Sqeeqee Introduces Unique Social Networthing™ Opportunity for College Students

Sqeeqee.com provides an innovative online environment for college students interested in joining the social networthing™ evolution and realizing their true financial potential.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, August 26, 2013 – For college students who are tired of limited funds, limited resources, and limited opportunities to enhance their financial net worth, Sqeeqee.com (pronounced “Squeaky”) offers an easy way to branch out and realize the benefits of ongoing success with skills already possessed by these budding collegiate entrepreneurs. In a world where no location is too distant, new friends are made with online requests rather than old-fashioned handshakes, and cyberspace is the next best thing to home, this new opportunity appearing on the college scene offers the promise of financial freedom as well as a fatter wallet.

What if the time that college students spend online each day could earn them money? Think about the potential and the ease with which it could be done. Students are online anyway, socializing, gaming, bragging, posting photos, tagging, searching for bargains on stuff that it would be nice to have, and occasionally, doing homework. It’s true; the Internet is sometimes useful for completing assignments.

Does this potential to join an all-inclusive online environment that goes beyond the traditional methods of earning money while you are away at school sound intriguing? It should. After all, who doesn’t like to get paid for just sitting around, chilling with friends, and trolling through gaming sites looking to see who is currently playing?

There simply aren’t enough tutoring jobs to go around for everyone, and college students certainly won’t find enough work study positions either. It’s time to do what you’ve wanted to do for so long – take charge of your own life and prove to the world that you can be successful, not only in your grades, but in the realm of finance as well.

While the career development office does well at providing advice on how to get a leg up on your job hunt once your graduation date is in sight, college students need to take charge of the reins on how to access financial funds now. Social networthing™ gives them the opportunity to gain access to any number of opportunities from buying or selling textbooks, sports equipment, bikes, futons, and other unwanted dorm stuff at a reasonable price to gaining insight into crowdfunding opportunities for unique ideas they have on how to make money.

“Life is expensive, not just college. Finding a way to access funds without having to go to mom or dad can be a challenge, but with Sqeeqee.com, it’s a pleasure. After all, college students are already spending hours each week online doing what it is that they enjoy, so why not make it possible for them to earn a few dollars at the same time,” says Jenny Ta, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sqeeqee. She explained further, stating “We want to assist college students in turning their social networking activities into profitable ventures that are simple and yet can increase their level of income.”

“Once students create their free online profile, they are ready to list items to sell. As their buddy list grows, we are prepared to assist them to grow their financial assets through our monetization of online advertising,” notes Ms. Ta. “Already adept at social networking, college students are in a unique position to maximize on the potential offered by a multi-billion dollar industry that other social networking sites capitalize on, leaving their users to discover other ways to profit.”

Now is the time for college students to take the initiative to move toward their goals, build relationships, establish long lasting connections, and reach their networthing™ goals. Sqeeqee.com is free to join, provides weekly giveaways for new registered users, and provides access to financially rewarding experiences. Seven unique monetization features exist, including an eCommerce marketplace, 50% profile ad share, 30% referral ad share, 70% mobile download profit share, 30% mobile ad profit share, 30% media ad share, and 70% game development profit share.


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