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Closetbox Launches Summer College Storage Ambassador Program


Students can now get pickup storage at their dorm and earn money

DENVER, CO – April 4, 2018 – As classes come to an end nationwide, Closetbox ( is introducing a way for college students to earn money while also providing discounts to their fellow students for full-service storage over the summer.

Closetbox is a full-service storage company that offers pickup, storage and on-demand return delivery of students’ belongings with secure storage in local storage facilities. Closetbox is the largest full-service storage company in the world, serving campuses in 88 markets. Closetbox has 206 locations, 3000+ vehicles on the road and 26 million square feet of storage space. In contrast, Closetbox’s largest competitor serves only 7 markets.

Since Closetbox’s first external funding in September 2015, the company has served tens of thousands of customers, seen 16x revenue growth and 90% compounded quarterly revenue growth.

This spring Closetbox is recruiting “College Storage Ambassadors” who want to make some extra money and get fellow students a discount on the best option for student summer storage.

Program Details

To join the ambassador program: Visit sign up and Closetbox will send you a coupon code and unique link. Simply share your link with friends and family via email, text or social media. When they sign up for Closetbox via your link and make a qualifying purchase they get a $50 discount and you earn $25! For the lead to qualify, your friend or family member needs to:

• Click on the unique link you sent them
• Place a qualifying order on
• Have Closetbox complete a storage pick-up

Make money on your own schedule

At the end of each referral bonus period, Closetbox will verify qualifying purchases. Students can expect to receive s referral bonus within 30 days of the end of the bonus period. If you’re interested in joining our referral program visit the college ambassador page ( ) or send Closetbox an email to

Media Contact

Travis Henry
(303) 589-3795

PepsiCo Kicks-Off Annual Student Engineering Challenge

pepsi_color_logo pepsico_content_swe

Encouraging female students and professionals to pursue STEM education and opportunities is more important than ever. To help strengthen interest and participation in STEM fields, PepsiCo and the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) have proudly kicked off their annual PepsiCo/SWE Student Engineering Challenge. Now in its fourth year, this competitive program encourages undergraduates to compete for scholarship prizes and a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend SWE’s annual conference, WE18– the largest professional development and networking conference and career fair for women in engineering, taking place October 18-20.

“Given that women represent only 24 percent of the STEM workforce, and only 14 percent of engineers are women, PepsiCo is particularly committed to expanding and encouraging STEM opportunities among young girls,” said Olga Sellmann, Ph.D, R&D Project Manager, PepsiCo. “Engaging the future generation of female engineers with this annual challenge allows us to explore fresh approaches to improving our operations while engaging rising graduates with real-life engineering practicum.”

Beginning today, participating teams compromised of up to four undergraduate students are invited to research and develop a solution in response one of the following themes: efficient sensing systems, alternatives to PET beverage packaging and the recyclability of industry-standard beverage coolers.

To officially compete, eligible teams must visit the Challenge website and submit their poster proposals online by July 2, 2018. Following thorough review, three finalist teams will be notified and asked to formally present at the WE18 annual conference in Minneapolis. A judging panel of PepsiCo executives and industry leaders will select the grand prize winning team, which will be announced and celebrated on the last day of the conference at the WE18 Celebrate SWE! event.

“PepsiCo is a leader in diversity and inclusion for women in STEM and SWE is thrilled to continue our partnership in 2018,” said Karen Horting, Executive Director & CEO, SWE. “The PepsiCo / SWE Student Engineering Challenge represents an empowering opportunity for SWE’s collegiate engineering students and is the highlight of our conference every year.”

To date, this program has awarded 27 students with cash prizes and a funded trip to the SWE annual conference to present their proposed engineering solutions to a panel of PepsiCo judges. Each year, the SWE annual conference represents the perfect place to gather female students and professionals to network and learn more about STEM opportunities from industry leaders such as PepsiCo. This year, SWE anticipates more than 13,000 attendees on-site at WE18.

For more information about this year’s PepsiCo/SWE Student Engineering Challenge, including submission instructions and deadlines, please visit

About PepsiCo 
PepsiCo products are enjoyed by consumers more than one billion times a day in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. PepsiCo generated more than $63 billion in net revenue in 2017, driven by a complementary food and beverage portfolio that includes Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi-Cola, Quaker and Tropicana. PepsiCo’s product portfolio includes a wide range of enjoyable foods and beverages, including 22 brands that generate more than $1 billion each in estimated annual retail sales.

At the heart of PepsiCo is Performance with Purpose – our fundamental belief that the success of our company is inextricably linked to the sustainability of the world around us. We believe that continuously improving the products we sell, operating responsibly to protect our planet and empowering people around the world enable PepsiCo to run a successful global company that creates long-term value for society and our shareholders. For more information, visit

About SWE
The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), founded in 1950, is the world’s largest advocate and catalyst for change for women in engineering and technology. The not-for-profit educational and service organization is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. To ensure SWE members reach their full potential as engineers and leaders, the Society offers unique opportunities to network, provides professional development, shapes public policy and provides recognition for the life-changing contributions and achievements of women engineers. As a champion of diversity, SWE empowers women to succeed and advance in their personal and professional lives. For more information about the Society, please visit or call 312.596.5223



First-of-its kind subscription disrupts the industry model to increase affordability and access for students

BOSTON —March 29, 2018—Cengage, an education and technology company, today announced the Cengage Unlimited author royalty framework, a structure that allocates royalties based on content used by students.

Cengage Unlimited is the first-of-its-kind subscription that gives students access to all the company’s digital higher education materials—more than 22,000 products across 70 disciplines and more than 675 courses—for $119.99 a semester, no matter how many Cengage materials they use. Students using the digital platforms also have the option of free print rentals, paying only a $7.99 shipping fee.

“Our industry must change and be contributors to lowering the cost of higher learning.  With the introduction of Cengage Unlimited, we are breaking with tradition to offer students complete access to quality learning materials at an affordable price point,” said Michael Hansen, CEO, Cengage. “Today’s announcement marks an important milestone on our journey and we look forward to working with our authors to reach more students.”

“Our authors are incredible partners and we appreciate their willingness to work with us to change our business model to one that truly puts students first,” said Erin Joyner, Senior Vice President, Higher Education Product Management, Cengage. “In many cases, our authors are also instructors who witness firsthand the challenges students face in securing the best learning materials. This subscription model will disrupt the industry and make affordable access possible for more students.”

Similar to royalty models used by other online subscription companies, the Cengage Unlimited usage-based model means that every item used earns a percentage of royalties. Authors can expect their 2019 first-quarter royalty statements and payments to reflect sale of all products – through both individual units and Cengage Unlimited. Cengage will continue to sell products outside of Cengage Unlimited as it always has and the royalty framework for that business model will continue.

Cengage authors are being notified in writing both electronically and via postal service.  Authors needing additional information should contact

About Cengage
Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher ed, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.



Media Contacts
Susan Aspey

Lindsay Stanley

The inaugural Education New Zealand Journalism Fellowship launches

New Zealand Education

Applications for the Education New Zealand Journalism Fellowship open today.

The fellowship is a competitive scholarship aimed at talented US students or recent graduates with an interest in international education and global citizenship.

Three recipients will have the opportunity to travel to New Zealand for a week this June. Airfares, accommodation and meals will be paid for by Education New Zealand.

An independent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit recently ranked New Zealand’s education system as the best in the world for preparing students for the future.

All eight New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 2.5% of the world (QS World University Rankings 2018) and New Zealand has the seventh highest performing graduates in the world, ahead of graduates from many elite universities in the US, Canada and England (2016 OECD Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies).

Education New Zealand’s Director of Education for North America, Amy Rutherford says this is an excellent opportunity for emerging US writers to gain international exposure.

“This is a unique opportunity for recipients to set themselves apart in an increasingly global and competitive market.
“We look forward to seeing the calibre of applicants and to working with recipients to tailor a program of interviews to reflect their particular research interests.”

Recipients will be required to write at least two news stories or one feature article following on from their New Zealand visit.

More information about the scholarship and how to apply is available on the Education New Zealand website.

Applications close Saturday 14 April at 5:00pm, Eastern Time.


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Cengage BN

Boston —March 20, 2018—Cengage, an education and technology company, and Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED), a leading provider of educational products and services solutions for higher education and K-12 institutions, today announced that beginning in August, Cengage Unlimited subscriptions will be offered at Barnes & Noble Education’s 1,480 campus stores and their school branded e-commerce sites through its Barnes & Noble College and MBS Textbook Exchange subsidiaries.

Announced this past December, a Cengage Unlimited subscription gives students access to all the company’s digital higher education course materials—more than 22,000 products across 70 disciplines and more than 675 courses—for $119.99 a semester (or $179.99 for 1 year, $239.99 for 2 years), no matter how many Cengage materials they use.  Students using the world-class digital platforms have the option of free print rentals, paying only a $7.99 shipping fee.

“We have a strong relationship with Barnes & Noble Education rooted in a shared dedication to improving the student experience. Together we are expanding options for students seeking more affordable learning materials,” said Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cengage. “Our partnership on Cengage Unlimited helps to ensure this compelling and affordable subscription service to our full catalog of high quality learning materials will get in the hands of as many students as possible.”

“At Barnes & Noble College, we aim to support students and faculty by ensuring they have all of the tools they need to succeed in the classroom,” said Patrick Haze, Vice President, Course Materials, Barnes & Noble College. “We are pleased to grow our offerings to now provide the millions of students and faculty we serve with even greater access to affordable, accessible course materials.”

“As a valued partner for schools nationwide, we understand the important role affordable course materials play in driving student success. We look forward to further expanding the robust selection of learning materials we offer with Cengage Unlimited,” said Bill Dampier, Executive Vice President, MBS Textbook Exchange.

Cengage and Barnes & Noble Education will leverage their digital integration technology to seamlessly deliver Cengage digital products and Cengage Unlimited to students. Cengage digital products are also available through Barnes & Noble College’s First Day™ inclusive access program, ensuring that students have materials readily available at the start of class.

Following other recent partnership announcements, this agreement highlights the continued momentum towards making Cengage Unlimited, the first of its kind affordable subscription service, accessible to all students wherever they are.

For more information, visit

About Cengage
Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher ed, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Barnes & Noble Education, Inc.
Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. (NYSE: BNED), a leading provider of educational products and services solutions for higher education and K-12 institutions, enhances the academic and social purpose of educational institutions. Through its Barnes & Noble College and MBS subsidiaries, Barnes & Noble Education operates 1,480 physical and virtual bookstores and serves more than 6 million students and faculty, and offers a suite of digital software, content and services including direct-to-student study tools. The Company also operates one of the largest textbook wholesale distribution channels in the United States. Barnes & Noble Education acts as a strategic partner to drive student success, provide value and support to students and faculty, and create loyalty and improve retention, while supporting the financial goals of our college and university partners.

BNED companies include: Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, LLC, MBS Textbook Exchange, LLC, BNED LoudCloud, LLC, Student Brands, LLC, and Promoversity, LLC. General information on Barnes & Noble Education may be obtained by visiting the Company’s corporate website: 


Media Contacts:
Lindsay Stanley

Carolyn Brown
Barnes & Noble Education, Inc.

The Price of Peace Airing on Public Television Stations Early April

Free to Choose

ERIE, PA (March 19, 2018) – How do we prevent war? How great a price are we willing to pay for peace? Can we use the lessons learned throughout history to extend peace into tomorrow? The Price of Peace: A Personal Exploration by Johan Norberg, which will be airing early April, investigates the use of deterrence and appeasement in an era of rogue nations and nuclear proliferation. Check local listings for station, time and additional airings.

The one-hour documentary examines turning-point historical events to reveal hard-learned lessons – not only for the U.S., but for other cultures and countries as well, including:
● an examination of the present day situation in Korea not only through the lens of North Korea’s current nuclear capabilities and cross-border saber rattling, but also with a cautionary tale of 1976 Korea Tree Incident from Brian Bishop, Major General, U.S. Air Force (RET) and former Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Command and U.S. Forces Korea and others who were there;
● delving into the human side of the equation, including a vivid interview with the son of Lieutenant Colonel Stanislav Petrov, the Russian commander widely credited with averting World War III in 1983;
● interviews with Falkland citizens and Sir Max Hastings, author and journalist about Argentina’s ill-conceived invasion of the Falkland Islands;
● linking together such diverse topics as pre-World War II Europe, where British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain proudly declares to a cheering crowd in 1938 that the Munich Agreement meant “peace for our time,” to the Masai tribe of East Africa and their use of deterrence to protect cattle, and thus their society.

Victor Davis Hanson, author of Seductions of Appeasement, serves as a historical analyst through several incidents, such as the Falklands War, detailing conditions necessary to maintain peace and precisely identifying instabilities that can quickly escalate a peaceful situation to armed combat. Highly respected military, history and foreign policy experts offer insights, as well.

Free To Choose Media Executive Editor Johan Norberg asks the difficult question of what is the price society is willing to pay for peace?

The Price of Peace is a production of Free To Choose Media. Kip Perry is producer and co-director. Elan Bentov is writer/co-director/camera. Thomas Skinner and Bob Chitester are executive producers. A trailer for the documentary can be found at

Major funding for The Price of Peace is provided by Robert and Marion Oster and L.E. Phillips Family Foundation. Additional funding was provided by Sarah Scaife Foundation and The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc.

About Johan Norberg
International commentator Johan Norberg is an author, presenter and editor whose focus is globalization, entrepreneurship, and individual liberty. He is the executive editor at Free To Choose Media and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute. He has authored several books, including his newest, Progress: Ten Reasons to Look Forward to the Future. His book In Defense of Global Capitalism, originally published in Swedish in 2001, has since been published in over twenty different countries. Norberg’s articles and opinion pieces appear regularly in both Swedish and international newspapers, and he is a regular commentator and contributor on television and radio around the world.

About Free To Choose Media
Free To Choose Media produces thought-provoking public television programs and series, offering non-partisan, powerful stories that advocate for the well-being of every individual, as well as vibrant, fresh perspectives on a range of vital global and national issues. For more than 30 years, the Free To Choose production teams have traveled the world to explore topics such as the economic roots of the Arab Spring and the inspiring stories of entrepreneurs raising themselves and their communities out of poverty, and a look at how innovation and new technologies may be the answer to the world’s growing energy needs. Headquartered in Erie, PA, Free To Choose Media is a television production initiative of Free To Choose Network, a global media company. For more information, visit the website at

About WTTW Chicago
WTTW Chicago presents a wide array of ground-breaking content for the national public media system, with series and specials on education, politics, public affairs, science, business, arts and entertainment, health, and religion. WTTW Chicago’s landmark series include Soundstage, featuring concerts by top pop and rock artists in an intimate concert setting; the popular cooking series, MEXICO — One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless; and the new animated series Nature Cat, a co-production with Chicago’s Spiffy Pictures which premiered nationwide in November 2015. WTTW Chicago has also served as the national presenting station for such programs as 1916 – The Irish Rebellion, inCommon with Mike Leonard, Curious Traveler, Dream of Italy, Islands Without Cars, Speakeasy, Vintage, the educational children’s properties Mission to Planet 429 and UMIGO, the award-winning children’s series WordWorld, and many others. For more information, please visit

# # #

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Cengage Logo Follet Logo

BOSTON and WESTCHESTER, Ill. —March 15, 2018—Cengage, an education and technology company, and Follett Corporation today announced an extensive partnership to distribute, market and promote Cengage Unlimited, making this innovative subscription service available at all of Follett’s more than 1,200 campus locations and online, beginning this fall.

Cengage Unlimited is the first-of-its-kind subscription that gives students access to all the company’s digital higher education materials—more than 22,000 products across 70 disciplines and more than 675 courses—for $119.99 a semester, no matter how many Cengage materials they use. Students using the digital platforms also have the option of free print rentals, paying only a $7.99 shipping fee.

“Cengage Unlimited offers students complete access to quality learning materials at an affordable price point.  For one price, students can use all our products via a subscription service, which is a familiar, attractive delivery method for today’s students,” said Todd Markson, Chief Strategy Officer, Cengage. “Working with Follett, we are confident that many more students will improve their chances of learning success.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Cengage to increase access to affordable course materials for students across our network of campus stores,” said Jennifer Hatton, Senior Vice President of Retail Operations and Course Materials, Follett Higher Education. “As our campus partners come under increasing pressure to affordably deliver educational outcomes, it’s imperative that Follett be there to help. One of the ways we plan to assist with this challenge is by offering Cengage Unlimited.”

Over the past year, Cengage and Follett have developed a digital integration which seamlessly delivers Cengage digital products both online and in-store. Cengage materials are available at all Follett campus locations, both for standalone sale and through Follett’s includED program, to ensure students and faculty have access to everything they need on day-one of a course.

This partnership is another significant step forward in Cengage’s pursuit of making Cengage Unlimited, and its’ unprecedented and affordable access to all the company’s course materials, available to all students, wherever they are.  This follows other recent Cengage Unlimited partnership announcements, highlighting the strong momentum, clear value proposition and customer demand.

For more information, visit

About Cengage
Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. As the largest US-based provider of teaching and learning materials for higher ed, we offer valuable options at affordable price points. Our industry-leading initiatives include Cengage Unlimited, the first-of-its-kind all-access digital subscription service.  We embrace innovation to create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. Headquartered in Boston, Cengage also serves K-12, library and workforce training markets around the world. Visit us at or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

About Follett
As a leading provider of education technology, services and physical and digital content, Follett works with 80,000 schools and operates more than 1,200 local campus stores and 1,600 virtual stores across North America.  With the 2016 acquisition of Baker & Taylor, LLC, Follett’s reach also extends into the public library and global retail markets. For more information, visit

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Not Getting Angry, Just Getting Even
A Target Game, Pigeon Hit Squad Settles Scores the Way Pigeons Do

New York, NY) Payback is not just a bitch – it’s an awesome new game! Pigeon Hit Squad is a new mobile app game that lets players paste photos of real-life people they’re fed up with onto targets –for the purpose of being bombed by pigeons. Frustrations melt away faster than bird droppings on a windshield during a hurricane!

Pigeon Hit Squad for both iOS and Android devices provides a target-rich environment of social villains from everyday life ready to be humbled by the uncanny fly-by accuracy of pigeons on a strafing mission. A fun, nonviolent way to release anger, Pigeon Hit Squad is a sure way to reduce daily frustration. Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the game is the player’s ability to customize targets by inserting faces of the player’s choosing, selected from their own photo galleries.

Pigeon Hit Squad will resonate particularly with college-age players who suffer enormous frustration with their studies, bosses, frenemies, professors, relationships and families to name just a few.

They will derive optimal fun from pigeon “bombing” the noggins of real morons culled from their photo galleries. An in-app purchase of “poopons” for photo uploads allows players to simply drag and drop a photo of a least favorite individual onto an existing character. In addition to the aforementioned real life targets, others can include annoying politicians, in-laws, dates, spouses, celebrities, next-door-neighbors, all of whom get a  “Splat!”  As players even the score with their foes, they ascend to more advanced levels of game play.

Pigeon Hit Squad offers a “poopular” way of commenting on the carnival of current events while providing nefarious people in the news or daily life with the comeuppance from above they so richly deserve.

Pigeon Hit Squad: They’ll never know what hit ‘em! Brought to you by Fowl Play Entertainment.

Preview Pigeon Hit Squad – Featuring Kim Jong-Un


Tom Tanno

Deadline Approaching for the Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship Program


The deadline to apply for a fellowship from The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is April 16, 2018. Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline collegiate honor society, will award six fellowships of $15,000 each and 51 fellowships of $5,000 each to students nationwide.

Since its creation in 1932, the Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship has become the Society’s signature award, allocating $345,000 annually to deserving students for first-year graduate or professional study. The competition is open to all active Phi Kappa Phi members who have applied to enroll as a full-time student in a post-baccalaureate program of study during the upcoming academic year.

“I am incredibly humbled and honored to be selected as a Fellow of Phi Kappa Phi,” said Rosalyn Stilling, recipient of a 2017 Fellowship. “I am thankful to have support for graduate studies as I continue to follow my passion for literature and the positive social change it can incite. With the help of Phi Kappa Phi, my dream of pursuing a career in writing and research is one step closer to becoming a reality.”

The selection process for a Phi Kappa Phi Fellowship is based on the applicant’s evidence of graduate potential, undergraduate academic achievement, service and leadership experience, letters of recommendation, personal statement of educational perspective and career goals, and acceptance at an approved graduate or professional program.

Phi Kappa Phi Fellowships are part of the Society’s robust award programs, which give $1.4 million each biennium to outstanding students and members through study abroad grants, graduate fellowships, funding for post-baccalaureate development, member and chapter awards, and grants for local, national and international literacy initiatives.

Each active Phi Kappa Phi chapter may submit one candidate from among its local applicants to compete Society-wide for a fellowship. The national deadline for chapters to submit an applicant is April 16, 2018. Chapter deadlines vary. If you are a student interested in applying for a fellowship, visit to contact your chapter for local deadline information.

For full eligibility requirements and application instructions, visit

About Phi Kappa Phi
Founded in 1897, Phi Kappa Phi is the nation’s oldest and most selective collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines. Phi Kappa Phi inducts approximately 30,000 students, faculty, professional staff and alumni annually. The Society has chapters on more than 300 select colleges and universities in North America and the Philippines. Membership is by invitation only to the top 10 percent of seniors and graduate students and 7.5 percent of juniors. Faculty, professional staff and alumni who have achieved scholarly distinction also qualify. The Society’s mission is “To recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others.” For more information, visit


Hannah Breaux
Communications Director

HARMAN and the 1,000 Dreams Fund Launch #NewFaceofTech STEAM Scholarships Competition

HARMAN-logo big-logo

Second year of campaign supporting next gen innovators begins on International Women’s Day

STAMFORD, Conn. – March 8, 2018 – HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, and the 1,000 Dreams Fund, a national scholarship program for young women aspiring to live their dreams, today announces the launch of the #NewFaceofTech challenge to support young women pursuing opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM).

The second year of the campaign kicks off at a private event on International Women’s Day, March 8 and runs through April 5. HARMAN and 1,000 Dreams Fund will award five recipients with $2,000 grants, career coaching sessions, and JBL® product. Winners also will be featured online as the #NewFaceofTech by 1,000 Dreams Fund.

“HARMAN is proof that a diverse and inclusive workforce drives great innovation and propels business results. Building a pipeline of talent is the only way to ensure sustainable success and prosperity for companies, communities and the world,” said Dinesh C. Paliwal, President and CEO, HARMAN. “Through our recruiting and community outreach programs, we are seeing a bold and fearless generation, ready to tackle all the technical and business challenges in front of them, and it is incumbent upon us as today’s leaders to encourage and empower them to fulfill their potential. We are proud to kick off the second year of our partnership with 1,000 Dreams Fund to help provide a path for tomorrow’s inventors and leaders.”

According to the Women CEOs of the S&P 500 list, women in top leadership roles across American companies hold just 5.2 percent of all CEO positions with continued underrepresentation in tech, one of the fastest-growing professional occupations in the U.S. This grant program addresses the importance of helping women early in their careers, to help level the playing field.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with HARMAN, a leader not just in technology but also in advancing female executives and engineers,” said Christie Garton, founder and CEO of 1,000 Dreams Fund. “Together, we are accelerating our mission to equip young women with the tools they need most to achieve their goals in STEAM. Our #NewFaceofTech Challenge is intended to inspire and uplift all of the young women who are courageously pursuing their dreams in the arts and sciences.”

Last year’s campaign issued awards to Chinasa Okolo and Brenda Estrada. Okolo is preparing for PhD studies in computer science at Pomona College. Estrada is pursuing studies in financial technology at Full Sail University.

HARMAN and 1,000 Dreams Fund are inviting young women with career aspirations in STEAM to show how they represent the #NewFaceofTech, by snapping a photo and sharing a personal account of how they plan to put the grant funding to work in achieving their STEAM goals.

Ten finalists will be chosen by 1,000 Dream Fund, and a week-long public vote from April 9 – 13 will help determine the five grant recipients. Winners will be announced on April 16, 2018. All 10 finalists will receive JBL Everest 110 headphones.


Step 1:
Through custom online entry form that lives on a 1,000 Dreams Fund’s campaign page, applicants upload their favorite photo and a personal account of what they are doing to reach their career dreams in STEAM.

Step 2:
All entrants, once approved, will be featured on the #NewFaceofTech landing page.

Step 3:
Applicants are encouraged to use social networks to help promote the program, and finalists should use social media to promote voting for their entry.

Full STEAM Ahead Event
In recognition of International Women’s Day, and to kickoff of the second year of the #NewFaceofTech, HARMAN and 1,000 Dream Fund will host an evening of networking and live panel discussion in New York City on March 8. Leaders from Lincoln Center, Amazon, Becton Dickinson, USA Today and HARMAN will discuss the emergence of female leaders in STEAM, how leaders are using their influence to move the needle for women in STEAM related fields and career paths, how women overcome challenges, and how technology is influencing current leaders and what it means for the future. The invitation only event and panel discussion will be streamed live on HARMAN’s Facebook page, beginning at 6:00 PM EST.

The 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) is a national scholarship fund for American girls in high school and college. 1DF believes that big expenses should never stand in the way of big dreams. Since its launch in November 2015, over $100,000 in funding has been granted to talented young women in need, helping them pay for the “extras” in school like study abroad, tech devices for the classroom and travel to conferences and seminars. 1DF has been featured in, USA Today, MarketWatch, Forbes, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, TODAY and others. To learn more about1DF, visit

HARMAN ( designs and engineers connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and enterprises worldwide, including connected car systems, audio and visual products, enterprise automation solutions; and services supporting the Internet of Things. With leading brands including AKG®, Harman Kardon®, Infinity®, JBL®, Lexicon®, Mark Levinson® and Revel®, HARMAN is admired by audiophiles, musicians and the entertainment venues where they perform around the world. More than 50 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems. Our software services power billions of mobile devices and systems that are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms, from work and home to car and mobile. HARMAN has a workforce of approximately 30,000 people across the Americas, Europe, and Asia. In 2017, HARMAN became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

For more information contact:

Theresa Howard
The Press Republic

Matthew Lindberg

© 2018 HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated. All rights reserved. Harman Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon and Mark Levinson are trademarks of HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, registered in the United States and/or other countries. AKG is a trademark of AKG Acoustics GmbH, registered in the United States and/or other countries. Features, specifications, and appearance are subject to change without notice.