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GotIt! Education Offers MathGPT Free to All State & Community Colleges

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 30, — MathGPT, the first “AI Native LMS add-on” integrated with popular LMS systems, spanning both instructor and student facing Generative AI tools, will be offered in an Essentials Version – free of charge to all state and community colleges in the US.

MathGPT is the first agent based, accuracy-driven Gen AI teacher assistant and tutor for any Math classroom

“Too many schools can’t afford AI,” said Peter Relan, Chairman of, and investor in GotIt! Education. “With MathGPT now free, schools can try AI-based tutors — but without a hit on already tight budgets.  Our free MathGPT Essentials program also enables schools to switch from poorly functioning AI tutors that are actually slowing adoption of AI technology in education.”

MathGPT Essentials includes: 1. Course Management – the ability to create customized courses by uploading a set of educational content which will automatically get incorporated; 2. Assignment/Grading Management – automatic creation and grading of assignments; and 3. Grounded AI Tutor – an accurate, personalized, infinitely patient, AI tutor with student input evaluation/correction for each step.

Key Math subjects supported are Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus and Statistics. While MathGPT leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo language model, several technological innovations were delivered to deliver high accuracy at such a low cost that Math tutoring will become free for every college student. Learn more at

Pilots in dozens of classrooms in the US show instructors in all key Math subjects use reliably accurate and guardrailed AI platform seamlessly, with high student engagement.

During the 2024 winter term, 30 college classrooms across the US, and even a few high school classrooms, adopted MathGPT – and in the time period before spring break, students had already completed over 10,000 AI tutoring sessions totaling over 150,000 minutes of AI driven tutoring help. In all these sessions, MathGPT did not provide students with an answer directly, it did step by step tutoring including asking for and evaluating student attempts at each step accurately, with no mistakes, and did not go off topic in the chatbot conversations.

“We started offering MathGPT Essentials, using proprietary techniques for assuring accuracy, to classrooms using free OpenStax Math textbooks in order to lower the total cost of a high quality college Math education. Now, due to our recent technological breakthroughs, we can offer MathGPT Essentials to all college level Math classrooms, not just those using OpenStax textbooks, with high accuracy achieved through dynamic guardrailing and grounding on any Math course content uploaded into MathGPT. This was always the promise of AI, but our live pilots have clearly shown us that our focus on accuracy and guardrailing has created the required level of trust with instructors and students. This has resulted in high engagement, but MathGPT pulls it off at such a low cost structure that we decided to offer the Essentials version for free,” added Relan.

Unlike other generative AI tools that rely on AI language models and their APIs to perform mathematical reasoning, input evaluation and calculations – sometimes incorrectly, MathGPT’s AI tutor, MG (pronounced “EmGee”), takes a fundamentally different approach and utilizes grounding techniques, data annotation techniques, knowledge graph blending with LLMs, and Agentic AI to deliver human level accuracy in Math education & tutoring workflows. Learn more at

“I’ve been at GotIt! since I finished my PhD in Machine Learning, and we’ve been collecting AI training data for several years by enabling millions of short, conversational micro-tutoring chat sessions between underprivileged STEM students and tutors. Finally with Gen AI we are able to turn all this data into MathGPT,” said Hung Tran, Founder of GotIt!. “Khan is great for achievers in K-12, and they use their own Khan Academy content, but MathGPT is for strugglers, and for the actual content being used by instructors in their classrooms in higher education, and for those who care about total accuracy. This is a very important difference, and I really hope we all succeed in improving Math education from K-College, using our respective strengths.”

FREE: MathGPT Essentials (Available Fall 2024)

• Course creation with uploaded PDFs of textbook content* and/or lecture notes.
• Assignment management with creation/grading of assignments unique to each student, plus instructor facing analytics.
• Personalized AI Tutoring on all course content including reading material, example problems.

$25/Student/Course: MathGPT Advanced  (Fall 2024)
Includes MathGPT Essentials Plus

• Personalized AI Tutoring for all assignment problems, without ever providing answers. Step by step student input evaluation, not just step by step explanations.
• Built in Remedial Algebra course content and tutoring for strugglers.

Learn more at

“Our mission is to enable colleges to attract more students, with courses marked as ‘MathGPT powered’, bringing colleges more students, and giving instructors more help with an AI TA for each course and students more chance of success in their careers.  Math is a fundamental gateway subject for pre-med, nursing, actuarial sciences, business, psychology, sociology and other majors, not just engineering”, said Matt Gabler, GM of

Colleges and classrooms for Fall 2024 will be onboarded first-come-first served to verify content compatibility with MathGPT. Interested instructors, college administrators, department heads can contact GotIt! at and submit their course type, content source/textbook number of classrooms, and number of students for MathGPT Essentials or Advanced versions.

*GotIt! Education is not the provider of content for Course content, including textbooks, should only be offered through MathGPT by the teaching institution based on their agreements with content publishers/owners, and/or with their ability to use AI for transformational teaching purposes.

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Peter Brooks

Semiconductor Research Corp unveils 2024 Research Call, $13.8M Funding

DURHAM, NC, April 10, 2024 — Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), a premier research and workforce development consortium, is announcing the start of solicitation season with $13.8 million in funding opportunities. Calls for research will begin in early April and will run through June. Research programs releasing solicitations include Nanomanufacturing Materials and Processes (Apr 10); Packaging + Center for Heterogenous Integration Research in Packaging (Apr 10); Hardware Security (May 7); Computer-Aided Design and Test (May 7); and Environment, Safety, and Health (May 7). Details and submission information will be available at beginning April 10, 2024.

Research ideas selected for 3-year projects should align with the Microelectronics and Advanced Packaging Technologies (MAPT) Roadmap. Building upon the 2030 Decadal Plan for Semiconductors, the MAPT Roadmap serves as a guiding light for initiatives such as the National Semiconductor Technology Center, the National Advanced Packaging Manufacturing Program, and SMART USA Institute, the industry-led CHIPS Manufacturing USA Institute bid. Both the Decadal Plan and the MAPT Roadmap are the results of collaboration between hundreds of industry and academic experts. By aligning our research call to the MAPT Roadmap, we ensure that selected research proposals address topics of utmost importance to the semiconductor industry.

Along with creating critical, industry-relevant technology, these calls will fund degrees for between 50 to 100 student scholars of diverse ethnicity, gender, and geography. The semiconductor industry is facing a severe talent shortfall in coming years. While SRC programs have prepared 20% of all semiconductor Ph.D. in the United States, we are committed to growing our student base by fostering a balanced mix of bachelors, masters, and Ph.D.-level grads while helping students of all backgrounds to feel comfortable and safe pursuing their chosen career. SRC welcomes submissions from US and international colleges and universities that sponsor bachelor’s degrees to postdocs. SRC members include global leaders in the semiconductor industry who are committed to investing in revolutionary research, a more diverse and inclusive community, and a long-term, worldwide outlook for sustainability. Learn more at

About SRC

Semiconductor Research Corporation (, a world-renowned, high technology-based consortium, serves as a crossroads of collaboration between technology companies, academia, government agencies, and SRC’s highly regarded engineers and scientists. Through its interdisciplinary research programs, SRC plays an indispensable role in addressing global challenges, using research and development strategies, and advanced tools and technologies. Members of SRC work synergistically together, gain access to research results, fundamental IP, and highly experienced students to compete in the global marketplace and build the workforce of tomorrow.

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Jennifer Dickens