can either be federal or private, and the process for obtaining and repaying each loan greatly differs. Regardless of loan type, students and parents should have a clear understanding of each loan’s interest rate, the time in which they must repay the loan, deferment options, and other fees associated with payment.

Federal student loans are accounted for when students receive financial aid packages and are calculated based on your FAFSA. If you qualify, students will be offered two types of federal loans in financial aid packages: direct subsidized or direct unsubsidized loans. With a direct subsidized loan, the federal government pays the interest while you are in school, in the first six months after you leave school, and during deferment. If a student takes out a direct unsubsidized loan, they are responsible for always paying the interest.

Private loans are borrowed from a private lender – companies, banks, or credit unions – and require additional application processes. While private loans can help bridge gaps between other financial aid offerings and outstanding costs, students should always consider all federal student loan options before seeking out private ones. Because most private loans are credit-based, borrowers must show positive credit history. Additionally, interest rates are often higher than federal loans as they are fixed at a specific rate. There is less flexibility when it comes to repaying private loans and default on these loans comes with greater consequences.

Paying for a college education is among the most expensive investments a family will make, and it is important to remember that it does not come risk-free. Most financial aid offerings include clauses that require repayment if the student withdraws and fails to complete the semester. This Financial Aid Awareness Month, students and families should consider protecting their investment with tuition insurance. An unexpected – and uninsured – withdrawal can be costly as about 40% of student loan borrowers failed to complete their undergraduate degree. To learn more about GradGuard’s Tuition Insurance plans, visit

About GradGuard

GradGuard is an authority on protecting students and families from the risks of college life. Trusted by a network of more than 400 participating colleges and universities, today GradGuard is the number one provider of tuition and renters insurance for college students. Since 2009, GradGuard has protected more than one million members. For more information visit or follow GradGuard on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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CFA Institute Launches Refreshed Investment Foundations® Certificate

Program designed for non-investment professionals aims to promote continuing education and develop knowledge of key investment concepts across the workforce

New York, 14 February 2023—CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals, has launched a new edition of its CFA Institute Investment Foundations® Certificate (“Investment Foundations Certificate”), a self-paced online certificate-level program that provides the global workforce with a clear understanding of how the global investment industry works.

The Investment Foundations Certificate is designed for non-investment professionals who work or seek to work in marketing, communications, sales, HR, IT, legal and compliance roles at investment organizations, such as firms in asset management, private equity, real estate, or venture capital.

The Investment Foundations Certificate covers foundational concepts about the investment industry, including its purpose, structure, key functions, roles and responsibilities, commonly used vocabulary, investment types, ethical considerations, financial regulation, and more. It also enables professionals, or those aspiring to get a job in the industry, with an ability to think critically, ask the right questions, and ultimately open doors to roles in the industry.

The major benefits of the Investment Foundations Certificate for participants:

• Job seekers without a finance background, as well as undergraduate students, who aspire to work in the industry will learn the foundational components, increasing their financial literacy and skillset.
• Learners who pass the assessments will be issued with a digital certificate and badge, which can be used to demonstrate knowledge and understanding on resumes/CVs and social-media career profile platforms.
• Learners for whom English is a second language may find the Investment Foundations Certificate helpful in mastering core investment industry concepts in English.

Margaret Franklin, CFA, President and CEO, CFA Institute, comments:

“Our vision for CFA Institute is to be where the investment industry comes to skill, upskill, and reskill, which is why we are so excited to bring this new version of the Investment Foundations Certificate to the market. The program will enable participants to communicate more effectively, apply critical thinking to their work, and collaborate more effectively with colleagues in investment teams based on shared knowledge. Employers are now seeking a broader skillset amongst their workforce, and the Investment Foundations Certificate can offer the foundational content that individuals will need, whether already in the industry, or working towards their first role.”

What does the course of study involve?

• Through 60-90 hours of online study over 12 months, the Investment Foundations Certificate provides learners with the essential investment industry concepts in a low-stakes study environment.
• New content on Decentralized Finance, Financial Technology, ESG Investing, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Practice, draws on CFA Institute research, policy, and standards to inform the materials.

Certificate Experience

The Investment Foundations Certificate is refreshed with entirely new topics, course structure and an optimized learning experience. It is made up of six self-paced interactive courses, each delivered through modules that include interactive text graphs, images, video, discussion prompts, and assessments to deliver a compact, modern, and highly accessible learning environment.

The course topics are:

• Course 1: Industry Overview and Structure
• Course 2: Types and Functioning of Markets
• Course 3: Investment Instruments
• Course 4: Investment Inputs and Tools
• Course 5: Serving Clients Needs
• Course 6: Serving the Greater Good

For the full Investment Foundations Certificate details, visit:

Leading organizations are already accessing the Investment Foundations Certificate to complement organizational learning agendas designed to help people work more effectively with global colleagues through a common industry understanding. Organizations that will be offering access to the Investment Foundations Certificate learning materials to their teams following today’s launch include State Street Global Advisers.

Lori Heinel, CFA, Global Chief Investment Officer, State Street Global Advisors, comments:

“Investing in the financial literacy of State Street Global Advisors’ employees through the CFA Institute Investment Foundations Certificate provides long-term benefits for both the individual and the organization, creating a workforce more equipped to make informed decisions, help clients and drive growth for the company.”

For further information, please contact

Notes to Editors

• The Investment Foundations Certificate registration is priced at is US$350. From the point of registration into the program, learners have 12 months to complete all six courses–including all course assessments and the end-of-certificate assessment. All assessments take place within the learning platform.
• The end-of-certificate assessment comprises 100 multiple choice questions over a maximum test time of 140 minutes. The final assessment will be available to learners starting 15 March 2023. Participants who successfully complete all six courses and the end-of-certificate assessment will receive a digital certificate and a digital badge.
• A free Investment Foundations Certificate demonstration, via access to the Decentralized Finance material in Course 2, Module 2, Lesson 5, is available here: What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?
• The Investment Foundations Certificate is not an academic degree/diploma or equivalent and does not in itself allow for progress to higher-level academic studies in any education system.

About CFA Institute

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. The organization is a champion of ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community. Our aim is to create an environment where investors’ interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow. There are more than 190,000 CFA charterholders worldwide in 160 markets. CFA Institute has nine offices worldwide and 160 local societies. For more information, visit or follow us on Linkedin and Twitter at @CFAInstitute

Media Contact

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The annual program will distribute almost half a million dollars to help fund food and beverage education for future industry leaders

NEW YORK (February 7, 2023) – The James Beard Foundation® (JBF) announced today that applications for its 2023 Scholarship Program are now open. The Scholarship Program—an annual initiative aimed at supporting aspiring culinary students, future restaurateurs, beverage professionals, and more—will offer more than $470,000 to recipients this year.

The JBF Scholarship Program supports the life cycle of a culinary career, providing financial assistance to both emerging and established culinary talent looking to further their education at a licensed or accredited culinary school, hospitality institution, college, or university. Established in 1991, the Scholarship Program serves a particular need in a post-pandemic world, with culinary school applications decreasing while the projected need for head cooks and chefs rising an estimated 15 percent from 2021 to 2031—over double the growth of other professions.1,2 As of 2023, JBF will have awarded nearly $9 million in financial aid to over 2,000 recipients, thanks in part to new partnerships with the Tasting Texas Food and Wine Festival and donor Jamie Hormel.

“The James Beard Foundation was founded to not only celebrate, but support and empower the future of the culinary industry,” said Anne E. McBride, PhD, Vice President of Programs, James Beard Foundation. “Now more than ever, we are proud to foster up-and-coming talent through funding and scholarship opportunities, helping us to create a more equitable and sustainable industry.”

Scholarship award amounts range from $2,500 to $20,000, and eligibility requirements vary by opportunity. Applicants, generally, must be enrolled or planning to enroll in a program at a licensed or accredited culinary school, hospitality institution, college, or university in Fall 2023. International students may also qualify for many of the scholarships and are encouraged to apply. Previous recipients are also eligible to apply again, and interested applicants are eligible to apply for more than one scholarship. There is no application fee required.

This year, JBF will offer three basic types of scholarship awards in the categories of Culinary and Pastry Arts, Wine Studies, and Food Systems. The types of awards are:

• Scholarships: Cash grants applied to tuition and, on a case-by-case basis, other school-related expenses

• Tuition Waivers: Tuition waivers granted by educational institutions, which are renewable in some cases

• Work Study Grants: Grants for working culinary professionals that cover expenses from programs offering experiential learning at farms, fisheries, wineries, and other venues of food production, under the auspices of the Jean-Louis Palladin Professional Work/Study Grant

Below is a selection of the scholarships JBF will be offering for the 2023 year:

• The Debbie Lewis Women in Wine Scholarship: The Debbie Lewis Women in Wine Scholarship honors the life of vintner Debbie Lewis. Debbie had a lifelong passion for mastering the business of wine and set an inspiring example of dedication and hard work to all those around her. Woman-identifying students over the age of 21 who reside in the U.S. and are planning to enroll or are currently enrolled in a beverage, wine studies, hospitality management, master sommelier, or culinary program at an accredited culinary school, hospitality institution, college, or university will qualify. Up to one [1] scholarship of $5,000 will be granted.

• The JBF Caviar Chefs of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund: The JBF Caviar Chefs of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund was established in partnership with Caviar with the mission to increase diversity in the premium restaurant industry and aims to support BIPOC individuals who reside in the United States who are planning to pursue culinary or pastry training at an accredited institution. Up to two [2] scholarships of $20,000 will be granted.

• The JBF Mondelēz Foodservice Scholarship Fund for Equity in Leadership: The JBF Mondelēz Foodservice Scholarship Fund for Equity in Leadership is open to women-identifying and BIPOC individuals who are planning to enroll, or are currently enrolled, at an accredited institution, focusing on culinary arts, pastry and baking, culinary science, or food business, and who reside in the United States. Up to three [3] scholarships of $10,000 will be granted.

• The JBF Visit San Antonio Culinaria Scholarship Fund: The JBF Visit San Antonio Culinaria Scholarship Fund is open to women and BIPOC individuals who reside in the state of Texas and are pursuing a degree at an accredited institution in culinary, pastry, restaurant management, or wine studies. Up to four [4] scholarships of $10,000 will be granted.

• The JBF National Scholars Scholarship: The JBF National Scholars Program, which launched in 2016, provides ten [10] high-impact scholarships of $20,000 each to food-focused candidates of exceptional talent. Candidates for the 10 National Scholarships are selected according to academic merit, personal and professional recommendations, and demonstration of the potential for leadership roles in culinary arts, food studies, agriculture, hospitality management, and related fields. To ensure regional diversity of this national program, one [1] awardee will be selected from each of the 10 geographic regions defined by the JBF Awards.

The Scholarship Program is administered by International Scholarship and Tuition Services, Inc. (ISTS), an independent company that specializes in managing sponsored educational assistance programs. ISTS hosts the online application process, vets the initial candidates for eligibility, and disburses awards to recipients on the Foundation’s behalf. The JBF Scholarship Selection Committee reviews the semifinalists and approximately 40 recipients are selected. The deadline to apply is March 31, 2023.

For more information about the program and to apply, visit


The James Beard Foundation (JBF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that celebrates and supports the people behind America’s food culture, while pushing for new standards in the restaurant industry to create a future where all have the opportunity to thrive. Established over 30 years ago, the Foundation has highlighted the centrality of food culture in our daily lives and is committed to supporting a resilient and flourishing industry that honors its diverse communities. By amplifying new voices, celebrating those leading the way, and supporting those on the path to do so, the Foundation is working to create a more equitable and sustainable future—what we call Good Food for Good®. JBF brings its mission to life through the annual Awards, industry and community-focused programs, advocacy, partnerships, and events across the country. Coming soon, for the first time in the Foundation’s history, exceptional culinary talent, industry leaders, and visitors from NYC and beyond can experience unforgettable dining and educational programming at Pier 57—inspiring food and beverage devotees for decades to come. Learn more at, sign up for our newsletter, and follow @beardfoundation on social media.

1. Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Chefs and Head Cooks,
2. Angela Salerno, “Culinary school enrollment drops even as need soars at restaurants,” The Washington Post, August 30, 2022,

Ellucian Launches New Student Ambassador Community

EnlightenED community to elevate the voice of the student and provide platform to shape the future of EdTech

February 6, 2023—RESTON, Va. —Ellucian, the leading higher education technology solutions provider, today announced the launch of its student ambassador program, EnlightenED. This new initiative incorporates and amplifies the student voice alongside EllumiNation, Ellucian’s thriving customer advocacy community.

Through EnlightenED, Ellucian Student Ambassadors are selectively accepted into a high-engagement community to provide their unique perspectives on the evolving student experience while gaining behind-the-scenes insights into the strategic priorities of the market leading technology provider for higher education. EnlightenED builds on the success of EllumiNation, a program connecting more than 1,000 higher ed technology experts to provide peer-based support and insight. Since its launch in January 2022, EllumiNation members have had a greater than 85% monthly engagement rate. Similarly active and rigorous engagement by students in EnlightenED will help inform Ellucian’s product roadmap and customer communications through their thoughtful and direct feedback on new features, user interfaces, messaging, and more.

“Students are the most important stakeholders in higher education, and the launch of EnlightenED demonstrates Ellucian’s dedication to student success and improving the student experience in partnership with institutions around the world,” said Laura Ipsen, President & CEO, Ellucian. “Students who participate in this program will be able to influence higher education technology in a way that represents the student voice like never before. I look forward to their fresh perspectives and welcome students to join us as we work to improve the future of higher education.”

By partnering with the market leading technology company dedicated to higher education, Ellucian Student Ambassadors have opportunities to develop leadership skills, gain significant career experience, and build meaningful connections with their peers and the broader higher education community. EnlightenED supports Ellucian’s commitment to drive digital transformation in higher education in a way that better incorporates students’ needs and perspectives.

Members of the EllumiNation community have noted the benefits of membership:

• “The EllumiNation community has provided opportunities to contribute to the development of new ideas and products, and I enjoy the added benefit of networking with other users.” – Scott Branum, Director of Admissions at Galveston College

• “I love the engagement on a variety of important topics, and I like being able to connect with peers and colleagues. It also allows me to help and provide support to my community.” – Todd Britton, Chief Information Officer at University of La Verne

• “I have been a Banner client for over 30 years, and I feel the community discussions and shared support have always been valuable; EllumiNation allows me to be part of that.” – Frank Abney, Director of Enterprise Applications at Eckerd College

Learn more about the EnlightenED student ambassador program here:


Ellucian is the market leader charting the digital future of higher education with a portfolio of cloud-ready technology solutions and services. From student recruitment to workforce analytics; from fundraising opportunities to alumni engagement; Ellucian’s comprehensive suite of data-rich tools gives colleges and universities the information they need to lead with confidence.

Working with a community of more than 2,900 customers in over 50 countries, Ellucian keeps innovating as higher education keeps evolving. Drawing on its comprehensive higher education business acumen and suite of services, Ellucian guides its customers through manageable, sustainable digital transformation—so that every type of institution and student can thrive in today’s fast-changing landscape. To find out what’s next in higher education solutions and services, visit Ellucian at


Media Contact
Lindsay Stanley

DoorDash and Chegg Partner to Give College Students More Fuel for School

US Chegg Study Pack subscribers will now get a free DashPass Student membership which gives students more savings and convenience from their favorite merchants 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – February 2, 2023 – DoorDash, Inc. (NYSE:DASH) and Chegg (NYSE: CHGG), the leading student-first connected learning platform, today announced a new partnership to offer US Chegg Study Pack subscribers a free DashPass Student membership, including all the perks and benefits that come with it. Starting today, Chegg subscribers can activate their DashPass Student membership and gain access to convenient, affordable on-demand delivery of everything they need from thousands of eligible restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, and other local and national retailers to fuel their study sessions.

Through the partnership, new and existing US Chegg Study Pack subscribers can get a free DashPass Student membership bundled into their existing Chegg subscription.* With DashPass for students, members can enjoy access to always-on benefits and perks including unlimited $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on eligible orders, 5% DoorDash credits back on every eligible Pickup order, and members-only promotions and DashPass exclusive menu items. Chegg Study Pack is a monthly subscription service offering learning support such as practice tests, and math and writing help.

“We are thrilled to partner with Chegg to empower students with the tools they need to manage their coursework and get everything they desire for school delivered on-demand,” said Rob Edell, GM & Head of Consumer Engagement at DoorDash. “Whether fueling up for a late night study session or stocking up on dorm essentials and supplies for the semester, Chegg Study Pack subscribers can now enjoy all the benefits of a DashPass Student membership for free and unlock convenient, affordable delivery from thousands of restaurants and retailers on DoorDash.”

“Chegg has always focused on saving students time and money. DoorDash is a brand beloved by our users, and through this partnership, we will not only be able to offer them additional value with free DashPass membership, but also help to alleviate some of the everyday stressors of being a college student,” said Mitch Spolan, EVP of Partnerships at Chegg.

DoorDash launched the DashPass Student membership in April 2022 and since then has seen that the back-to-school timeframe and finals were among the most popular times to order for college students. For just $4.99 a month, a DashPass Student membership is a wallet-friendly option for students at half the price of a standard monthly DashPass membership.

To learn more about the partnership and how to activate the free DashPass Student benefit, consumers can visit

About DoorDash 

DoorDash (NYSE: DASH) is a technology company that connects consumers with their favorite local businesses in 27 countries across the globe. Founded in 2013, DoorDash builds products and services to help businesses innovate, grow, and reach more customers. DoorDash is building infrastructure for local commerce, enabling merchants to thrive in the convenience economy, giving consumers access to more of their communities, and providing work that empowers. With DoorDash, there is a neighborhood of good in every order.

About Chegg

Millions of people all around the world Learn with Chegg. Our mission is to improve learning and learning outcomes by putting students first. We support life-long learners starting with their academic journey and extending into their careers. The Chegg platform provides products and services to support learners to help them better understand their academic course materials, and also provides personal and professional development skills training, to help them achieve their learning goals. Chegg is a publicly held company based in Santa Clara, California and trades on the NYSE under the symbol CHGG. For more information, visit

*DashPass Student Membership Offer: Promotion valid until 8/1/2023 for current Chegg Study Pack subscribers who are at least 18 years old, reside in the U.S., and are enrolled in an accredited college or university in the U.S. Access to one DashPass for Students Membership per Chegg Study Pack account holder. You may only be enrolled in one DashPass plan at a time; current DashPass subscribers will need to cancel their current subscription to redeem this offer. If you cancel your Chegg Study Pack subscription or upon termination of the offer and 30 days’ notice from DoorDash, you will continue to be enrolled in the DashPass for Students membership and will be charged $4.99/month (plus any applicable taxes) on a recurring basis until you cancel your DashPass for Students membership. Any payment method designated in your DoorDash account may be charged. DashPass benefits apply only to eligible orders that meet the minimum subtotal requirement listed on DoorDash for each participating merchant. Other fees (including service fee), taxes, and gratuity may apply on your DashPass orders. Offer subject to change and may be modified or terminated at any time. No cash value. Not transferable. See full offer terms and conditions here and full DashPass terms and conditions here.