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Win $1,000 to Study Abroad in Italy. The ItaliaRail Study Abroad in Italy Scholarship for Spring 2015 is now accepting applications.

Somerville, MA October 30, 2014

ItaliaRail, the experts on train travel to, from and around Italy, is now accepting applications for the Spring 2015 semester. Students who have been accepted to a study abroad program in Italy can apply for the $1,000 award. Two recipients will be chosen.

Interested students should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher at a recognized US university or college and currently be receiving financial aid, plus possess an overall dedication and enthusiasm for studying abroad in Italy. Applications can be found at and will be accepted through November 15, 2014. Winners will be announced mid-December.

Recipients of the Fall 2014 scholarships are currently enjoying an incredible study abroad experience in Italy. Justine Barker from Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI and Taylor Hammeke of the University of Connecticut in Storrs, CT, each received $1,000 for books, tuition and other expenses related to their studies in Italy.

Justine Barker is studying through the International Studies program in Rome, while Taylor Hammeke is attending the CIMBA Business Program in Paderno del Grappa, in the northern Veneto region of Italy. “I am extremely grateful and appreciative to be chosen, and think what you’re doing is awesome,” said Barker upon hearing she had been named as one of the recipients.

“With three times the number of applicants we received for our inaugural scholarship last spring – we are glad to see our program building momentum” said Mike Fuller, CEO of InterRail LLC, parent company of ItaliaRail. “We are excited to choose two new awardees for Spring 2015 and to see so many excellent students dedicated to, and inspired by, participating in a study abroad program in Italy. ItaliaRail is pleased to help those in need of financial assistance realize their dream,” continued Fuller.

The Boston area based company awards two scholarships each semester to university/college undergraduate students who intend to study abroad in Italy. The scholarship program is ongoing. Application details for the Fall 2015 semester will be released closer to the date.

About ItaliaRail: ItaliaRail are the experts on Italy train tickets and passes. In cooperation with Trenitalia, Italy’s only national railway, ItaliaRail provides a direct connection to Trenitalia’s reservation system allowing rail travelers access to the most routes at the best prices. Travelers are able to book in multiple currencies and knowledgeable customer service agents are available to answer questions and give advice on train travel throughout Italy. ItaliaRail was launched in 2005 and is a division of InterRail, LLC.

Media Contact
Mary Ekelund
(617) 519-5660

College women switching to Sobrr this Halloween as the best app for fun — and finding soul mates.

Sobrr Image

For Immediate Release
Emeryville, California: October 30, 2014

Co-eds are partying with hot mobile app Sobrr this Halloween. Perfect for club, concert, bar, or sports gatherings, Sobrr takes the scary out of social, enabling no-regrets, spontaneous interactions that expire within 24 hours — unless both parties agree they’re a match.

Having attracted 30k new users in just two months, fandom across U.S. campuses is growing, and Sobrr is rewarding the enthusiasm with All Hallows parties at UC Berkeley, University of Florida, University of Miami, University of Illinois, Lehigh University and UCLA (full schedule below). In addition, dozens of schools continue to register for Sobrr’s Campus Race Program, which continues through December.

CEO Bruce Yang developed Sobrr after a bachelor party weekend in Vegas, and the initial media buzz attracted a predominantly male following. But now, an increasing number of women are embracing Sobrr’s combination of fun, spontaneity and privacy. Yang says: “Women are telling us they have become “tired of creeps on the dating apps.” Our 24-hour friendship feature enables users to connect with people around them — and then to curate those relationships, distinguishing between fleeting acquaintances and those with true friend potential.”

Rave reviews for the app include: “Genius.” “Tinder + Facebook = Sobrr! What could possibly go wrong?” and, “I love this app! Finally, privacy when we post!!! Great job guys!!! And I found my soulmate!” (iOS app reviewers).

Originally available for iOS, growth is now set to accelerate significantly with last week’s release of Sobrr for Android. In support of the new growth, Sobrr recently secured a $1.1 million round of funding from IDG Ventures.

Sobrr Fall Campus Tour Dates, 2014

October 23rd: UCLA (Alpha Epsilon Pi)
October 27th: Bucknell University (Order of Omega)
October 29th: UC Berkeley (Order of Omega)
October 29th: University of Florida, Gainesville (Pi Lambda Phi)
October 30th: University of Miami, Coral Gables (Sigma Alpha Mu)
October 31st: Ole Miss, Oxford MS (Phi Kappa Tau)
October 31st: University of Illinois, Urbana (Sigma Phi Delta)
November 1st: UC Berkeley (TDX)
November 1st: USC &UCLA (AGO + ADX)
November 6th: Lehigh University (Alpha Omicron Pi + AXO)
November 6th: UC Berkeley (Tri Delta)

About Sobrr

Available for iOS and Android, Sobrr is the first app to introduce the concept of 24-hour friendship. In real life, people socialize, but only become friends with whom they like. Sobrr returns this control back to the user. Everything on Sobrr expires in 24 hours, including photos, messages, and, even, friends (unless you really, really like them).
Founded in 2014, Sobrr Inc. is a team of Silicon Valley veterans and UC Berkeley
students and alumni lead by Co-Founders Bruce Yang, formerly of LinkedIn and Fitbit, and former Microsoft employee Vivian Xu.Sobrr was recently awarded “Most Innovative App” by the Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurs Forum.

Download the iOS version:
Download the Android version:

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7 Tips for Scoring a Tailgating Touchdown

College football season is in full swing, homecoming is around the corner and that can only mean one thing: Tailgating! Hauling lawn chairs, grills and a cooler packed full of your favorite foods and drinks to a stadium parking lot full of people is part of the fun of football season. The game plan is to eat, drink and mingle until it’s time to head in and cheer on your school’s team as they take on your fiercest rival. This season, switch-up your game plan so that you keep the party big and the calories small.

“On average, tailgaters consume up to three times the recommended daily calorie allowance,” says Luke Corey, registered dietitian, performance nutritionist at EXOS and consultant for The Coca-Cola Company. “These extra calories are usually stored as body fat. One tailgating party may not result in weight gain, but for the 60 percent of students who tailgate five or more times a season, those extra calories can really add up.”

Here are seven tips for having fun this football season without adding extra pounds:

Tip 1 – Recruit your teammates
The key to success, whether on the football field or at a tailgate party, is to recruit a strong team. Gather your roommates or classmates and plan to have a healthy tailgate party together. Delegate responsibilities to each member, such as preparing the healthy snacks or packing extra water, and celebrate when they make a great play.

Tip 2 – Warm up with a healthy snack
Before you leave your dorm or apartment to attend a tailgating party, eat a healthy snack that is nutrient-dense, high in fiber and low in calories. Low-fat Greek yogurt with fresh berries or a protein bar are great pre-tailgating snacks.

Tip 3 – Hydrate like a football player
Collegiate athletes understand the need to properly hydrate before, during and after a game. Since tailgating can be like a sport, aim to drink at least 8 ounces of fluids every hour before and during the tailgating party (all non-alcoholic beverages hydrate).

Tip 4 – Don’t fumble your food and beverage choices
Much like football, you win some and lose some when it comes to food choices during a tailgate. Get on a winning streak by enjoying your favorite, classic party foods and beverages in moderation. Options such as sliders, small cups of chili and toothpick tasters are great ways to manage calories and still enjoy your favorites. For soda lovers, the 7.5-ounce Coca-Cola mini can not only saves space in your cooler but comes in other popular flavors like Diet Coke, Coke Zero and more.

Tip 5 – Avoid a food safety flag
Meats such as beef, chicken and pork are often the proteins of choice at a tailgate. Practice food safety by keeping these items in a cooler and then cooking them to the proper temperature on the grill. Foodborne illnesses are quite common at events like these, so take precautions to avoid a food safety flag.

Tip 6 – Take a break at halftime
Many tailgating parties can last five or six hours, so try to avoid sitting down the whole time. Get up and cheer! And when the team takes this opportunity to rehydrate and refuel, you can do the same. Make sure to take a break at the halfway point: get out of your chair, walk around the lot, stretch your muscles, hydrate and grab a healthy snack.

Tip 7 – Celebrate the win – yours and the team’s
Hopefully, your team wins the game. Regardless, consider it a victory if you are able to achieve tips one through six. These will help you make smarter choices and keep your tailgate party fun.

Renowned Engineer Ric Bradshaw Conducts Fujifilm-Sponsored Campus Tour on Tape Technology

VALHALLA, N.Y., October 24, 2014 – Renowned engineer Ric Bradshaw, Ph.D has kicked off a tour of college campuses, speaking to students about data storage tape technology. Sponsored by FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc., Dr. Bradshaw’s seminar, “Tape Technology, Its Place in Information Storage and Management Now and in the Future,” incorporates inside stories of tape technology’s importance for data protection and archival applications. He has been well-received by computer science and engineering students at the University of Alabama and the University of the Pacific.

Dr. Bradshaw has nearly 30 years of R&D experience with IBM Corporation and holds 16 U.S. patents. He is a leader in collaborative tape research efforts and has been involved with archival storage strategies and best practices since the early 1990s. He is a recognized expert in tape formulation design, tape and component characterization, failure analysis and life prediction, data recovery and tape manufacturing process design and control. Dr. Bradshaw was a primary member of the data recovery effort that salvaged crucial data from the space shuttle Challenger flight recorder tapes in 1986. Ric’s team successfully recovered the data from the flight recorder tapes which had been under 60 feet of sea water for 90 days and were badly damaged and corroded. He has worked on numerous data recovery efforts for government and commercial clients, including the data recovery efforts resulting from Hurricane Sandy’s extensive damage along the East Coast.

“My seminar addresses the role of tape in the information storage hierarchy. Fujifilm’s sponsorship of this campus tour is an incredibly unique and beneficial contribution to university computer science and engineering departments, and it’s a privilege to be a part of it,” said Dr. Bradshaw. “This seminar is an insider’s look at past, present and future technology enabling the viability and robustness of magnetic tape, especially in archives that now must remain readable for long periods of time. I look forward to visiting more campuses in the near future.”

“Archival storage with tape is becoming more condensed, and it is interesting to learn that what was stored on many disks can now be stored on just one tape, and that large volumes of information stored on hundreds of older tapes can now be stored on only one newer tape,” said Julio Hernandez, a University of the Pacific student who aspires to visit Mars on a future NASA mission.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to sponsor Ric on his road show to educate students about tape technology and the innovative nano-particle science behind it,” said Peter Faulhaber, president, FUJIFILM Recording Media USA, Inc. “Students really enjoy learning about Ric’s incredible experience recovering data from the Challenger tapes, and about today’s advanced tape storage in general.”

Additional students in attendance at Dr. Bradshaw’s recent campus seminars gave the following feedback:
• “Magnetic tapes are more robust than we imagined.”
• “Never heard about data recovery from NASA tapes – really interesting and amazing that they could recover the data.”

Educators and students interested in having Dr. Ric Bradshaw as a guest lecturer can contact him at or (520) 886-5778.

For more information about Fujifilm’s data storage products, please go to:

About Fujifilm
FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. is the US-based manufacturing, marketing and sales operations of professional broadcast video and data tape recording media for FUJIFILM Corporation. The company provides broadcast and data center customers and industry partners with a wide range of unique data center accessories, value-added services and archival solutions, including Dternity. Based on a history of thin-film engineering and magnetic particle science such as Fujifilm NANOCUBIC technology, Fujifilm creates breakthrough data storage products. In 2013, Fujifilm surpassed the 100 million milestone for the number of LTO Ultrium data cartridges manufactured and sold since introduction, establishing the company’s leadership and success as the leading global manufacturer of mid-range and enterprise data tape. For more information on Fujifilm Recording Media products, customers can call 800-488-3854 or go to To receive news and informati on direct from Fujifilm via RSS, subscribe free at

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation, Tokyo, Japan brings continuous innovation and leading-edge products to a broad spectrum of industries, including: healthcare, with medical systems, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; graphic systems; highly functional materials, such as flat panel display materials; optical devices, such as broadcast and cinema lenses; digital imaging; and document products. These are based on a vast portfolio of chemical, mechanical, optical, electronic, software and production technologies. In the year ended March 31, 2014, the company had global revenues of $23.9 billion, at an exchange rate of 102 yen to the dollar. Fujifilm is committed to environmental stewardship and good corporate citizenship. For more information, please visit:


All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

Diane Rainey
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Leading Digital Strategists Transform Digital Marketing In Business and Academia


Executives, Educators and Students Learn the Value of Digital Strategies With a New, Easy-to-Understand Guidebook

BEDFORD, VA, October 17, 2014—Ira Kaufman, President of Entwine Digital and Chris Horton, Head of Content & Distribution for Synecore, have released an innovative Digital Marketing Guidebook drawing on the latest digital tactics and strategic insights to help organizations generate sustainable growth through digital integration. “Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values,” (available digitally, of course) provides a roadmap to help executives, managers, educators and students adopt a digital mindset and incorporate the most effective, and quickly evolving digital tactics, (including social media and SEO tactics) strategically and competitively.

More than three-quarters of all executives say that digital initiatives are a priority for them, yet only a third of executives believe that their approach to digital is correct,” states Ira Kaufman, Co-Author of Digital Marketing Guidebook and President of Entwine Digital. “More than 65% have reported feeling unprepared to deal with the digital marketing explosion,” continues Kaufman. “To this point, industry and educators have been unable to train the estimated 1.5 million digital marketing managers needed in the U.S. by 2018. Currently, many employers attest that there aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill these positions today, let alone down the road.”

“Our goal with this guidebook,” states Chris Horton, co-author of Digital Marketing Guidebook and Head of Content & Distribution at Synecore, “is to create a primer on digital marketing that offers practical guidance to current business managers and executives, and relevant training to future business leaders by translating digital marketing concepts into real-world applications. To stay competitive in the digital age, individuals and organizations need to focus on the integration of digital technologies with marketing strategy and core values to achieve efficiency and long-term sustainability.”

The current business environment is changing dramatically with globalization and the effect of digital technologies; these same changes are impacting the college learning environment. Business education must adapt and transform to stay relevant. It must embrace innovative instructional methodologies and best practices for integrating digital technologies into the learning process to prepare students to succeed in an increasingly interconnected, global digital marketplace.

To accomplish these objectives, Kaufman and Horton developed the Digitally Integrated Learning Environment (DILE) to serve as a foundational instructional methodology for the Digital Marketing Guidebook. The DILE reflects a student-centric approach to pedagogy that requires the instructor first listen to and understand the needs and expectations of the students; based on the feedback received, the instructor designs a course that incorporates innovative projects and exercises with relevant, dynamic content that is delivered digitally.

“Modern marketing must be reconstituted to move into the digital age,” comments Dr. Philip Kotler, Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. “I applaud Kaufman and Horton’s effort to advance marketing. This book will prepare executives, managers, owners, and students to integrate digital marketing strategies and tactics with core values and business goals to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and innovation.”

Several emerging technologies are highlighted in Digital Marketing Guidebook, including Vusay (pronounced view-say), which is a powerful platform that makes online videos interactive with any device. Vusay is highlighted due to fact that today, more than 1 billion unique users watch more than 6 billion hours of videos a month on YouTube alone. Both Kaufman and Horton see Vusay’s point-in-time video commenting technology as a critical asset in the areas of education, training, entertainment and brand engagement, saying that digital marketers should take note and utilize its immersive commenting capabilities.

Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values helps readers evaluate the most up-to-date digital channels and technologies to manage and leverage current and new business ventures. It provides grounding in digital vocabulary, a snapshot of how digital technologies impact strategy, and how to implement and measure widely available digital media tactics, which are evaluated in terms of industry best practices and their ability to achieve strategic goals. Finally, the Guidebook offers executives a step-by-step roadmap to transform their company into a Digitally Integrated Organization.

On par with its message, this interactive guidebook provides a truly Connected Digital Experience via augmented reality app Zappar, which allows readers to use their smartphone or tablet to activate “Discover More” and “Play Video” icons that connect the print publication to expanded and updated rich content housed on the book’s companion website, Digital Marketing: Integrating Strategy and Tactics with Values is published by Routledge in print and digital and is available through

About Ira Kaufman PhD
Ira Kaufman assists companies ranging from multinationals to start-ups with their social branding and integrated digital marketing and transformation strategies. Founded in 2001, Entwine Digital, his privately held company headquartered in Virginia, helps clients to tap into new and emerging digital opportunities by designing customer experiences and targeted digital media strategies that are values-driven and culturally sensitive, generating sustainable relationships with their target markets. Earning his PhD in marketing from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, he taught at the senior executive programs of Kellogg and Virginia Tech, and currently is designing innovative courses on digital marketing and social entrepreneurship at Lynchburg College School of Business and Economics

About Chris Horton
Chris Horton is a creative creator and digital strategist for Minneapolis-based integrated digital marketing agency, Synecore. Founded in 2011, Synecore is a privately held company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN that provides integrated digital marketing strategies and services and manages online and mobile engagement via social media, content creation, SEO, and email marketing. Chris has written hundreds of blogs and numerous ebooks on various topics related to digital marketing, including SEO, inbound, content, social, mobile, apps, digital branding and PR, Internet trends, and digital transformation.

Ira Kaufman:;
Chris Horton:;


USA Logo 

University of Maryland Wins the Characters Unite College Tour Competition,

Securing a Special Visit from a USA Network Star

NEW YORK, NY – October 16, 2014 – Verizon and USA Network today announced the seven stops on the Characters Unite College Tour. Beginning on Monday, October 20, the Tour will head across the country to encourage students to use technology and their voices to help solve some of the country’s biggest social issues, such hate and discrimination as well as dating abuse.

The University of Maryland was named the winner of the Characters Unite College Tour Competition. Launched in early September, the contest asked students to submit their college or university at for a chance to be part of the Tour. In addition to securing a spot on the Tour, the College Park, MD campus will get a special visit from a USA Network star.

The Characters Unite College Tour will make the following stops:

  • Columbus State Community College, Columbus, OH – Monday, October 20th
  • Howard University, Washington, DC – Wednesday, October 22nd
  • University of Maryland, College Park, MD – Thursday, October 23rd
  • Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC – Tuesday, October 28th
  • Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, GA – Thursday, October 30th
  • University of Texas, Austin, TX – Thursday, November 6th
  • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM – Wednesday, November 12th

At each stop of the Characters Unite College Tour, students will be invited to create a free “I Won’t Stand For…” t-shirt, personalizing it by stamping a word to fill in the blank, such as bullying, dating violence, racism, religious intolerance, sexism, homophobia, ableism and more. In addition, they can take a photo to be a part of the Characters Unite online gallery and immediately share the image with their friends and family via social media, joining millions of people – including top musicians, movie and television stars, athletes and political leaders – in the Characters Unite campaign to combat all forms of hate and discrimination.

In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn more about loveisrespect, a project of the National Domestic Violence hotline and Break the Cycle, a program, dedicated to empowering young adults to prevent and end abusive relationships, and join Verizon in speaking out against domestic violence through the company’s Hopeline® from Verizon program. Verizon is providing HopeLine collection bins on site for participants to donate no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories that will be used to support domestic violence organizations nationwide. Wireless phones donated to HopeLine are refurbished and provided to local domestic violence agencies to distribute to the victims of domestic violence they’re serving.  Students will also be invited to share messages of hope to domestic violence survivors through HopeLine’s Because Voices Have Power initiative using #VoicesHavePower.

To learn more about the Characters Unite College Tour, please visit To learn more about HopeLine from Verizon, visit or

About Characters Unite
Characters Unite, USA Network’s award-winning public service program, was created to address the social injustices and cultural divides still prevalent in our society. Inspired by USA Network’s iconic “Characters Welcome” brand and with the support of leading national nonprofit organizations, the ongoing campaign is dedicated to supporting activities and messaging that combat prejudice and intolerance while promoting understanding and acceptance — on-air, online, and in communities across the country.

About USA Network
The #1 network in all of basic cable for an unprecedented seven straight years, USA Network is seen in over 102 million U.S. homes.  USA is a leader in scripted programming with a powerful stable of originals, spectacular live television and is home to the best in blockbuster theatrical films, a broad portfolio of acquired series and entertainment events.  A trailblazer in digital innovation and storytelling, USA is defining, driving and setting the industry standard for Social TV.  USA is a program service of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBCUniversal. The award-winning website is located at Characters Welcome.


USA Contact: 
Melissa Cusack

Verizon Contact:
Ray McConville

Jessica Thorpe






Fueled By Ramen/Atlantic recording group Oh Honey has announced the release of a new EP. “SINCERELY YOURS” is available today on the iTunes Store and all leading DSPs.

“SINCERELY YOURS” marks the follow-up to Oh Honey’s debut EP, “WITH LOVE,” and the second of four EPs dubbed “The Postcard Series.” The EP is highlighted by the new single, “Don’t You Worry,” alongside three additional new songs from the Brooklyn-based alternative-pop duo. The next two installments in “The Postcard Series” – entitled “WISH YOU WERE HERE” and “UNTIL NEXT TIME” – are slated for release in early 2015. For updates, please visit

Oh Honey will herald “SINCERELY YOURS” by appearing on the upcoming Honda Civic Tour, with select dates beginning October 21st at The Moon in Tallahassee, Florida and then continuing through mid-November (see attached itinerary). The tour – which sees Oh Honey performing alongside American Authors – continues the duo’s busy live schedule, a journey that has already seen them supporting such artists as The Fray and Atlantic’s own James Blunt. For complete details and ticket information, please visit

Oh Honey – a.k.a. singer/songwriter/musician Mitchy Collins and singer/songwriter/actress Danielle Bouchard – first came together in 2013 and immediately captured attention with their melodic, organic songcraft and beautifully blended harmony vocals. The duo performed regularly – including well-received showcases at both CMJ and South By Southwest (SXSW) – before releasing “WITH LOVE,” the first EP in “The Postcard Series,” in November 2013. Signed by Atlantic in February 2014, Oh Honey made a major splash with their breakthrough single, “Be Okay.” The track – featured on the “WITH LOVE” EP – proved a top 25 smash at Hot AC outlets nationwide and has since been featured in a wide range of TV series, films, and other campaigns, including Fox’s Glee and Red Band Society, ABC’s Selfie, DreamWorks’ The Hundred Foot Journey, and recent commercials for Google Android and Chili’s Bar & Grill.

For more, please visit, and

ON TOUR 2014
All Dates: THE HONDA CIVIC TOUR w/American Authors

21 Tallahassee, FL The Moon
22 Orlando, FL The Beacham
23 Fort Lauderdale, FL Revolution Live
24 St. Petersburg, FL Jannus Live
25 Atlanta, GA Buckhead Theatre
27 Indianapolis, IN Deluxe at Old National Centre
28 Pontiac, MI The Crofoot
29 Chicago, IL Metro
31 Minneapolis, MN Mill City Nights

2 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall
4 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
6 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
7 New York, NY Best Buy Theater
8 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
10 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
11 New Haven, CT Toad’s Place

# # #

Christina Kotsamanidis (National)

Amy Laudicano (Tour/Online)

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services wants you to help “Drive Our Future”


FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Mercedes-Benz Financial Services is pleased to announce the “Drive Our Future” contest, aimed at gathering innovative ideas from the public about what the vehicle financing experience of the future should look like. Ideas can be submitted in written form or by uploading a video through November 17, 2014. Additional details about the contest, official rules and how to enter can be found at:

“Mercedes-Benz Financial Services helps put people in the driver’s seat of Mercedes-Benz, Sprinter and smart vehicles every day,” noted Geoff Robinson, Vice President of Marketing for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. “But to get behind the wheel of the vehicle of their dreams a future owner has to go through the buying, leasing or financing process. If leasing or financing is the best option, we hope they will choose to do that with us. That’s why it’s our goal to make working with us as simple and efficient as possible, and a great experience.”

A great idea has the potential to win one of three prizes:

- First prize: Mercedes-Benz CLA 24-month Single Pay Lease (value $9,100)
- Second prize: Mercedes-Benz CLA 13-month Single Pay Lease (value $6,300)
- Third prize: Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Visa Card (value $3,000)
The company is looking for the next big idea in one of the following three categories:

- Digital Customer Contact: What should digital customer interactions (e.g. personalized/tailored online finance offers, electronic documents/signatures, electronic communications, etc.) and mobility (e.g. connected car, mobile device coverage, etc.) look like by 2020?

- Dealer Finance Experience: Once the perfect vehicle is selected, what would the ideal financing experience look like?

- Future Services: Mercedes-Benz Financial Services currently offers its customers financial, mobility and insurance services. What other services could the company provide customers to enhance their experiences in the future?

“We are dedicated to creating the best experience for our customers in everything we do,” added Robinson. “It is our goal to be the first-choice provider of financial and mobility services, and we know that in order to exceed our current or future customers’ expectations we have to listen and learn from them. We are excited to do that through this unique contest.”

About Mercedes-Benz Financial Services USA LLC
Mercedes‐Benz Financial Services USA LLC, headquartered in Farmington Hills, Mich., with Business Center Operations in Fort Worth, Texas, provides brand‐specific financial products and services for Mercedes‐Benz and smart automotive dealers and their retail customers. In the U.S. trucking industry, it conducts business as Daimler Truck Financial and provides flexible financial products and services for Daimler Trucks North America commercial vehicles branded Freightliner, Western Star, Thomas‐Built Bus and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc. Mercedes‐Benz Financial Services USA LLC serves as the headquarters for operations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil, and has approximately 1,700 employees throughout the Americas. It is a company of the Daimler Financial Services Group, headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, which does business in 40 countries and has an employee base of more than 8,000 people worldwide. Daimler Financial Services is o ne of the leading financial services organizations worldwide. For more information, please visit or

Media Contact (Note to Editors: Promotional images available upon request)
Melinda Mernovage
Mercedes-Benz Financial Services
(248) 595-1460


Bring Snoop Dogg to Your College Campus

Crowdfunding Site Tilt Launches “Tilt for Snoop” Competition 


San Francisco, CA – October 9, 2014 – Tilt, the easiest, most flexible way to collect, fundraise or pool money with your group, today announced the nationwide launch of the “Tilt for Snoop” competition. Snoop Dogg, who’s a friend and user of Tilt, will be coming to the college campus with the most tilted campaigns between October and December 31.

Tilt helps groups collect money for partiestailgatesduesco-ed sports teamsphilanthropies, and everything in between for FREE! Once you decide on what to collect money for, set a “Tilt amount”—the minimum amount needed in order to make it happen. It’s risk-free, no one gets charged unless that amount is reached.

Any student at an accredited undergraduate institution within the 48 continental U.S. is eligible to enter. The rules are simple. Schools will earn Tilt Points by the following:

  • Each mobile download = 10 points
  • Each Tilt contributor = 20 points
  • A successful Tilt = 50 points

The school with the most Tilt Points by December 31st will win a DJ set with Snoop near their campus before the end of the 2014-2015 school year. (See our official rules and regulations).

To keep track of how each school is doing, we have set up a dynamic leaderboard that displays the total points accumulated by each school. To be eligible for the leaderboard and to be included in the display, each school must have at least 100 contributors from their campus.

If your school has a Tilt ambassador on campus, they will be giving out “Scratcher Cards” to with promo codes specific to your school, so seek them out!

For more info on Tilt and the competition, check out the “Tilt for Snoop” website.

Media Contact:
Natassia Costa

Campus Stores to Celebrate Fourth Annual National Student Day


College and high school students’ volunteerism recognized by campuses across U.S. and Canada

OBERLIN, OHIO, October 1, 2014 – Nearly 2,000 college and high school campus stores across North America will be celebrating the fourth annual National Student Day on Thursday, October 9. Sponsored by the National Association of College Stores (NACS), National Student Day is all about recognizing, celebrating and promoting students’ social responsibility.

American and Canadian stores will hold special events ranging from flash sales and free food to contests, games and live music. Some stores will also involve local charitable organizations or businesses in volunteer fairs or food or supply drives. Cape Fear Community College, located in Wilmington, N.C., for example, is co-sponsoring a “Keep Warm, Stay Warm,” coat drive with local television station WECT-TV.

Other stores, such as Valencia College in California, are working with national charity Move For Hunger on a campuswide food drive to benefit local families. Move For Hunger works with relocation companies across North America to pick up unwanted, unopened food from those who are relocating and deliver it to local food banks. At the conclusion of the food drives, five local moving companies will pick up the donations and deliver them to local food banks.

This year, NACS is sponsoring an all-new photo-sharing contest for National Student Day. From now until Oct. 23, students can post photos of themselves doing volunteer work or a random act of kindness to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #NSDvolunteer to be entered to win a $1,000 prize and a $1,000 donation to the 501 (c)(3) charity of their choice.

National Student Day is supported by Sidewalk, a leading provider of technologically-enhanced rental solutions to the college store market. For more information on National Student Day and the contest, visit or find it on Facebook and Twitter.

About the National Association of College Stores:
Headquartered in Oberlin, Ohio, the National Association of College Stores (NACS) is the professional trade association representing the $10 billion collegiate retailing industry. NACS represents nearly 3,000 collegiate retailers and approximately 1,000 associate members who supply books and other products to college stores. NACS member stores serve America’s college students while supporting the academic missions of higher education institutions everywhere. Additional information on NACS can be found online at

Laura Massie
National Association of College Stores
(800) 622-7498 ext. 2351