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MORRIS PLAINS, NJ (November 29, 2010) – For college students the end of the year brings more: more papers, more projects and certainly more parties. With the holidays (and finals!) approaching, it’s hard to find time to get enough rest. Now no matter why they were up all night, VISINE® Maximum Redness Relief Formula will make sure every college student’s red, irritated eyes don’t betray them in the morning – or distract them from the task at hand!

Red eyes impact not only how people feel about their own looks, but they also have been shown to impact how people view each other. In a national survey* of adults, 38% thought people with red eyes look hung over and 20% found them to be unattractive. Whether it’s from working, studying or finally taking time to let loose, the last thing anyone wants is to look like a mess on campus (and in front of their professors!).

New! VISINE® Maximum Redness Relief Formula features a fast acting redness reliever that GETS THE RED OUT™ in seconds, coupled with the exclusive HYDROBLEND® Formula to soothe irritation and provide up to ten hours of comfort. Now available in a range of VISINE® products, HYDROBLEND® Formula acts like natural tears to provide long-lasting moisturization and protect against further irritation.

VISINE® Maximum Redness Relief Formula ($5.99 for ½ FL OZ) is available nationwide now at food, drug and mass merchandisers.


VISINE® has an arsenal of eye care products that provide relief of redness as well as irritation due to dryness, fatigue, seasonal allergies & more. Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, trust VISINE® to help your eyes keep up with your life.

Christi Maple


SAN FRANCISCO – November 18, 2010 – Austin, Texas, the self-proclaimed live-music capital of the world, topped a new list of top cities in the U.S. for seeing live rock music, according to a study conducted by Songkick ( The top ranking is based on the number of live rock shows per capita.

Songkick is the live music and technology company that connects music fans with their favorite artists on tour, so fans never have to miss another show. The new study ranking Austin as a top rock city is based on Songkick’s analysis of artist, concert, festival and venue information from hundreds of sources.

Songkick data shows Austin has more rock concerts than any other city in the U.S. per capita, and the average cost per rock ticket there is $23.30. Madison is the second-ranked music city for rock, at an average rock ticket cost of $13.05. Both cities are college towns that support University of Texas at Austin and University of Wisconsin–Madison. Portland steals the show as the cheapest place to rock with an average ticket price of just $10.33. Glitzy Las Vegas ranks as the most expensive place to see a rock show with an average ticket price of $62.76.

The ten most rocking cities in the U.S. by number of live rock shows per capita include:

  • Austin, Texas – 100 Rock Score; average ticket price of $23.30
  • Madison, Wisconsin – 78 Rock Score; average ticket price of $13.05
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – 57 Rock Score; average ticket price of $16.89
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – 51 Rock Score; average ticket price of $62.76
  • Denver, Colorado – 44 Rock Score; average ticket price of $33.24
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 38 Rock Score; average ticket price of $17.66
  • The Twin Cities (St. Paul and Minneapolis), Minnesota – 36 Rock Score; average ticket price of $11.36
  • Seattle, Washington – 35 Rock Score; average ticket price of $11.75
  • Portland, Oregon – 35 Rock Score; average ticket price of $10.33
  • Nashville, Tennessee – 34 Rock Score; average ticket price of $20.13

The full list and charts of Top 10 cities in the U.S. for rock music can be found here. (URL:

To compute the Rock Score, Songkick analyzed its database of more than 1.8 million concerts for rock artists’ 2010 tour dates, where rock includes alternative, indie, punk, classic rock, metal, emo, and rock. Songkick analyzed which cities have the most rock concerts per capita, giving the top city, Austin, a score of 100. All other cities are then ranked against this score—Madison has 78% as many rock concerts per capita as Austin, New Orleans 57%, and so on.

The study also analyzed concert data from 2007-2010 for major touring acts like Ben Harper, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden and also for the long tail of smaller acts that make their living and build a following on the road. The analysis found that the long tail of artists has had the fastest increase in tour dates per year over the past four years, while the most popular acts have had a relatively constant number of tour dates per year. Top data showed:

  • In 2007 the top quartile (major touring acts) had an average of 30 gigs; in 2010 they had an average of 31 gigs
  • In 2007 the bottom quartile (long tail of smaller acts) had an average of 22 gigs; in 2010 they had an average of 38 gigs

Songkick divided artists into quartiles based on their popularity. Songkick used its internal popularity ranking, which is based on the number of users who are tracking the artist and want to see them live.

Songkick found that the band with the most total tour dates from 2007 to 2010: All Time Low, with 508 shows (more than one every three days).

“We believe Austin and Madison rank the highest because they have large collegiate populations with a huge appetite for live music. Austin and Madison both have hundreds of venues that can host many touring rock acts for lower prices,” said Ian Hogarth, Songkick CEO and co-founder. “We think the uptick of smaller, long-tail bands touring in more places than ever before, is a result of a growing awareness of these bands via the Internet.”

Fans can also use Songkick to share information, photos, setlists and reviews with friends across popular social networking sites.

“There’s a huge appetite for live music,” said Mike McGuire, vice president, Media Research of Gartner. “But consumers can’t satisfy that appetite if they don’t know about the shows, which is why connecting touring acts with paying fans is so important. Reliable online concert information is a must-have component for almost any music-related online service, from paid music subscription services to download stores, music news sites and social networks.”

About Songkick
Songkick, the home for live music on the web, is now the second largest live music destination after LiveNation. Recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top 10 Digital Music Startups of 2010 and voted Best Innovation in BT’s 2010 Digital Music Awards, Songkick makes it easy for fans to track concerts for their favorite artists so they never miss them live. Songkick aggregates artist, concert, festival, venue, and ticket information from across 60 countries, so fans can receive personalized alerts for upcoming shows in their town and find the cheapest tickets. Fans can use Songkick to share concerts on other social networks, and add photos, setlists, and reviews after the show. Songkick’s live music information is distributed across a network of partners including YouTube, Vevo, and The Hype Machine through their API.

Songkick is backed by Index Ventures and Y Combinator, as well as angels from the technology and music industries. Please visit for more info.


Media Contact:

For Songkick
June Parina, 415-533-3565

Sodexo Campus Food Waste Tracking Shows Dramatic Reduction in Kitchen Waste Stop Wasting Food Campaign

Stop Wasting Food Campaign Pilot Study Boosts Environment by Chopping Food Waste by Nearly 30%

GAITHERSBURG, Md., November 17, 2010 — Sodexo employees at eight college campuses cut kitchen waste by about one third, simply by tracking and monitoring food waste, according to the preliminary findings from the first eight weeks of a pilot study that is part of the company’s commitment to stop wasting food to curb climate change and improve business practices.

Sodexo is partnering with LeanPath, a technology company providing food waste tracking systems, to conduct the review. The pilot study focuses on kitchen – or pre-consumer – waste, not what customers throw out. The pilot study system features a tracking station where Sodexo employees enter data about what they are throwing out and why. By tracking the reason for throwing away items, Sodexo is able to correct the problem to prevent future food waste. Sodexo employees at those eight sites have dramatically reduced overproduction, spoilage, expiration and trimmings by participating in the pilot study.

“Our people have been vigilant about preventing food waste at these sites demonstrating they are extremely good stewards of the environment,” said Tom Post, president of education – campus, at Sodexo. “The pilot results show it’s possible to send less waste to landfills and to reduce costs without compromising the quality or variety of the food we serve.”

LeanPath estimates that 4 to 10 percent of the food that is purchased ends up in kitchen waste. Each participating site in the Sodexo pilot also has a Stop Waste Action Team (SWAT) composed of employees. This group reviews the waste tracking data, sets specific goals for improvement, and tests waste prevention ideas. The most effective ideas become permanent.

In September Sodexo launched “Stop Wasting Food,” a campaign to engage its customers and employees in reducing food waste to curb climate change. To learn more, visit

Americans trash 25 percent of all the food they prepare each year, leading to 31 million tons of wasted food piling up in landfills annually. Food waste in landfills produces methane gas, which is at least 21 times more potent than carbon. Methane breaks down the ozone layer and leads to climate change.

Sodexo pilot study results come from a program initiated in early September at eight college campuses across the country to analyze and measure kitchen waste in an effort to better manage it. Colleges participating in the waste-reduction pilot program include Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, California State University of Monterey Bay in Seaside, Calif., Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pa., Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore., Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Pomona College in Claremont, Calif., University of California at Davis, Calif.,  and University of Wisconsin in River Falls, Wis.
This campaign demonstrates Sodexo’s commitment to work together with clients, suppliers and customers to take measurable sustainable actions today in the areas of environment, health and wellness and community that ensures a better tomorrow. Read more about Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Plan.
About Sodexo

Sodexo in North America
Sodexo, Inc. (, leading Quality of Daily Life Solutions company in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, delivers On Site Service Solutions in Corporate, Education, Health Care, Government, and Remote Site segments, as well as Motivation Solutions such as Esteem Pass. Sodexo, Inc., headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md., funds all administrative costs for the Sodexo Foundation (, an independent charitable organization that, since its founding in 1999, has made more than $13 million in grants to fight hunger in America. Visit the corporate blog at

Sodexo, world leader in Quality of Daily Life Solutions
Quality of Life plays an important role in the progress of individuals and the performance of organizations.  Based on this conviction, Sodexo is the strategic partner for companies and institutions that place a premium on performance and well-being, as it has since Pierre Bellon founded the company in 1966. Sharing the same passion for service, Sodexo’s 380,000 employees, in 80 countries design, manage and deliver an unrivaled range of On-site Service Solutions and Motivation Solutions. Sodexo has created a new form of service business that contributes to the economic, social and environmental development of the communities, regions and countries in which it operates and to the fulfillment of its employees.

Key Figures (as of August 31, 2009)

Sodexo in the World

14.7 billion euro consolidated revenue
380,000 employees
33,900 sites
50 million consumers served daily
80 countries
22nd largest employer worldwide

Sodexo in North America

7.7 billion dollars revenue
120,000 employees
10 million consumers served daily
6,000 clients
700 facilities management sites

Monica Zimmer
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Kno Announces Pricing and Pre-Order Availability for Tablet Textbook; Pays for Itself in 3 Semesters


Delivers Significant Student Impact for Less than 1% the Cost of a 4-Year College Education

SANTA CLARA, Calif.  – November 9, 2010 – Kno, Inc., a powerful, groundbreaking tablet textbook designed specifically for students and the education market, today revealed the price of its 14.1 inch single and dual-screen tablets at $599 and $899, respectively. The company also announced that it is now accepting a limited number of pre-orders for an initial shipment that is expected to be on customers’ doorsteps by the end of the year.

“Kno’s extraordinary benefits represent only a tiny fraction of the overall cost of college, but its impact on the student’s career – and the energy it adds to the experience, the thrill of learning, and the ultimate grade – is dramatic,” said Osman Rashid, Co-Founder and CEO of Kno, Inc. “Even better, when you do the math, it actually pays for itself and still saves $1,300 in digital textbook costs.”

Kno has been beta-testing the product with students and the response has been overwhelmingly positive for both the single and dual screen devices. Far more than just a digital textbook, Kno is creating a powerfully effective new learning environment that will make students at all levels more successful at processing, grasping and retaining both facts and concepts.

“My experience with Kno has been really incredible. My books have become more interactive and the ability to hand-write electronic notes on the book pages themselves has changed how I retain information,” said Melissa Lin, a sophomore majoring in Biology at UC Berkeley that has been beta-testing the Kno tablet. “I see a ton of difference with the Kno. I can carry everything with me including my books, my notebooks and a browser for research. And, with the lower cost of digital textbooks, it will pay for itself in three semesters which is really great.”

Digital textbooks, which typically cost between 30 and 50 percent less than physical textbooks, will be priced separately and will be sold through the Kno bookstore, which will be accessible on every Kno device. Starting today, students will be able to browse Kno’s bookstore at, which will include tens of thousands of the most popular textbooks and supplement materials. Kno has previously announced that it is working with major textbook publishers including Cengage, McGraw Hill and Pearson. The company recently added publishers including Macmillan, Bedford, Freeman & Worth and Holtzbrinck as well as BarCharts Publishing, Kaplan, Random House and a large number of the University Presses.

“According to the not-for-profit College Board’s 2010 report, the average college student spends approximately $1,100 a year on book and supplies, “ said Babur Habib, CTO and Co-Founder of Kno, Inc. “Kno can reduce that cost while bringing education into the 21st Century, providing students with a far superior learning experience than they have today.”

To learn more about Kno, please visit the Kno blog at or visit us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

About Kno, Inc.
Kno, Inc. is fundamentally changing the way students learn, by offering new ways to digitally consume, organize, create and share knowledge. Kno is a transformative tablet textbook that artfully blends the intuitive experience of the conventional textbook with a rich digital world of video, note taking, collaboration and more. Its open platform encourages publishers and developers to create and distribute innovative education applications and content. Osman Rashid, the co-founder of Chegg, and Babur Habib, a consumer electronics veteran, founded Kno, Inc. in May 2009. Kno has a world-class management team from Apple, Cisco, HP, Intel, TiVo, Chegg and Palm. The company has received funding from Andreessen Horowitz, First Round Capital, Floodgate, Ron Conway, Silicon Valley Bank and TriplePoint Capital and is based in Santa Clara, California. For more information go to

Press Contacts:

Jennifer Stephens Acree

JSA Strategies

Kathryn Kelly


The Procter & Gamble Company
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Always® Launches “Always Me,” a Customized Period and Ovulation Mobile App with Timely Support and Advice

CINCINNATI, OH, (November 9, 2010) – Be it her first day in college, her first day on the job or her first day as a mom, a woman will inevitably have questions about her feminine health.  She’ll want to have personalized, instant information at her fingertips. With an increasing number of women 18 or older seeking health-related information from their mobile phones, Always®, the leader in feminine protection, has created the Always Me™ application – a comprehensive tool to help make life easier for today’s plugged-in women.

Now available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store, Always Me is a comprehensive on-the-go, customizable period and ovulation tracker that helps women to manage their cycles, offering timely support and advice. The Always Me application was designed with input from a select group of women-focused Web site editors, bloggers and OB/GYNs.

One of the unique features of Always Me is a personalized question and answer function to address private and intimate female-focused questions.  Users can type in a question related to their menstrual cycle, and a health professional will provide a timely answer within 24 hours.

Always Me users have access to other great features, including:

  • Comprehensive, interactive tracker and calendar to help manage a woman’s period/cycle
  • Personalized, expert Q&A function for users to submit private, personal questions
  • “Shop Always” button for discreet, immediate and direct online purchase of Always feminine hygiene products from one’s mobile device as well as a store locator
  • Reminder notifications for anticipated arrival of period or ovulation
  • Tips on topics ranging from how to better manage one’s cycle, health matters, exercise, etc.
  • Compatible with the iTouchTM, iPadTM and iPhoneTM

“Always Me is an application created for women, by women.  It allows access to information and experts regarding subjects that aren’t often talked about,” said Courtney Schuster, Always Global Brand Manager. “In an age where our phones connect us to our family, friends and on-demand content, this helps women stay connected with their bodies in a current, customizable way.”

Looking ahead, P&G has plans to expand the mobile application to include a wide range of useful information and tips for various aspects of a woman’s life, including skin, hair and beauty care – areas that can be affected during a women’s monthly cycle.  Always Me will continue to evolve as a resource for women, and consumer ratings and feedback will influence upgraded versions.

About Always Me
The Always Me mobile application is an on-the-go, customizable period and ovulation tracker that helps women to manage their cycles and offers timely support and advice. It is available for free download in the Apple iTunes Store and compatible with the iTouchTM, iPadTM and iPhoneTM.

About Always
Always®, the world’s leader in feminine protection, offers a wide range of feminine pads, wipes and pantiliners designed to fit different body types, period flows and preferences.  The Always line of feminine products includes Always Infinity™, Always Ultra Thins, Always Maxis, Always Pantiliners and Always Feminine Wipes.  Please visit for more information.

About P&G (NYSE: PG)
Four billion times a day, P&G brands touch the lives of people around the world. The company has one of the strongest portfolios of trusted, quality, leadership brands, including Pampers®, Tide®, Ariel®, Always®, Whisper®, Pantene®, Mach3®, Bounty®, Dawn®, Gain®, Pringles®, Charmin®, Downy®, Lenor®, Iams®, Crest®, Oral-B®, Duracell®, Olay®, Head & Shoulders®, Wella®, Gillette®, Braun® and Fusion®.

The P&G community includes approximately 127,000 employees working in about 80 countries worldwide. Please visit or the latest news and in-depth information about P&G and its brands.
Jessica Hersh
MSL New York
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Velvet Gogol Bennett
Procter & Gamble, External Relations
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Fastweb Honors National Scholarship Month with Unusual Scholarships

Laser Tattoo Removal, Beekeeping and Cheese scholarships available to prospective students looking for monetary help

MAYNARD, Mass., Nov. 8, 2010 – In honor of National Scholarship Month in November, Fastweb, owned by Monster Worldwide, Inc., parent company of®, the leading job matching engine (NYSE: MWW), is highlighting examples of unusual scholarships for those looking to pursue careers in industries such as laser tattoo removal and beekeeping. National Scholarship Month is devoted to raising awareness of the need for scholarship support for postsecondary education. Fastweb is supporting this cause by bringing attention to the various forms of monetary help available for students looking to pursue a higher education.

“October into November marks the start of the scholarship application season,” said Mark Kantrowitz, publisher of Fastweb and nationally recognized expert on student financial aid. “People tend to think of the more traditional scholarships but it is important to remember that help is available, no matter where your passion lies. Whether you’re looking to further your education in finance or beekeeping, resources are available.”

Some of the current unusual scholarships that span a variety of industries include:

  • Laser Tattoo Removal Scholarship. The “New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Scholarship” is available to students enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university in Spring 2011. You must be a U.S. resident, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be majoring in a field that has advanced the field of laser tattoo removal whether through research and development or clinical practice to qualify for this award. An essay of 300 to 500 words must also be submitted by November 30, 2010. Additional information can be found at:
  • Top Turkey Scholarship Contest. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the Top Turkey Scholarship Contest is available to students planning to attend the Culinary Institute of America. You must be graduating high school by June 30, 2011 and enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America no later than December 2011 to be eligible for this award. To enter, you must submit an entry describing how you get creative with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving. For additional information, check out:
  • Cheese Scholarship. Say cheese—the “North Central Cheese Industry Scholarship” is available to students with a major or minor in food science at the University of Wisconsin at River Falls. You must have a demonstrated interest in dairy and cheese technology, have completed at least 45 credits and have a minimum 3.0 GPA to be considered for this award. Look for more information at:
  • Beekeeping Contest. A stinger of a scholarship and available to all fields of study, the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees “4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest” is open to current 4-H members. To be considered, you must submit an essay of between 750 and 1000 words on the following topic: “U.S. Honey: A Taste for Every Preference.” The essay deadline is March 1, 2011 and you can check out more information at:
  • Vacuum Technology Scholarship. The “Society of Vacuum Coaters Foundation Scholarship” is available to undergraduate and graduate students who are pursuing a course of study related to vacuum coating technology. Practitioners already working in the vacuum coating technology field are also eligible to apply. The deadline to apply is January 31, 2011 and more information can be found at:

Fastweb currently has more than 1.5 million scholarships listed on its website catering to a variety of talents and interests.

Since its launch in 1995, Fastweb has benefitted more than 50 million users looking for a way to pay for college*. Free for all students, Fastweb offers personalized scholarship matches, internship and entry-level job opportunities, and financial aid advice at one convenient, online location. Launched as the first free scholarship matching site, Fastweb has grown from servicing 270 students on its site to assisting over 50 million members with expert financial aid advice.

About Monster Worldwide
Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE: MWW), parent company of Monster, the premier global online employment solution for more than a decade, strives to inspire people to improve their lives. With a local presence in key markets in North America, Europe, and Asia, Monster works for everyone by connecting employers with quality job seekers at all levels and by providing personalized career advice to consumers globally. Through online media sites and services, Monster delivers vast, highly targeted audiences to advertisers. Monster Worldwide is a member of the S&P 500 index. To learn more about Monster’s industry-leading products and services, visit More information about Monster Worldwide is available at

About Fastweb
Fastweb is the nation’s recognized leader in helping students pay for school, by providing scholarship and financial aid information, as well as information about jobs and internships. More than 50 million* members have benefited from Fastweb’s information and services. Fastweb lets students create a personalized profile that can be matched against its expansive databases of colleges and scholarships. As the oldest and most popular free online scholarship matching service, the database has more than 1.5 million scholarships totaling over $3.4 billion. (*9 million are active users of the site.) For more information, visit

*9 million are active users of the site

CALL FOR ENTRIES: Online Protein Folding Competition for Cash Prizes


2010 Foldit Protein Folding Challenge Looking for Global College Teams

WHAT: Students have the opportunity to compete with some of today’s best minds at top-ranking universities across the globe, hoping to be the first team to fold a real protein over-expressed in pancreatic cancer to its optimal structure.

Student teams will compete using Foldit – a gaming software developed by the University of Washington and recently featured in the New York Times and Nature magazine – to harness human 3D perception and puzzle-solving skills to help find cures for diseases through better protein structure prediction and design.

The winning students will receive a monetary prize with the intention of advancing education.

WHY: Protein folding – the act of identifying genetic codes – is an important next step in research.  Knowing the structure of a protein is key to understanding how it works and to targeting it with drugs, potentially unlocking cures for diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

Foldit is a revolutionary online game that enables participants to contribute to important scientific research.  It challenges people to apply puzzle-solving intuition, which can actually help teach computers how to solve proteins faster.

WHO: Hosted by the University of Washington and sponsored by MedImmune.

DEADLINE: Deadline for entries is Thursday, November 4th

HOW: For student registration, or for more information including official contest rules, email by November 4 with your team name and names/email addresses of all team members (up to four people).

The competition runs from November 5, 9:00 AM Pacific Time, through 11:59 PM Pacific Time on November 18.

The contest is open to all currently enrolled university students, regardless of prior protein folding experience.  Because the 2010 University Protein Folding Challenge contest includes cash prizes, official rules must be developed in accordance with laws in each country from where contestants are participating. As a result, we are only able to open the contest to students in the US and UK.

WHERE: For more information, visit, and for our official rules, check out

CONTACT: For media inquiries, please contact Laura Mills at or (212) 880-5305.
# # #

Gold Promise Announces the Mr. T Video Contest

Grand Prize: First-class trip to L.A. to appear with Mr. T in the next Gold Promise™ commercial!

To enter, create and submit a short video telling Gold Promise what Mr. T should try next with the money he receives for selling his gold to Gold Promise

FORT WORTH, Texas and CHICAGO – October 29, 2010 – Gold Promise™, a mail-in gold and jewelry buying business, is hosting a video contest where the winner will have the chance to appear in the company’s next TV commercial alongside Mr. T. To enter, create a short video telling Mr. T what you think he should do with the money he made selling his gold to Gold Promise. The grand prize winner of the contest will receive a first-class trip to L.A. where the Gold Promise spot will be filmed. The prize also includes a three-night hotel stay, pocket money and a Gold Promise customized Flip Video® camera*. Nine runners-up will receive a personalized Mr. T autograph keepsake and a Gold Promise customized Flip Video® camera*.

Gold Promise, the newest venture from Cash America International Inc., provides consumers with a safe and easy way to sell their old, broken or unused gold jewelry, diamonds, platinum and fine watches. As part of its launch celebration, the company is currently donating $5 to Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation for every completed transaction it processes until November 19, 2010, and after that, will make a $1 donation to the foundation for each package of gold or jewelry items consumers send to Gold Promise. Gold Promise recently launched a series of television commercials and print advertisements featuring Mr. T, the iconic 1980s actor.

Contest Details

Videos must contain at least one mention of Gold Promise and must not contain third party material. Eligible contestants (age 13 and up) must upload their videos at by November 30, 2010, and are encouraged to use the tools on the website to share their videos with friends and to ask others to vote for their videos. Voting runs through December 31, 2010. The 10 videos with the most votes by December 31, 2010, will be judged by Mr. T and a Gold Promise panel of judges based on their creativity, uniqueness and fit with Gold Promise’s advertising concept (“Mr. T trying something new”). One grand prize winner will be chosen. The grand prize winner and runners-up will be announced on or about February 1, 2011, and the grand prize trip will take place in 2011.

To enter for a chance to win or to vote for videos, and for more information about the contest, including a guidance video, a sample video and Official Rules for full details and prize limitations, please visit

About Gold Promise

Gold Promise™ offers consumers an easy and risk-free way to make money by selling their old, broken or unused gold jewelry, diamonds, platinum and fine watches. Gold Promise is redefining the mail-in gold buying industry and restoring consumers’ trust in selling gold through the mail by offering consumers significantly more value, confidence and choices than competing gold-buying businesses. Gold Promise is operated by a subsidiary of Cash America International, Inc. (NYSE: CSH), one of the largest purchasers and processors of gold jewelry in the United States. For more information about Gold Promise, please visit or call 1-800-2-PROMISE. For additional information regarding Cash America, please visit

*Flip Video® is a registered trademark of Pure Digital technologies LLC; all rights reserved. Flip Video is not a sponsor of, does not endorse, and is not affiliated with this Contest.

MANY WILL ENTER. FEW WILL WIN. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. Contest open only to legal residents of one of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, at least 13 years of age on entry date. Enter from 12:00:01 a.m. EST 10/13/10 until 11:59:59 p.m. EST 11/30/10. Grand Prize Winner must travel from Sponsor-selected airport on Sponsor-selected dates in 2011 or prize will be forfeited. Subject to OFFICIAL RULES; see Total ARV of prizes $6800. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Cash America International, Inc. d/b/a Gold Promise, 200 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL 60606.

Media Contact:
Stephanie Callahan
Porter Novelli for Gold Promise