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SPARTANBURG, S.C., September 26, 2023 — Denny’s (NASDAQ: DENN), America’s Diner, where top companies and blockbuster movies are hatched over sizzling ‘Grand Slam’ breakfasts and endless cups of coffee, is on a mission to fund the next BIG idea. Today, the iconic brand announced the launch of the Denny’s Trillion-Dollar Incubator Contest, offering innovators nationwide $25,000 in seed money to help make their dreams come true. Whether the idea is connected to music, entertainment, technology, science, or fashion, Denny’s wants to be the launchpad for the next trillion-dollar concept. The catch? The idea must originate in a Denny’s booth.

From now through November 21 at 8:59 AM ET, all entrepreneurs and creative thinkers are invited to submit their idea and a high-quality photo capturing their Denny’s visit where the concept was born at Following the entry period, 10 semi-finalists will be selected for a nationwide vote. The five semi-finalists with the most votes will be eligible to present their idea to a panel of judges, who will evaluate the idea based on the essential elements of creativity, innovation, originality, and the visual quality of your Denny’s booth snapshot.

While only one entry will be crowned the ‘Grand’ winner, taking home $25,000 to fund their concept, both semi-finalists and finalists in the Trillion-Dollar Incubator Contest will be rewarded with Denny’s gift cards valued at $100 and $500, respectively. The Grand Prize winner will be announced in early 2024.

“At Denny’s, we love to feed people: bodies, minds, and souls, while inspiring conversation and creativity. For the past 70 years, our booths have incubated global technology companies, award-winning films, and bestselling literary works over breakfast favorites and late-night cravings,” said Kelli Valade, Denny’s Chief Executive Officer. “With this competition, we hope to inspire the next generation of up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and designers, helping them realize their own unique paths to success. We’ve seen it happen before, and we want to create opportunities for others to transform their dreams into tangible realities.”

For contest rules and regulations, please visit For more information about Denny’s, please visit


About Denny’s Corp
Denny’s is a Spartanburg, S.C. based family dining restaurant celebrating its 70th anniversary year and founding purpose: We love to feed people. That purpose has led us to become a restaurant brand that guests worldwide rely on for delicious value and craveable contemporary meals across breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. Every day, we welcome guests to dine whenever and however they prefer, whether it’s at our brick-and-mortar locations, via Denny’s on Demand – the first delivery platform in the family dining segment, or at The Meltdown and The Burger Den, our two virtual restaurants. Our longstanding commitment to supporting our local communities is brought to life with our Mobile Relief Diner that delivers hot meals to our neighbors during times of disaster.

Denny’s is one of the largest franchised full-service restaurant brands in the world, based on number of restaurants. As of March 29, 2023, Denny’s had 1,594 franchised, licensed and company restaurants, which includes 161 restaurants in Canada, Costa Rica, Curacao, El Salvador, Guam, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

To learn more about Denny’s, please visit our brand website at or the brand’s social channels via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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ADHD Explained in THE MINI ADHD COACH by Artist and Activist Alice Gendron

A visual guide that highlights the diverse types, symptoms, diagnoses, and misconceptions of ADHD

San Francisco, CA (September 26, 2023)—Chronicle Prism, an imprint of Chronicle Books, publishes today The Mini ADHD Coach: Tools and Support to Make Life Easier, a new book that empowers individuals to fully understand and then master symptoms of ADHD, in their own journey and/or in that of a loved one. Through impactful visual representations, author Alice Gendron dedicates her artistry and her considerable platform to address common hurdles of a late onset diagnosis as well as providing a framework for those not diagnosed, but who want to learn more.

“Looking back, my ADHD was obvious all my life,” says Gendron, who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 29. “I was a dreamy student, able to focus for hours on my artwork, but not able to fully pay attention to what my teacher was saying in class…once I got my diagnosis, I was able to stop asking myself, ‘what’s wrong with me?’ every day. I had an answer. And most importantly, I wasn’t alone anymore.”

The Mini ADHD Coach uses Gendron’s original artwork to present and then address how ADHD affects everyday activities, including things like:

Sitting in class
Doing Homework
Misplacing items

And more, offering advice for successfully working through the challenges ADHD introduces into each, making this book an invaluable resource. If you find that deadlines are hard to meet, that you consistently flake on plans with friends, and that others often misunderstand your behavior, the techniques in The Mini ADHD Coach could be life changing.

“Gendron has a knack for channeling her personal experience through sweet, relatable doodles that make readers feel less alone and create the space to have open conversations with the people in your life about ADHD,” says Chronicle Prism Editorial Director Cara Bedick. “That same gentle manner extends to the advice she offers in the form of sixteen hacks to try and see what works for your life.”

The Mini ADHD Coach is available now, everywhere you normally purchase books. For more ways to connect, please visit Alice Gendron on Instagram, @the_mini_adhd_coach.

Alice Gendron is an artist and freelance writer. Her diagnosis of ADHD at the age of 29 changed her life and inspired her to help others. She started and runs The Mini ADHD Coach, an online and social platform and community, offering tips, advice, and a place to connect for over half a million followers, empowering those with ADHD (and those who love them) to thrive.

Chronicle Prism was founded in 2018 to expand the range of content that Chronicle Books publishes. A Chronicle Prism book challenges perspective, nurtures understanding, and deepens the conversation and practice of our lives. Our select list of nonfiction is rooted in (but not limited to) the categories of health and wellness, self-help, creative business, science, spirituality, and social change.

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Associate Director of Publicity, Chronicle ‖ 510-504-0431

A Fresh Start: First-Year Students Can Protect Their Mental Health This Back-to-School Season

This story is sponsored by The Jed Foundation (JED) and is dedicated to promoting mental health support for teens and young adults on college campuses nationwide.

For many first-year students, the start of college can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. Life transitions are so much easier and enjoyable with the right support. The Jed Foundation (JED), a leading national nonprofit that protects emotional health and prevents suicide for teens and young adults, helps students manage their emotional health, cope with challenges, and support the people in their lives.

JED’s Set to Go program offers easy-to-use resources and guides that meet students where they are so they can manage the transition to college with less stress and more confidence. Set to Go provides  in-depth information covering important topics such as managing homesickness, getting to know campus services, asking for help, staying safe on campus, adjusting to college life as a first-generation student or student veteran, taking care of mental health in college, and much more.

“It’s important for not only first-year students, but all college students, to understand that they are not alone during this big transition. There are all kinds of support available, including mental health services,” says Dr. Laura Erickson-Schroth, JED’s Chief Medical Officer. “College is a great time to learn the skills of advocating for yourself and putting in place the things you need to feel comfortable and be successful.”

As part of a nationwide original research study conducted by JED to investigate the expectations and experiences faced by teens and young adults as they transition from high school to college, 830 participants ranging in age from 16 to 24 were asked for their perspectives on the types of support they want and the systems that have been most helpful to them[1].

The study’s findings helped to inform and guide JED’s Set to Go programming and included the following tips.

Create a Support Network

As a first-year student, you may experience at least some awkwardness building a new social life when starting school. JED’s research finds that nearly half of current or former college students report feeling out of place or isolated while in college. There’s nothing weird or wrong about feeling unsettled or lonely in the first few weeks or months at school. It’s actually normal. The good news is that going off to college doesn’t mean losing your network, but rather it gives you the opportunity to strengthen existing connections and build a larger, more robust support system.

• Take time to build relationships with classmates, roommates, and professors. Building a community will help you feel a sense of belonging and support. CDC data shows that students who feel more connected to people at their school have better mental health. While fostering connections and building new friendships, make a mental note of people who make you feel safe, heard, and seen. Knowing who you feel comfortable talking to—and being yourself around—will ensure that you have someone to lean on when times are tough. Here are some quick tips for creating connections in college:

How to Feel More Connected On Campus
How to Make Friends in College
Finding Your Latiné Community in College

• Utilize campus support. Most schools offer a variety of academic, social, and emotional resources and support. These offices and staff members are there for a reason: to help you make the most of college. Use them. Check out these guides to find on-campus support.

The Importance of Asking for Help in College
College Campus Services Explained

Prioritize Self-Care

A majority of current or former college students cite maintaining a healthy routine as a challenge. Prepare for it by dedicating time to activities that recharge your mind and body, such as regular exercise, meditation, hobbies, or spending time in nature. Check out these guides:

Self-Care for College Students
Staying Active on Campus
Your Guide to Actually Getting Good Sleep in College

Reach Out

If you experience struggles during your freshman year, you are not alone: 14% of students reported suicidal ideation this year, 6% planned a suicide, and 2% attempted suicide.

• Lean on your friends, family, and faculty. It’s never too early to start conversations about mental health. Here are some tips for having the conversation:

How to Tell Your Parents or Caregivers You’re Struggling
How to Tell Someone, “I’m Depressed,” and Ask for Help
How to Tell Someone You’re Thinking About Suicide

• Get professional support. Don’t hesitate to connect with a mental health care provider if you’re struggling. It’s a sign of strength to reach out for help when you need it, and trained professionals are there to support you. Here are ways to find that support in college:

Finding Mental Health Help as a College Student
Getting Health Care and Mental Health Care on College Campuses

Set to Go also provides resources for families and educators to help them assist you while also caring for themselves during this pivotal transition.

# # #

This is intended as a resource only and not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health-care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional distress or a mental health, suicide, or substance-use crisis, reach out 24/7 to the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline (formerly known as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline) by dialing or texting 988 or using chat services at to connect to a trained crisis counselor.

For more information on The Jed Foundation or its Mental Health Resource Center, please visit

Media Contact
Justin Barbo
Director of Public Relations
The Jed Foundation

[1] This sample was representative of the U.S. population of 16- to 24-year-olds, with respect to race/ethnicity and geographic region. Participants were a mix of current high school students, current and former college students, and high school graduates who did not attend college.

Student Wealth Ed: A New Frontier

*San Francisco, CA -* Financial education for students can take a game-changing turn with the introduction of Terrance Amen’s groundbreaking book, ‘FBC: Family Business Circle – Creating Generational Wealth, Using the Money You’re Already Spending.’ This revolutionary plan has the potential to reshape the financial destinies of students and their families, offering straightforward yet innovative strategies to cultivate generational wealth through everyday expenses. In an era where financial literacy is often lacking, Amen’s vision extends beyond personal success. He envisions a collective effort to channel funds back into families and communities, with the core knowledge accessible through his free e-book, for a limited time.

Amen’s newly established company, Family Business Circle LLC, is on a mission to empower students, families, churches, and other member organizations to retain more of their existing spending. As Amen eloquently puts it, while students, families, and churches can embark on this journey independently, why not amplify their impact by recapturing funds they spend outside their immediate circles? The company doesn’t just promote financial independence; it encourages ownership for students and their families to take control of their financial futures. Moreover, it offers commissions on everyday products and services.

Amen asserts that achieving financial prosperity doesn’t require complex strategies; it follows a model that successful corporations have employed for centuries. “FBC: Family Business Circle” challenges conventional notions of personal finance, offering a fresh perspective. By harnessing the potential of daily spending, transforming liabilities into assets, and charting a path to enduring wealth, this book brings about a profound shift in financial thinking.

Terrance Amen emphasizes that this book is not just a guide; it’s a catalyst for individual transformation that positively impacts students and their families, churches, and organizations. “The untapped potential lies within your monthly expenses,” Amen explains. “FBC: Family Business Circle” reveals how you can convert your spending into generational wealth. It’s a powerful tool for empowerment, enabling students, families, and organizations to build a legacy of prosperity.

What makes “FBC: Family Business Circle” unique is its universal relevance. The principles it outlines are equally applicable to students and families striving for financial security, as well as nonprofit organizations working to strengthen their missions. The book’s guidance empowers readers to turn their monthly expenditures into a dynamic wealth-building engine.

For a limited time, students and readers alike can access a free e-book of “FBC: Family Business Circle” by clicking on this Amazon link. Amen encourages them to share the link with family, friends, fellow students, and to leave their ratings and reviews after reading. For more information and to support the company, please visit

*About the Author:*
Terrance Amen is a visionary author and entrepreneur on a mission to guide individuals, families, churches, and other organizations toward financial independence. Through his innovative approach presented in “FBC: Family Business Circle,” he aims to empower readers to rewrite their financial narratives and establish generational wealth.

*For press inquiries, please contact:*
Terrance Amen
Phone: 415-767-8599

Business and Finance Rank as the Most Valuable Degrees this Back-to-School Season, According to CFA Institute Survey

New York, US, Sept. 18 – When it comes to choosing a college major, a study from CFA Institute, the global association of investment professionals, found that students believe that business and finance degrees offer the best career prospects, according to nearly 10,000 current students and recent graduates, aged 18-25. The 2023 Global Graduate Outlook Survey gleans insights from recent graduates to inform current students as they head back to campus for the 2023-24 academic year.

As today’s students start planning for their careers, it is important to carefully select a major that best aligns with their passions and sets them up for long-term success. The research found that finance and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects were the career fields that graduates consider the most stable. Aligning with that preference, business and finance were also seen as the most valuable degrees, followed by engineering, technology and medicine.

“Despite the uncertainty created by the pandemic, students and recent graduates across the world feel positive about their career prospects, most notably in finance, which now enjoys the confidence of more graduates than any other profession,” said Margaret Franklin, CFA, President and CEO, CFA Institute.

In addition to wanting to pursue majors that support their post-graduate goals, respondents said they possess a determination to make a positive societal and environmental contribution through their careers. More than three-fourths of American graduates (87%) say it’s important that they make a positive societal and environmental contribution.

Regardless of the degree or career path chosen, the value of pursuing a degree remains paramount to recent graduates. Roughly three-quarters of graduates say pursuing a degree was worth it (77%) and that their career prospects have improved by undertaking a degree (74%). As students get back in the swing of studying this academic year, they can feel empowered by the value of their degree to their future success and career opportunities.

In addition, as current students begin to weigh different career options, there is no better time to learn about the possibilities of finance careers. Within the financial system, there are numerous opportunities to pursue diverse career paths that can both make positive social changes and provide career success for years to come. To learn more about careers in finance, students can visit:

Notes to Editors:

The Global Graduate Outlook Survey was conducted as an online survey, fielded by Dynata from April 12-24, 2023 among a sample of 9,437 respondents studying for a bachelor’s degree or higher, or who have graduated with a bachelor’s or higher within the last three years, aged 18-25. Respondents were from the UK, US, Canada, India, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR, UAE, Germany, Spain, France, Brazil, and Mexico. The full results of the 2023 Global Graduate Outlook Survey can be viewed here. The full results for the 2021 Global Graduate Outlook Survey can be found here.  For further information, please contact

About CFA Institute

CFA Institute is the global association of investment professionals that sets the standard for professional excellence and credentials. The organization is a champion of ethical behavior in investment markets and a respected source of knowledge in the global financial community. Our aim is to create an environment where investors’ interests come first, markets function at their best, and economies grow. There are more than 190,000 CFA charterholders worldwide in more than 160 markets. CFA Institute has nine offices worldwide and 160 local societies. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter at @CFAInstitute.

About Dynata

Dynata is the world’s largest first-party data company for insights, activation and measurement. With a reach that encompasses nearly 70 million consumers and business professionals globally, and an extensive library of individual profile attributes collected through surveys, Dynata is the cornerstone for precise, trustworthy quality data. The company has built innovative data services and solutions around its robust first-party data offering to bring the voice of the customer to the entire marketing continuum — from uncovering insights to activating campaigns and measuring cross-channel marketing ROI. Dynata serves more than 6,000 market research, media and advertising agencies, publishers, consulting and investment firms and corporate customers in North America, South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Learn more at


For further information please contact

Quizlet Launches Advanced AI-Powered Tools for Next-Gen Studying

AI powering new study experiences that enhance student learning

San Francisco – September 14, 2023 – Ahead of back-to-school season, global learning platform Quizlet announced a series of new study tools designed to help students return to the classroom with renewed confidence this school year. These new products deliver more AI-powered resources to Quizlet’s 60 million monthly active users, combining cognitive science and artificial intelligence to help students study more effectively and efficiently.

Joining well-known and beloved study tools, including Flashcards and Learn and Test, this back-to-school Quizlet introduced:

● Magic Notes: With Magic Notes, students can upload their class notes to Quizlet and instantly and automatically turn them into flashcards, practice tests, and more. Whether notes are hand-written or digital, this AI-powered solution gets users ready to study in mere seconds, saving valuable time that was previously used manually building studying tools, and helping students extend their knowledge with outlines, sample essay topics and related course materials.
● Memory Score: Memory Score lets students track their personal memory scores based on their study habits and help them understand how likely they are to remember material at different intervals and when test day comes.
● Quick Summary: Quick Summary pulls key concepts out of dense readings, providing summaries that help students digest material faster and at the right level to match their current understanding.
● Brain Beats: With Brain Beats, students can automatically turn their flashcards into a song to enhance studying, using a tune to aid in memorization.
● Q-Chat: Q-Chat launched in beta in March as the first personalized AI tutor built on OpenAI’s ChatGPT API and has since powered millions of conversations with students on Quizlet. Now officially out of beta, Q-Chat is a part of the core Quizlet experience and with additional activities including Teach Me, Quiz Me, Apply my Knowledge, and Practice with Sentences. Q-Chat is built to help students achieve a deeper understanding of the topics they are studying through a virtual tutor-like experience.
● AI Enhanced Expert Solutions: Millions of step-by-step explanations written by verified experts on Quizlet are now enhanced by advanced AI capabilities. On top of the trusted step-by-step guidance this feature is known for, students can now access alternate explanations to better understand tricky concepts, practice problems to test their knowledge, and use Q-Chat for personalized AI-powered tutoring all built within the experience.

“Quizlet has invested in AI since we debuted Learn Mode in 2017 and we’ve seen first-hand just how beneficial AI is to help students learn,” said Quizlet CEO Lex Bayer. “This back-to-school season, we launched products that use generative AI to go a step beyond anything students have seen before and to do what we do best: help students practice and master whatever they are learning.”

All Quizlet users in the US who are 16 years and older can access these new features, with Quizlet Plus users gaining unlimited access.

About Quizlet
Quizlet is a global learning platform that provides engaging AI-enhanced study tools to help people practice and master whatever they are learning — including 2 in 3 high school students and 1 in 2 college students in the US. Every month, over 60 million students, teachers, and everyday people use Quizlet to study any subject imaginable for school, work, or as part of their personal interests. Combining cognitive science and artificial intelligence, Quizlet guides students through adaptive study activities to confidently reach their learning goals. Quizlet is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and is backed by General Atlantic, Union Square Ventures, Altos Ventures, Icon Ventures, Owl Ventures, and Costanoa Ventures. For more information, please visit

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Insomnia Cookies Invites College Students to Its First Ever Global PJ Party

Insomniacs rockin’ their favorite PJs have the chance to win free cookies for a year

September 13, 2023Insomnia Cookies, the beloved cult brand known for serving warm, delicious cookies all day and late into the night, is welcoming students back to college by throwing its first-ever global PJ Party. On Tuesday, September 19, Insomniacs living near each of Insomina’s 245+ bakeries globally, including the brand’s newest locations in Canada and the UK, are invited to head over to their local store dressed in their favorite PJs for the annual party.

Insomniacs who show up to the late-night cookie celebration at 9 p.m. local time wearing their PJs will receive 1 FREE classic cookie, no purchase necessary. If one cookie isn’t enough or students are looking for sweet treats to compliment their late-night study sesh, cookie lovers can also purchase $15 12-Packs in-store and online all day and late into the night. The epic event will be baked full of Insomnia’s most delicious deals of the year, with each store offering giveaways, exclusive swag, and other sweet surprises.

To make the night even sweeter, Insomnia will be unveiling a new CAP’N CRUNCH BERRIES®’N Milk Filled Deluxe cookie the night of the party, which will be available for a very limited time only. The exclusive cookie is a brown sugar dough mixed with CAP’N CRUNCH’S CRUNCH BERRIES® cereal, strawberry bits, and filled with a cereal milk buttercream.

While partying late into the night, loyal Insomniacs rockin’ their favorite PJs can tag @insomniacookies on social with #PJP23 for a chance to win FREE cookies for a year. Visit Insomnia’s Instagram page or TikTok on 9/19 for more details and how to enter.

Founded on a university campus, Insomnia is known for serving its signature treats late into the night—with most stores open for pick-up and delivery until 1 a.m. or later—making it the ultimate college hot spot. Whether students are studying late, retiring from a night out, or simply craving something sweet, Insomnia is always there for them with a warm, delicious cookie waiting. Find your closest Insomnia Cookies location here, and check out Insomnia’s global social channels in Canada and the UK to find the latest deal information.

Download Insomnia Cookies images here.

About Insomnia Cookies

Insomnia Cookies is a rapidly expanding late-night bakery concept headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. Founded at the University of Pennsylvania by then-student Seth Berkowitz, Insomnia Cookies has been feeding the insatiable hunger of loyal Insomniacs since 2003. Today, with more than 240 locations nationwide, Insomnia Cookies offers a wide variety of delicious cookies, ice cream, and other sweet treats in-store, for local delivery, and nationwide shipping. Details about Insomnia’s menu, delivery, and nationwide shipping options can be found here (late-night delivery until 1 a.m. or later). To place an order or learn more about Insomnia Cookies, visit Keep up-to-date on the latest cookie news and grand opening deals by following Insomnia Cookies on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

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Lisa Policare

FICO Partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities to Launch Educational Analytics Challenge that Empowers Students to Innovate with AI and Analytics

Bowie State University and Alabama A&M University are in pilot with FICO’s analytics program to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in data science, engineering and technology fields

BOZEMAN, Mont., September 12, 2023


• The FICO® Educational Analytics Challenge program is in pilot with students at Bowie State University and Alabama A&M University.
• The first-ever FICO program presents students with a real-world analytic challenge to identify and mitigate bias in data and decision models using historical housing data.
• Students additionally will learn how AI guardrails and Responsible AI are needed to protect and safely advance analytic practices.

Global analytics firm FICO today announced the launch of its new FICO® Educational Analytics Challenge program created for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The semester-long program features remote mentoring from FICO data scientists and in-person lectures by FICO’s Chief Analytics Officer, Dr. Scott Zoldi. The program is currently in pilot with students at Bowie State University and Alabama A&M University.

The FICO® Educational Analytics Challenge is a program created to help promote diversity, equity and inclusion in data science, engineering and technology fields. FICO has had a long-standing commitment to innovation and views diversity as critical for success.

“We are thrilled to partner with FICO in the classroom to help sharpen our students’ analytics skills and improve access to career opportunities in data science, engineering and technology,” said Dr. Velma Latson, technology and security department professor at Bowie State University. “We pride ourselves on equipping our students to be innovators and future industry leaders. Thank you to FICO for providing an opportunity for students to learn and think critically about how technology and AI impacts critical decisions made by organizations; this will be a valuable tool for our participating students as they enter the workforce.”

“Being a part of the educational analytics program launch is extremely important to us as it provides our students with experience in solving a real-world problem, and encourages diversity, equity, and inclusion in data science,” said John D. Jones, Ph.D., provost and vice president for academic affairs at Alabama A&M University. “We are committed to teaching skills and challenging our students to empower the next generation of innovators and social justice seekers driven to stamp out analytic bias. Our data science network is thankful to be supported by Dr. Scott Zoldi and FICO’s team of mentors.”

The FICO® Educational Analytics Challenge presents students with a real-world analytic problem to solve focused on bias identification and mitigation in housing data and resultant decision models. The pilot program allows students to work in teams to sharpen their analytics skills and provides access to FICO analytics subject matter experts for technical/project support and mentoring opportunities. The project also provides financial support to enhance analytics study for each participating HBCU and create potential career opportunities for students for employment after graduation.

“One of the biggest challenges of building predictive models is identifying and handling inherent biases in the data,” said Dr. Scott Zoldi at FICO. “To help further inclusion by fighting biases in models, we are training and supporting a diverse and talented group of young people to drive the future of AI innovation and propel Responsible AI practices forward. I am pleased to be able to meet with students at their schools to both share ideas at lectures and engage in informal mentoring conversations.”

The pilot program is currently running at Bowie State University and Alabama A&M University for the fall 2023 semester.

About FICO

FICO (NYSE: FICO) powers decisions that help people and businesses around the world prosper. Founded in 1956, the company is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics and data science to improve operational decisions. FICO holds more than 200 US and foreign patents on technologies that increase profitability, customer satisfaction and growth for businesses in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, health care, retail and many other industries. Using FICO solutions, businesses in nearly 120 countries do everything from protecting 2.6 billion payment cards from fraud, to improving financial inclusion, to increasing supply chain resiliency. The FICO® Score, used by 90% of top US lenders, is the standard measure of consumer credit risk in the US and has been made available in over 40 other countries, improving risk management, credit access and transparency.

Learn more at
Join the conversation at &
For FICO news and media resources, visit

FICO is a registered trademark of Fair Isaac Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.


Julie Huang

Head Back to School with a “Retro-Style” Flip Phone from Tracfone

Tracfone Deals Help College Kids Kick It Old School with New Flip Phones

[MIAMI, September 7, 2023] – It’s called ‘the flip phone revolution.’ Celebrities and tastemakers alike are embracing nostalgia and making the switch to a flip phone. And now, Gen Z college students across the nation are making the switch, too. As students are looking for more ways to disconnect and live in the moment – whether for a night out or more permanently – Tracfone is here with the best student deals on flip phones to make the smartphone detox a breeze.

The resurgence of flip phones among college students is driven by a desire for nostalgia and practicality. These iconic devices offer a break from the distractions of constant notifications and the addictive nature of social media, promoting focus and mindfulness – and a way to make memories IRL instead of on the screen.

Check out for great deals on flip phones, and unlimited talk and text plans starting at $15/month with no contracts or extra fees.

About Tracfone Wireless

Tracfone Wireless provides quality no-contract wireless solutions to value-conscious consumers and is available at more than 90,000 retail locations nationwide, as well as at

Tracfone is part of the Verizon Value portfolio of prepaid brands, which includes Straight Talk, Total by Verizon, Visible, Simple Mobile, SafeLink, Walmart Family Mobile, and Verizon Prepaid. Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) is one of the world’s leading providers of technology, communications, information and entertainment products and services.

For more information on Tracfone, visit

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