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American Cleaning Institute Launches “Class of Clean”: The College Student’s Guide to Cleaning

• Free, Online Resources Prepare College Students Keeping Clean On and Off Campus
• Download the Toolkit:

Do college students know how to clean? The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) aims to answer yes to that question with its brand new Class of Clean: The College Student’s Guide to Cleaning toolkit, which provides concise, step-by-step information and guidance to help keep college kids clean and healthy.

The Class of Clean toolkit was designed with young adults in mind and provides a crash course in effective cleaning that emphasizes public health guidelines for disinfecting, cleaning and hygiene from the laundry room to the dorm room.

This online and mobile-friendly toolkit arms college students with an arsenal of highly visual and informative resources, addressing everything from the basics of cleaning and laundry to dividing cleaning responsibilities in shared living spaces.

Materials include:

Move In/Move Out Checklist: A resource for college students at the beginning of the school year as they arrive on campus to help disinfect their rooms, and at the end of the year, to avoid additional cleaning fees

Stain Removal Guide: An easy, informative guide for college students to refer to as they tackle difficult stains

Cleaning with a Sick Roommate: A resource on how to prevent the spread of illness in close quarters

Laundry 101: A handout for students on all things laundry, including how to sort laundry, load the washer and dry clothing

Conscientious Roommate Checklist: A cleaning checklist for college students that will be sharing living spaces both on and off campus

“After arriving on campus, learning doesn’t stop at the classroom door,” said Melissa Hockstad, ACI President & CEO. “Our Class of Clean toolkit will help college students understand the important role cleaning plays when it comes to protecting themselves and their friends and equip them with the guidance they need to navigate cleaning and disinfecting now and in the future.”

In addition to Class of Clean, ACI offers dedicated resources and tailored cleaning and disinfecting recommendations for child care centers, schools, businesses and consumers. To learn more, visit

For organizations interested in sharing or distributing the Class of Clean toolkit, please contact

The American Cleaning Institute® (ACI – is the Home of the U.S. Cleaning Products Industry® and represents the $60 billion U.S. cleaning product supply chain. ACI members include the manufacturers and formulators of soaps, detergents, and general cleaning products used in household, commercial, industrial and institutional settings; companies that supply ingredients and finished packaging for these products; and chemical distributors. ACI serves the growth and innovation of the U.S. cleaning products industry by advancing the health and quality of life of people and protecting our planet. ACI achieves this through a continuous commitment to sound science and being a credible voice for the cleaning products industry.


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BRG Communications Razz Mataz, Find Yourself “Humans andThe Computer Mind”

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College Students Get Career Help and In-Demand Job Skills Development via Textbook Subscription

New Tutorials and Activities Available for Free with Cengage Unlimited Subscriptions

BOSTON—August 17, 2021 — In a recent Cengage survey, half of college graduates said they felt underqualified to enter the workforce. To help students develop important employability skills and better prepare for work, Cengage, a global education technology company, is making additional career support available for free via Cengage Unlimited, the first all access subscription for textbooks and course materials. In addition to their course materials, subscribers can access more than 100 employability modules covering everything from how to get career ready, assess employability skills, explore careers and get a job.

“The number one reason students attend college is to get a job, so it’s a major problem if half of graduates don’t feel ready for the workforce,” said Fernando Bleichmar, Executive Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Higher Education at Cengage. “Students often aren’t even aware how the skills they have map to different jobs that are available to them. We need to do more to ensure students are job ready, not just degree-ready. The new employability modules in Cengage Unlimited are an important step in the right direction.”

The new modules, created with noted expert and career coach Ashley Stahl, are included in the Career Center and cover:

• Exploring Careers: resources to help students understand what careers match their skillsets and interests, what jobs are available to them as well as salary information for different positions.

• Getting Career Ready: videos, quizzes and activities to help student build important in-demand employability skills in communication, digital literacy, critical thinking, professionalism, adaptability on the job, and more.

• Getting the Job: information to help students get the job they want, including job search tips, resume writing, cover letter and portfolio help as well as interviewing preparation.

For Lindsey Myers, a former Cengage student ambassador and a recent graduate of El Paso Community College, the Career Center resources were helpful for planning for future beyond college. “The Career Center helped give me an idea of different career paths out there for me I didn’t even know about,” said Myers.

University of Alabama graduate Katie Roberts also used the Career Center tools to map her major to potential occupations and salaries in the real world. “This has given me a better sense of what I want to do in the future and where I should be focusing to achieve my career goals.”

The Career Center is included for free with Cengage Unlimited and Cengage Unlimited eTextbooks subscriptions.

For more information about Cengage Unlimited visit:

For more information about the Career Center and other tools available with a Cengage Unlimited subscription, visit:

About Cengage
Cengage, a global education technology company serving millions of learners, provides quality digital products and services, equipping students with the skills and competencies needed to advance their careers and improve their lives. We serve the K-12, higher education, professional, library, English language teaching and workforce training markets worldwide. Our industry-leading products and services make education more accessible and affordable, including Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service. Visit us at or find us on LinkedInFacebook or Twitter.


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Washington, DC – August 11, 2021 – The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI), the premier national nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the next generation of Latino leaders, has announced it is accepting applications from college students and recent graduates for the 2022 spring, summer and fall edition of its fast-paced, hands-on paid internship program on Capitol Hill. Apply Today at

Students will gain invaluable experience in embarking on careers in public service. Interns will work closely with Hall staffers, policy experts, and elected officials tackling the nation’s most urgent challenges impacting the Latino community. Real-world experience in Congress will be enhanced by weekly programming sessions with CHCI.

In addition to participating in a graduate-level non-credit course in public policy, presented by the Cisneros Leadership Institute and Trachtenberg School of Public Policy, interns will meet with Latino leaders in a variety of sectors, engage in important conversations about identity and Latinx culture, visit different sites within Washington, D.C., and explore different aspects of public policy.

Program benefits include:
• Connecting with powerful Latino leaders from a wide range of professional backgrounds, from Capitol Hill and Fortune 500 companies to NGOs and nonprofits that support Latino education and leadership development
• Growing and expanding professional networks to include more than 4,100 members of the CHCI Alumni Association from across the country and Puerto Rico
• Committing to civic engagement, including group and individual service projects to give back to the D.C. community

Additional benefits include:
• Congressional office placement
• Stipend of $3,750 (Fall/Spring), $3,125 (Summer)
• Domestic round-trip transportation to Washington, D.C.
• All-expenses covered housing
• Leadership training and development
• Metro transportation benefits
• Health insurance, with premiums covered by CHCI

Program Dates and Deadlines for 2022:
• Spring 2022 Internship (12 weeks)

• Program Dates: January 24 – April 15, 2022

• Application Deadline: October 1, 2021

• Summer 2022 Internship (10 weeks)

• Program Dates: May 31 – August 5, 2022

• Application Deadline: December 1, 2021 (standing deadline)

• Fall 2022 Internship (12 weeks)

• Program Dates: August 29 – November 18, 2022

• Application Deadline: February 15, 2022

To learn more and apply, prospective interns can visit For the latest news, follow CHCI on social media and join the conversation by using the official hashtag #CHCIinterns.

• Instagram: @chciprograms
• Facebook: @chcidc
• Twitter: @chci
• Join the Conversation: #CHCIinterns

CHCI IG Post: @CHCIprograms is now accepting applications for its hands-on paid internship program on Capitol Hill. Interns work closely with Hill staffers, policy experts, and elected officials tackling the nation’s most urgent challenges impacting the Latino community. Housing and transportation are included. Apply today at #CHCIinterns #Internship #CHCI

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) is the premier Hispanic nonprofit and nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization in the country dedicated to developing the next generation of Latino leaders®. CHCI provides leadership, public service, and policy experiences to outstanding Latino/a/x students and young professionals, and convenes Members of Congress, other public officials, corporate executives, nonprofit advocates, and thought leaders to discuss issues facing the nation and the Hispanic community.

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GradGuard’s tuition insurance first and only program to cover COVID-19 and mental health conditions nationwide; provides financial safety net when schools don’t

PHOENIX (August 10, 2021):  Nationwide, college families are once again finding themselves evaluating the ever-changing updates on how schools will protect students from Coronavirus as the Delta variant becomes a growing concern. As parents prepare to pay their final tuition bill before arriving on campus, among the many questions they are smart to ask is: What will happen to my tuition payment if my student is forced to withdraw from college due to becoming ill with COVID or other illnesses and unable to continue their term?

For many families, college is one of the largest investments they will ever make. As a result, it’s a smart move for anyone paying tuition to understand their school’s refund policy and to consider protecting their investment with tuition insurance.

“The thousands of dollars students and families are paying for college tuition, housing and academic fees are often at risk,” said John Fees, parent of a college student and the co-founder of GradGuard, one of the largest providers of student insurance programs in the country with partnerships at more than 400 colleges and universities. “The idea of losing money can create even more financial stress for students and their parents. GradGuard enables students and families to make the decision on whether to withdraw is based on the well-being of their student and not just the money at risk.”

The coronavirus pandemic and its surging Delta variant has brought important attention to the risk of investing in college and particularly, how schools manage refunds.

While neither schools or tuition insurance provide refunds for a change in the form of instruction (such as the move to online classes), families may be surprised that they will likely lose thousands of dollars if their student’s semester is disrupted by a health event and forced to withdraw.

In fact, only 6% of schools surveyed in 2019 provided 100% refunds for tuition and virtually none provide refunds for academic fees or housing. Many universities may refund a portion of tuition through the first few weeks of school, but most schools will not provide a refund after the fifth week of classes. Academic fees, deposits and housing are usually not eligible for a refund.

The risk can often surprise college parents. Less than a quarter of parents surveyed in a 2019 College Parents of America report indicated that their student’s college refund policy was disclosed to them during the enrollment process.

Families are also often unaware that their college student may be vulnerable to the stress of college life. The National College Health Assessment produced by the American College Health Association demonstrates the frequency of incidents such as illnesses, accidents, and injuries that can require a student to complete a medical withdrawal. This data also reveals a growth in chronic illnesses and rapid growth in serious mental health incidents during the past five years.

“If a student has a controlled pre-existing condition like serious anxiety or mental health conditions, and they are medically cleared to attend school, GradGuard’s tuition insurance can cover them,” said Fees. “If they must withdraw under the recommendation of a licensed professional in their state, tuition insurance can reimburse the out of pocket costs associated with their housing, tuition, and student fees .  GradGuard’s tuition insurance can help reduce the stress students face in these situations and help everyone focus on the well-being of the student.”

It’s important for families to note that even prior to COVID-19, student health conditions force thousands of students to withdraw from classes each year, without the ability to recover the thousands of dollars paid for classes, fees and housing.

The Top Three Reasons GradGuard’s Tuition Insurance Is A Smart Decision:

• If the school does not provide a 100% refund – Ask your school about their refund policy.

• If the student has more than $1,000 of academic expenses – Even if the school provides a 100% refund for tuition, most do not refund academic fees or student housing costs.

• If the student or family is taking out a student loan – Student and parent loans must be repaid even if a student must take a medical withdrawal. Tuition insurance can be used to repay the balance of these loans.

“GradGuard’s tuition insurance provides affordable coverage up to 100% of the cost of college including student housing, tuition and academic charges,” said Fees. “In addition, each policy also includes Student Life Assistance that helps families through the logistics that may accompany an unexpected student withdrawal. ”

Despite the stress and changes caused by Coronavirus to higher education, the good news is that college families can protect both their student and their investment by purchasing GradGuard’s tuition insurance, with rates as low as $106 for $10,000 of tuition insurance coverage at participating schools. Coverage must be purchased prior to the first day of school.

“Students and their families can take confidence in schools that provide GradGuard’s insurance programs to help protect their investment in college and are prepared to overcome the unexpected events that may otherwise disrupt their semester,” said Fees.

About GradGuard: GradGuard is a technology-enabled pioneer in developing innovative protections designed to reduce the financial risks of college life. Since 2009, GradGuard is trusted by more than 400 colleges and universities and since its founding has protected nearly one million students and families. Visit to use its college insurance search tool to find the insurance programs that are right for your college student or recommended by their college or university.

Natalie Tarangioli

Three Tips to Help You “Glow Up” in the Real World

Sponsored by Alcon

The transition to adult life can be both exciting and terrifying all at the same time. On one hand, it’s a time to celebrate freedom and limitless possibilities. On the other hand, being in the “real world” comes with tough choices and loads of responsibility. But don’t worry. Whether you have already accepted a job, or you are still figuring out what to do this summer, these simple tips will help you “glow up” in a real way as you make the leap into your next phase.

Crush Your Goals the S.M.A.R.T. Way

To truly own this new phase of your life, set S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-based) goals – no matter how big or small. Here’s how this works: Think about something you’d like to crush, like learning how to cook quick, healthy meals for the week. Start by setting a goal to cook a new recipe using a different style or skill three times a week for a month. Once you’ve gotten into a groove then work it into your new daily routine and schedule. Pro tip: Put your goals and plans down on paper. A cool way to bring your goals to life and stay on track is to create a vision board, a bullet journal, set smartphone alerts or write it in your calendar.

Girl, Get Your Eyes Checked

Face it, your new normal is crazy busy and it can be easy to let your health slip off the to-do list – especially your eyesight. How are you going to “glow up” if you can’t see past your own nose? In order to take on the world, make sure you visit your eye doctor for an annual eye exam so your eyes are in tip-top shape. While you’re there, ask the doctor for a dependable, easy-to-use contact lens that can keep up with your new “go-go-go” lifestyle.

“Vision care is often overlooked, but it is one of the most important factors of your overall health,” said Kristin Anderson, Director of Professional Education, US Vision Care & Dry Eye at Alcon. “Many college-aged or young working professional patients have complaints about eye issues or wanting a comfortable alternative to eyeglasses. These days, I recommend individuals try a daily disposable contact lens that provides precise vision and all-day comfort, and that are easy to put in and take out. Many love PRECISION1® and PRECISION1® for Astigmatism contact lenses because they do all these things and open them up to a world of possibilities.”

Be a Confidence Queen

Confidence is the key to success in the real world – on the inside and out. And there’s only one way to be confident – just do it. Get that haircut you’ve been wanting, buy that outfit that makes you feel your best or tackle your fear of public speaking with a few self-help TikToks. Whatever you do, don’t forget that your journey is just that, yours. Everyone’s path is different, so don’t compare yourself to your friends. Embrace this exciting new time, and know that when you feel confident in yourself, you’ll be happier and ready to tackle any challenges that may come up.

For more information, visit to find out more about PRECISION1 lenses.

Ask your eye care professional for complete wear, care and safety information.