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One thing that won’t be around in 2030 are musical composers.

Already, computer generated music is opening new avenues for musical composition. Computer generated music is currently creating scores of scores being played by humans and by computer.

The advances are staggering. Sophisticated algorithms can create 50 pages of original music in one nano-second. With the help of a friend, I’ve created an algorithm I call, which uniquely combines Ionian, Mixolydian and Dorian chords and scales, using a random number generator to create octodcillions of pages every second.

The music created by the site ( can be saved to a computer or iPad, printed and edited, copyrighted, played…. Entrepreneurs will present millions of pages to the public at a minimal cost. Festivals of spontaneously written music will flood the stadiums. Bye-Bye Sheet Music Pie.

But the computer generated music algorithms are just the start.

As the May-June article, Pop goes the Algorithm, explored – algorithms are now being used, with success, to grade the music human musicians are creating across a wide spectrum of musical genres. Old scores (the ones created by humans) and new scores (the ones created by computer algorithms) can be stored in musical databases.

By 2030, Grandfather Pop algorithms will use the scoring algorithms on the stored creation algorithms – instantly letting record producers know which computer-generated compositions will be successful and instantly letting musicians know where to focus their ears.

Of course, why stop there? Artificial intelligence is also being used to scan and record musical instruments and human voices so they can be accurately simulated.

There’s a saying that in an infinite amount of time an infinite amount of monkeys typing on an infinite number of computers can turn out the complete works of Shakespeare. By 2030, ( using an infinite number of scoring algorithms interpreted by an infinite number of musical instrument simulations will create the complete works of Beethoven, the full repertoire of American Idol hits and the top ten works of heavy metal, rock, jazz and whatever composition your heart desires.


Douglas Cornish’s computer background is with X-Basic . He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Douglas Cornish has been composing and playing blues and jazz for 50 years. He has been working in the econometric industry for seven years. He and Andrei Beleuta wrote

A sample of his music “Sync Star Cornball Blues” can be heard by playing the MP3 Song here.

Douglas Cornish and Andrei Beleuta created the “megloid transmigration” program, on April 9, 2013.