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Free Sheet Music at

One thing that won’t be around in 2030 are musical composers.

Already, computer generated music is opening new avenues for musical composition. Computer generated music is currently creating scores of scores being played by humans and by computer.

The advances are staggering. Sophisticated algorithms can create 50 pages of original music in one nano-second. With the help of a friend, I’ve created an algorithm I call, which uniquely combines Ionian, Mixolydian and Dorian chords and scales, using a random number generator to create octodcillions of pages every second.

The music created by the site ( can be saved to a computer or iPad, printed and edited, copyrighted, played…. Entrepreneurs will present millions of pages to the public at a minimal cost. Festivals of spontaneously written music will flood the stadiums. Bye-Bye Sheet Music Pie.

But the computer generated music algorithms are just the start.

As the May-June article, Pop goes the Algorithm, explored – algorithms are now being used, with success, to grade the music human musicians are creating across a wide spectrum of musical genres. Old scores (the ones created by humans) and new scores (the ones created by computer algorithms) can be stored in musical databases.

By 2030, Grandfather Pop algorithms will use the scoring algorithms on the stored creation algorithms – instantly letting record producers know which computer-generated compositions will be successful and instantly letting musicians know where to focus their ears.

Of course, why stop there? Artificial intelligence is also being used to scan and record musical instruments and human voices so they can be accurately simulated.

There’s a saying that in an infinite amount of time an infinite amount of monkeys typing on an infinite number of computers can turn out the complete works of Shakespeare. By 2030, ( using an infinite number of scoring algorithms interpreted by an infinite number of musical instrument simulations will create the complete works of Beethoven, the full repertoire of American Idol hits and the top ten works of heavy metal, rock, jazz and whatever composition your heart desires.


Douglas Cornish’s computer background is with X-Basic . He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Douglas Cornish has been composing and playing blues and jazz for 50 years. He has been working in the econometric industry for seven years. He and Andrei Beleuta wrote

A sample of his music “Sync Star Cornball Blues” can be heard by playing the MP3 Song here.

Douglas Cornish and Andrei Beleuta created the “megloid transmigration” program, on April 9, 2013.

Cricket Wireless Offers College Students Savvy Ways to Save on Mobile Technology and Music

SAN DIEGO – August 26, 2013 – As students head back to college, avoiding early-morning classes won’t be their only concern. More than three-fourths of college shoppers (76.5 percent) say the economy will impact their spending1, and Cricket Wireless is providing students ways to save on the latest mobile phone technology and must-have music this back-to-school season.

With students seeking clever ways to cut back on expenses to the tune of an eight percent drop in back-to-school spending compared to last year2, Cricket can help with no-contract, wireless phone service, including unlimited talk, text, data and music, for half the cost of AT&T and Verizon3. This gives students the opportunity to save, without sacrificing what they love – technology and music.

What’s college life on- or off-campus without music? Today, more than 70 million people in the U.S. listen to music on their smartphones, which is more than double those in 20114. With this evolution comes more college students ditching laptops as their primary music player and consuming more music from their smartphones. Whether using music as a soothing study tool, an escape from the campus craziness or simply as an enjoyable pastime, Cricket customers can save even more money by getting a Muve Music enabled Android smartphone for access to Cricket’s unlimited music download service that’s available at no extra charge. This means more money in student’s pockets for pizza, parties and play.

Cricket’s recently redesigned Muve Music features faster performance with a new user interface that allows for easier exploration of music, improved navigation and access to millions of songs. The service also offers Muve Mixes, custom playlists made by Muve Music experts, designed as way to explore and discover new music that customers can download to their song library. Muve Music comes standard on all Android based smartphones from Cricket.

For more information about Muve Music or Cricket’s dynamic service and newest device lineup, and to check availability, visit or a Cricket store near you. Follow Cricket’s latest news and updates online via FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

How to get Muve Music
Muve Music is included in Cricket’s unlimited nationwide music, talk, text, and data rate plans5 at no additional cost. Cricket offers Muve Music on a range of smartphones. Starting at $45 per month, Muve Music is included in Cricket’s 3G or 4G LTE unlimited nationwide talk, text, and data plus music plans6. Muve Monthly Artist Programs such as Muve Headliner, Muve First, Muve Spotlight and Muve Icon were designed to promote music discovery and new music from up-and-coming and established artists.

About Cricket
Cricket is the pioneer and leader in delivering innovative value-rich prepaid wireless services with no long-term contracts. Cricket offers nationwide wireless voice and mobile data services over high-quality, all-digital 4G LTE and 3G CDMA wireless networks. Cricket’s innovative products and services, including the award-winning Muve Music® – the first music service designed for a wireless phone, are available nationwide at Cricket branded retail stores, dealers, national retailers and at For more information about Cricket, please visit


Media Contact
Jennifer Wilbur
(858) 882-6288

Rory Swikle
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1. According to the National Retail Federation (
2. According to the National Retail Federation (
3. Requires enrollment in automatic bill pay; you pay $50 your first month and $45 each additional month of continuous service. Comparison based on AT&T Unlimited Nation Plan plus DataPro SmartPhone package as of April 2013, and Verizon’s Unlimited Nationwide Plan plus Smartphone Data as of April 2013. Requires $15 activation fee per line. Rate Plan contains full speed data allowance. Once you reach your full speed data allowance, your speed will be reduced. See for details. Coverage details at Taxed and fees excluded. © 2013 Cricket Communications, Inc.
4. According to eMarketer (
5. Muve Music® is currently only available on select Cricket Android smartphones
6. When signed up for Automatic Bill Pay

Sqeeqee Introduces Unique Social Networthing™ Opportunity for College Students provides an innovative online environment for college students interested in joining the social networthing™ evolution and realizing their true financial potential.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, August 26, 2013 – For college students who are tired of limited funds, limited resources, and limited opportunities to enhance their financial net worth, (pronounced “Squeaky”) offers an easy way to branch out and realize the benefits of ongoing success with skills already possessed by these budding collegiate entrepreneurs. In a world where no location is too distant, new friends are made with online requests rather than old-fashioned handshakes, and cyberspace is the next best thing to home, this new opportunity appearing on the college scene offers the promise of financial freedom as well as a fatter wallet.

What if the time that college students spend online each day could earn them money? Think about the potential and the ease with which it could be done. Students are online anyway, socializing, gaming, bragging, posting photos, tagging, searching for bargains on stuff that it would be nice to have, and occasionally, doing homework. It’s true; the Internet is sometimes useful for completing assignments.

Does this potential to join an all-inclusive online environment that goes beyond the traditional methods of earning money while you are away at school sound intriguing? It should. After all, who doesn’t like to get paid for just sitting around, chilling with friends, and trolling through gaming sites looking to see who is currently playing?

There simply aren’t enough tutoring jobs to go around for everyone, and college students certainly won’t find enough work study positions either. It’s time to do what you’ve wanted to do for so long – take charge of your own life and prove to the world that you can be successful, not only in your grades, but in the realm of finance as well.

While the career development office does well at providing advice on how to get a leg up on your job hunt once your graduation date is in sight, college students need to take charge of the reins on how to access financial funds now. Social networthing™ gives them the opportunity to gain access to any number of opportunities from buying or selling textbooks, sports equipment, bikes, futons, and other unwanted dorm stuff at a reasonable price to gaining insight into crowdfunding opportunities for unique ideas they have on how to make money.

“Life is expensive, not just college. Finding a way to access funds without having to go to mom or dad can be a challenge, but with, it’s a pleasure. After all, college students are already spending hours each week online doing what it is that they enjoy, so why not make it possible for them to earn a few dollars at the same time,” says Jenny Ta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sqeeqee. She explained further, stating “We want to assist college students in turning their social networking activities into profitable ventures that are simple and yet can increase their level of income.”

“Once students create their free online profile, they are ready to list items to sell. As their buddy list grows, we are prepared to assist them to grow their financial assets through our monetization of online advertising,” notes Ms. Ta. “Already adept at social networking, college students are in a unique position to maximize on the potential offered by a multi-billion dollar industry that other social networking sites capitalize on, leaving their users to discover other ways to profit.”

Now is the time for college students to take the initiative to move toward their goals, build relationships, establish long lasting connections, and reach their networthing™ goals. is free to join, provides weekly giveaways for new registered users, and provides access to financially rewarding experiences. Seven unique monetization features exist, including an eCommerce marketplace, 50% profile ad share, 30% referral ad share, 70% mobile download profit share, 30% mobile ad profit share, 30% media ad share, and 70% game development profit share.


Media Contact:
Mr. P. Robin
P: (714) 902-7927

A Skateboard with brakes on Kickstarter

The Brakeboard, a revolutionary skateboard braking system, has been launched on crowdfunding web site Kickstarter.

The inventor of a revolutionary skateboard braking system has launched a project for funding on crowdfunding web site Kickstarter.

Ben Newman, the product’s designer, has won several awards for business innovation and inventiveness with Brakeboard, a braking system for longboard skateboards. Located in the rear axle and operated by a pedal mounted on the surface of the deck, the brake allows ridersto undertake steep hills and control speed without having to slide or put hands or feet on the ground.

The brake can be retrofitted to any longboard deck and used with wheels of the riders’ choice. Popular with commuters and students negotiating their university campus, the brake adds a new dimension to longboarding. The brake also broadens the target market to include younger and older riders.

Although North America is the biggest market, early adopters from around the world have embraced the product with enthusiasm. Longboarders from Europe, South Africa, Asia, Oceania and Russia are riding Brakeboards.

Until now, funded by family and friends, Newman seeks support through the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter. Additional funding will enable further product development, including testing new braking materials for those who undertake high speed down-hill riding. Also included is an easily removable pedal for when the rider wishes to perform freestyle tricks.

Kickstarter has brought much-needed financial backing to many innovative products. There are a range of rewards for pledges made to Brakeboard LLC, from a simple recognition on the product’s website through to a custom designed “Funded on Kickstarter” drop-through deck fitted with the latest edition braking mechanism.

The Kickstarter project has commenced 19th August 2013 and runs for 30 days.

Media Contact:
Ben Newman
(619) 330-9690

SpareFoot Analysis Reveals America’s 20 Fastest-Growing College Towns

AUSTIN, TX—Raleigh, North Carolina, home to North Carolina State University, is America’s Fastest-Growing College Town, according to a new data analysis from SpareFoot, the online marketplace for self-storage.

To rank America’s Fastest-Growing College Towns, SpareFoot compared the 2000 and 2010 populations of college towns. Raleigh topped the 20-town list, with population growth of 46 percent from 2000 to 2010.

SpareFoot selected only those towns with a main campus of a public four-year university and a residential population of at least 20,000. The analysis did not include cities like Atlanta because although they’re home to major universities, their economies are more diversified than those of traditional college towns.

“College towns are so appealing because they combine the charm and livability of a small city with the sophistication and amenities of a much larger metropolitan area,” population researcher Bert Sperling, founder of, told “Cities with colleges and universities are healthier financially, because the local school provides a stable economic base when recessions hit. In fact, enrollment often increases when the job market tightens.”

For more information about America’s Fastest-Growing College Towns, visit

Here is SpareFoot’s complete list of America’s Fastest-Growing College Towns.

1. Raleigh, North Carolina
Major campus: North Carolina State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 46.29 percent

2. College Station, Texas
Major campus: Texas A&M University
2000-10 population growth rate: 38.25 percent

3. Las Cruces, New Mexico
Major campus: New Mexico State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 31.44 percent

4. Gainesville, Florida
Major campus: University of Florida
2000-10 population growth rate: 30.29 percent

5. San Marcos, Texas
Major campus: Texas State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 29.25 percent

6. Columbia, Missouri
Major campus: University of Missouri
2000-10 population growth rate: 28.36 percent

7. Fayetteville, Arkansas
Major campus: University of Arkansas
2000-10 population growth rate: 26.76 percent

8. Flagstaff, Arizona
Major campus: Northern Arizona University
2000-10 population growth rate: 24.53 percent

9. Auburn, Alabama
Major campus: Auburn University
2000-10 population growth rate: 24.18 percent

10. College Park, Maryland
Major campus: University of Maryland
2000-10 population growth rate: 23.34 percent

11. Fort Collins, Colorado
Major campus: Colorado State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 21.35 percent

12. Pullman, Washington
Major campus: Washington State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 20.77 percent

13. Tallahassee, Florida
Major campus: Florida State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 20.42 percent

14. Austin, Texas
Major campus: University of Texas
2000-10 growth rate: 20.38 percent

15. Champaign, Illinois
Major campus: University of Illinois
2000-10 population growth rate: 20.05 percent

16. Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Major campus: University of North Carolina
2000-10 population growth rate: 17.49 percent

17. Stillwater, Oklahoma
Major campus: Oklahoma State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 16.95 percent

18. Manhattan, Kansas
Major campus: Kansas State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 16.62 percent

19. Fargo, North Dakota
Major campus: North Dakota State University
2000-10 population growth rate: 16.5 percent

20. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Major campus: University of Alabama
2000-10 population growth rate: 16.12 percent

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