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Students Can Now Solve Their Homework Problems with Slader’s New Free Mobile App

Created by a student developer, Slader’s app empowers students around the world to help each other 

New York, NY – December 10, 2013 – Slader just launched their new free mobile app to help high school and college students solve their homework problems. Slader’s app is available on the App Store and also the Slader website: Thousands of students who have downloaded the new mobile app are extremely positive in their reviews.

For example, a Slader user who goes by Imtoolazytodohomework said in their review of Slader on the Apple Store: “I first found their website because I needed help with math homework. When I found it, I thought it was a lifesaver and now there is an app for it! Great quality and very helpful. You must download this!”

Slader is the online platform and network for homework help for students by students, and to date has helped over 5 million high school and early college students in more than 200 countries. Slader believes in empowering students to take charge of their own educational experience and so far has given students the insights to solve more than two million problems from 90 percent of the top high school textbooks.

Slader gives students free step-by-step explanations to homework problems and helps them to connect with other students around the world to figure out these problems. Unlike any other homework help site, all of the homework answers on Slader are provided by students themselves and don’t require students to solve problems not related to homework assignments. On both Slader’s site and mobile app, students can browse textbooks to find those assigned to classes they are taking; view solutions to problems in their books; comment on solutions to provide explanation to other students; and rate solutions based on their accuracy. Slader also has a built-in reward system where students can make money for contributing their input to the homework problems on the site.

Slader’s Mobile App Features and Benefits
Slader’s new mobile app includes several features that help students complete their homework, connect directly with other students to solve problems and make money – all from their smartphones.

•Make money on Slader: Students can earn Slader “Gold,” a virtual currency that students offer to peers as a reward for solving specific homework problems and can be exchanged for real currency.
•Solve real homework problems: Through the mobile app, if a student wants a homework problem solved, they can offer Gold, take a picture of their problem and post it to Slader for another student to solve. Students can also take a picture of the homework answer they’ve solved, upload it to and they’re then rewarded with Gold.
•Interact directly with peers: Regardless of geographic location, students can browse through textbooks and exchange explanations and answers with each other.

The Wiz Kid Who Developed Slader’s App
Slader’s new app functionality was built by a student app developer, Sam Giddins, while he was a senior at Scarsdale Senior High School in Scarsdale, NY. Giddins was searching for an internship when he realized that Slader, a website he and his peers used prolifically, was also based in New York City. Throughout the development process, Giddins guided direction of app development towards the mindset of a high schoolers and how the student demographic wants to interact with Slader.

Slader’s co-founders, Kyle Gerrity and Scott Kolb, met while they were in high school and came up with the idea for founding Slader as a result of their own experiences struggling with homework.

“Homework is too often used as a take-home test where students find themselves struggling in isolation. Slader breaks down that barrier and allows students to leverage their peers for help and be members of an academic community,” said Kyle Gerrity, co-founder of Slader.

“With the right tools and positive reinforcement, most students welcome the opportunity to master concepts,” said Scott Kolb, co-founder of Slader. “We designed our mobile app to help students learn and succeed quickly and easily. After they download the app, all students have to do is turn to their phone to access the same rich information that’s available on the web. Slader is a natural extension of the social environment that students are already interacting with via web and mobile.”

About Slader
Slader is for students, by students. The company’s mission is to help students learn, connect and succeed by providing an online platform and student network for homework collaboration. Unlike other academic platforms, Slader offers content that is entirely user-generated, free and built for the social environment that students already rely on to connect with each other. Slader has helped millions of students in 200+ countries overcome frustration with their nightly homework, and has empowered student contributors to solve more than 2 million problems from 90 percent of the top high school textbooks. Slader’s vision is to provide every student with open access to the academic resources that empower their success. Founded in 2010 by Kyle Gerrity and Scott Kolb, Slader is a privately funded company, based in New York City.

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Founders Workbench Releases the High Five for Startups

Five expert business and legal insights help college students form and finance businesses

MENLO PARK, CA – Founders Workbench, a free online legal and business resource for entrepreneurs from leading national law firm Goodwin Procter, today released the Founders Workbench High Five for Startups. The checklist provides essential tips to help college entrepreneurs navigate the legal and organizational challenges of starting and running a business.

“Undergraduate entrepreneurship is on the rise, but undergraduate students often don’t have the same access to capital and advisory resources as career entrepreneurs,” said David Van Horne, Goodwin Procter partner and Founders Workbench contributor. “We created the High Five for Startups to help student entrepreneurs save time and money, and overcome some of the initial challenges often faced by first time founders.”

Founders Workbench High Five for Startups

1) Choose the Appropriate Legal Structure – Corporation or LLC? One of the first and most important steps in creating a company is choosing a legal structure that best suits the long-term needs of the business and its owners.

2) Use Trusted Legal Documents – While they may appear to save time and money, random legal documents found on the Internet may not be accurate, complete or appropriate. Identify a trusted source for legal documents when starting a business.

3) Protect Your Intellectual Property – With this year’s changes to the intellectual property laws, entrepreneurs need to move faster than ever to protect their key intellectual property. When launching a business, founders should research common intellectual property problems, patents and trade secrets, and trademarks.

4) Understand Financing Options – This year’s dramatic additions to crowdfunding laws have created new options for financing a business. Before rushing into a Kickstarter campaign or deciding to pursue angel funding, take the time to understand the startup financing options available.

5) Brush Up on Startup Jargon – Even before you start a business, it’s never too soon to research and absorb the key terms and jargon regularly used by investors and legal counsel. Founders Workbench Deal Dictionary app is an ideal primer on key deal terminology.

About Founders Workbench

Founders Workbench is a free online resource that helps entrepreneurs navigate the legal and organizational challenges faced by startups and emerging companies. Originally launched in 2010 with free legal documents for C-Corporation formation, the site has been redesigned and enhanced with Document Driver, a comprehensive set of legal documents for establishing Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and two new web apps: Capital Calculator, which allows founders to instantly calculate dilution and liquidity under different financing and exit scenarios, and Deal Dictionary, which introduces founders to the often obscure legal and financial terms used by venture capitalists and angel investors. For more information, visit

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National WWII Museum, Nicholls State, Announce 2014 Student Leadership Programs for High School and College Students


Museum to Offer College Credit and Summer Study Abroad in New Orleans and France

NEW ORLEANS (December 2, 2013) –The National WWII Museum, in partnership with Nicholls State University, is offering high school and college students the unique opportunity to gain hands-on leadership and decision-making skills based on those exhibited by the great leaders of WWII.

Normandy Academy is a unique summer study abroad program that challenges students with the same impactful decisions as generals, officers and soldiers during the historic D-Day invasions. The ten-day, leadership-themed program starts in the exhibits, archives and warehouses of The National WWII Museum in New Orleans and ends in the historic American Cemetery overlooking Omaha Beach, Normandy. In between, students will visit battle sites, interact with French citizens and tour monuments and museums.

“This summer marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, and the men who fought in Normandy are leaving us,” said National WWII Museum Senior Director of History and Research, Dr. Keith Huxen. “For students interested in history, this is an opportunity of a lifetime and never to be repeated.”

The National WWII Museum also offers students a summer learning experience in New Orleans. The Student Leadership Academy – Summer Residential Program takes students through the history of WWII with the aim of exploring leadership lessons from one of the most important periods in world history. This six-night, seven-day program immerses students in the Museum’s wealth of exhibits, artifacts, images and documents with structured Leadership Lesson Debates along the way. Students will experience what it was like to be a member of a five-man crew inside a Sherman Tank, inspect the flight logs of a bomber pilot and handle the gear of an infantryman in WWII.

Not only will students have the unique opportunity to study WWII history at one of the world’s top-rated museums and meet some of the men and women who experienced the war firsthand, they will also venture out to historic sites in the community, including the Chalmette National Battlefield and NASA Michoud Assembly Facility, the former site of the plant that produced the Higgins Boats used in the war.

Upon completion of these programs, students will leave with a deeper understanding of US history and knowledge of the skills exhibited by some of our nation’s most distinguished leaders.

Students who participate in Normandy Academy and Student Leadership Academy are eligible to receive three credit hours after a rigorous online course administered by the Museum and the history department of Nicholls State University, an accredited regional university located in Thibodaux, Louisiana. For more information, call (877) 813-3329 x 514 or visit

The National WWII Museum tells the story of the American experience in the war that changed the world – why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today.  Founded in 2000, the Museum  celebrates the courage and sacrifice of the men and women who served on the battlefront and the Home Front. For more information, call 877-813-3329 or 504-528-1944 or visit Follow us on Twitter at WWIImuseum or visit our Facebook page.

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