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● Project Proposals Must be Received by March 15, 2021.
● The competition is open to graduate-level students who are enrolled full-time with a US-based university or college.
● Institution affiliated to the Winning Entry will Receive $10,000 to Further Advance their Efforts.

Jupiter, FLJanuary 26, 2021 –VoLo Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to accelerate change and global impact by supporting science-based climate solutions, has opened the registration period for its VoLo VISTA Award competition. The VISTA Award is VoLo Foundation’s award recognition for graduate students who display exemplary leadership in parallel with the five VISTA principles for climate solutions within the state of Florida. The winning individual or team will receive a $10,000 award, made out to the university or college with whom they are affiliated to further develop the project. All project proposals must be received by March 15th, 2021.  To access the VoLo VISTA Award application, please click HERE or visit

The competition is open to graduate-level students who are enrolled full-time with a U.S.-based university or college. All projects must address a climate solution applicable to the state of Florida. Finalists will be invited to present their ideas at the Virtual Climate CorrectionTM conference, which will take place April 23rd, 2021, where VoLo Foundation’s Founders will determine the project that best drives positive change in Florida climate solutions.

“At VoLo Foundation, we are committed to keeping an open conversation about climate change on all fronts, including the new generations,” said Thais Lopez Vogel, co-founder and trustee of VoLo Foundation. “This award competition seeks to assist young leaders in sharing their voice and climate solutions throughout our community. We invite students who are determined to implement and achieve aggressive improvement in Florida’s climate goals to participate.”

Eligibility for 2021 VoLo VISTA Award

VoLo VISTA Award recognizes students determined to implement and achieve aggressive improvement in Florida’s climate goals. Our award seeks to assist young leaders in sharing their voice and climate solutions throughout the community. Applicants of the VoLo VISTA Award program must complete the application questions and meet the following requirements:

● Applicants must be a graduate student enrolled at a U.S.-based university or college. No student may apply for the award during their final year of study unless current team members will be able to continue the project’s work at the institution for the remainder of the 2021-2022 academic year.
● The project must address a climate solution applicable to the state of Florida. 
● The project must validate an achieved data result. I.e., X amount of GHG reduction is achieved with the implementation of this project at Y location for the period of Z years.
● All project proposals must be received by March 15th, 2021. Finalists will be notified of their acceptance into Climate Correction. NOTE: In order to receive the VoLo VISTA award, finalists must be present during the Virtual Climate Correction Conference. 

The 2019 VoLo VISTA Award winners were Marbelys Garriga, from Florida International University, for her Hybridizing Florida’s Coastline with Mangrove Ecological Infrastructure, and Sarah Swiersz and Mohsina Mahmood, from University of Central Florida, for their project Food Waste Recovery System.

For more information, please follow @VoLoFoundation across FacebookInstagramTwitterLinkedIn, and YouTube, and join the conversation using #VoLoFoundation and #ClimateCorrection.

About Climate CorrectionTM
VoLo Foundation’s Climate Correction is a conference and expo dedicated to sharing and collaborating on climate change solutions. Climate Correction’s mission is to educate the public with data about climate change and to empower individuals to make strides toward a renewable and more sustainable future. Climate Correction brings together leading industry experts, researchers, academic faculties, students and the general public in a common goal of sharing ideas, cutting-edge research and innovation, and solutions to accelerate positive global change. The free event will be held virtually on April 23rd, 2021. For more information visit

About VoLo Foundation
VoLo Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 with a mission to accelerate change and global impact by supporting science-based climate solutions, enhancing education, and improving health. VoLo Foundation believes that developing and sharing knowledge through facts and data accelerates positive global change. Through original research and analysis, and in collaboration with philanthropic and academic partners, VoLo aims to enrich the lives of individuals, strengthen communities, and educate future generations. The organization tracks its progress using a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches, and it supports programs that generate measurable, meaningful, and sustainable results.


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Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World Streaming Today

ERIE, PA (January 25, 2021) – Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World explores the life and work of one of our era’s greatest authors on race, history and economics. The one-hour documentary, hosted by The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Riley, begins streaming on Amazon Prime, YouTube, and today. It will be airing on public television stations nationwide in February.

“You’re about to meet one of the greatest minds of the past half-century,” said Riley. “His story is both fascinating and illuminating.”

Sowell began his life’s journey in rural North Carolina. As a boy, his family migrated to Harlem, NY, where his intellectual hunger and lifelong love of learning was kick-started with an introduction to the Harlem Library and culminated at the esteemed Hoover Institution. Between Harlem and Hoover, Sowell’s intellectual honesty and quest for facts took him into the Marine’s Combat Camera Corps during the Korean War, then onto Harvard, Columbia University and the University of Chicago for his Ph.D. in economics. He has earned positions at top universities as a professor of economics, was a popular syndicated columnist for 30 years, and has written and published 37 books on a variety of subjects.

The program features insights from Sowell, interviews with colleagues, associates and with those he has inspired, revealing why the intensely private Thomas Sowell is considered by many to be “the smartest person in the room.”

Riley’s new biography on Sowell, Maverick: A Biography of Thomas Sowell, will be published May 25.

Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World is a production of Free To Choose® Media. Tom Jennings is the producer. Thomas Skinner and Rob Chatfield are executive producers. Major funding is provided by L.E. Phillips Family Foundation, Robert and Marion Oster, The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc., DKT Liberty Project, The Charles and Ann Johnson Foundation, Chris and Melodie Rufer.

Visit to further explore Thomas Sowell and find television show times, photos, screening opportunities, downloadable discussion guide, posters, social media resources and more.


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Spring Semester Call for Entry Opens for 2020-21 Effie Collegiate Brand Challenge, in Partnership with Bose

Effie Collegiate (U.S.) has announced that Spring Call for Entry is now open for the 2020-21 Effie Collegiate Brand Challenge, presented by Bose. The entry deadline is April 1, 2021.

Modeled after the Effie Awards U.S. competition, the Effie Collegiate program engages tomorrow’s marketers by providing an opportunity to research, ideate, and execute comprehensive marketing plans that address professional-level challenges for established brands.

For the 2020-21 competition, Bose challenges students to develop an integrated holiday campaign to promote the brand’s headphone/earbud innovation, targeted at the Gen Z (18-24) audience.

The Challenge is open to students who are currently enrolled full/part-time at accredited educational institutions, including undergraduate/graduate students, and those enrolled in portfolio programs and online courses. Entries may be submitted by teams of two to four individuals. Fall 2020 entrants may participate in the Spring semester with new team members, though may not submit any previously entered work.

Entries will be reviewed by a jury of industry professionals with diverse experience across client, agency, and media companies, and entrants will receive written feedback from the jury on their work. Selected finalists will have the opportunity to present their work to senior members of the Bose brand team. Bose will award monetary prizes to the teams named First-Place ($3,000) and Runner-Up ($2,000).

Following registration for the competition, participating professors whose students will be entering the competition will receive complimentary access to a selection of Effie Award-winning case studies from the Effie Case database, and to the Effie Collegiate Curriculum, a supplementary resource that professors can utilize to guide students through applying Effie’s Framework for Marketing Effectiveness to their projects.

Visit the Effie Collegiate website for more information, including how to register for the competition and access entry materials.

Please note: We have made modifications to this year’s program to ensure the competition can be facilitated and completed virtually.

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