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Koru’s free job finder helps job seekers showcase their skills and strengths, gives actionable feedback on every application and provides access to a network of great employers

Seattle, WA (October 6, 2015) – Today Koru Inc. (www.joinkoru.com), the leading talent marketplace focused on landing college grads in jobs they love, announces the launch of their free online job finder. Koru’s job finder helps recent and soon-to-be college graduates discover the best jobs for them using Koru’s patent-pending “check fit” assessment, build a job application that stands out, and get feedback and coaching to help them improve the impact of their job search. The Koru team then delivers the application directly to employers, highlighting best-fit candidates.

Today’s job application process for recent college grads is plagued with problems. Most often, applicants don’t hear anything back, feel as though their resumes land in a black hole, and they don’t receive feedback about how to improve their application or skills. In fact, 53% of recent college grads are either unemployed or underemployed , and have an average of $30,000 in student debt.

The job finder builds on Koru’s more than two years’ experience working with colleges and employers, preparing and landing gritty, job-ready college grads in great companies. With up to an 87% employment rate for it’s grads, Koru has leveraged learnings and networks from its transformational program to develop this groundbreaking new job fit assessment and application process.

Koru’s new job finder debuts a host of unique features to help job seekers get the attention of great employers and to help employers quickly source and screen from a more diverse pool of great candidates.
● Job fit: Koru has created a proprietary “check fit” assessment, based on its Koru7 JobStrengths™, that helps match a job seeker’s strengths to Koru’s portfolio of positions from top companies, helping ensure that job seekers find their best job fits and employers find their best candidates.
● Unique application: The new, unique application process helps job seekers highlight their best selves by showing what they are capable of and where they stand in the areas that indicate high job performance such as grit, analytical rigor, teamwork, and the ability to drive business impact.
● Feedback and coaching: Helping to solve the job seeker’s “resume black hole” dilemma, Koru’s job finder provides feedback on every application from a professional staff of experienced coaches.
● Wide corporate network: Job seekers will now know where they stand, as Koru will deliver applicants to their corporate network of top companies like: Airbnb, Facebook, HubSpot, LinkedIn as well as non-profits like EarthCorps and high-growth startup partners like Trupanion.

“In today’s race for high performing talent, many employers are looking for more than a resume. Our new job finder helps grads present their best authentic selves and get noticed. We give actionable feedback throughout the job application process so they can continue to improve and get hired,” said Kristen Hamilton, co-founder and CEO of Koru. “Additionally, we’ve developed relationships with great companies and we deliver our job seekers’ applications into the right hands, acting as an advocate for the applicants.”

Pilot user Taylor Denton found Koru’s job finder made a significant difference in her ability to get the attention of an employer. “My resume didn’t say enough about what I could really do. Koru’s job finder was so different. I could really show off what I was capable of. Employers could get to know me versus what I looked like on a piece of paper,” said Taylor. “Trupanion was able to gauge the type of employee that I would be, and I think it turned out to be a really good fit.” Taylor was hired at Trupanion through Koru’s job finder. She had previously been turned down by the company when she applied through a standard job board.

Koru is also working to change the game for employers, who often have a hard time telling one resume from another when hiring for entry-level positions. Koru’s application is based on the Koru7 JobStrengths™ — skills and competencies that are most predictive of early-career job performance — helping employers make better and faster hiring decisions.

“Koru’s online job finder gives us a new way to look at early-career candidates across dimensions that are often difficult to illuminate in a traditional phone screen or interview. That’s incredibly valuable,” said Stacey Klimek, VP of People at Payscale.

For more information on Koru’s job finder, please visit: www.joinkoru.com

About Koru
Koru is the leading talent marketplace that transforms the college-to-career landscape, designed to quickly make recent college graduates workplace-ready and place them inside high-growth work environments. Koru was founded by veteran entrepreneurs; Kristen Hamilton, co-founder at Onvia and former COO at World Learning, and Josh Jarrett, former head of Higher Education Innovation for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and consultant with McKinsey & Company. Koru has raised $12.57 million in funding from Maveron, City Light Capital, Trilogy Equity Partners, Battery Ventures, First Round, Andreessen Horowitz, and Nas’ Queensbridge Venture Partners. Headquartered in Seattle, Koru provides a unique online job finder and runs immersive business programs in Seattle, San Francisco, and Boston with partners like LinkedIn and Porch to give recent graduates the skills, experience and connections they need to get hired and make an impact at leading companies. For more i nformation on Koru and details on upcoming programs and partners, please visit www.joinkoru.com.

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