10 Reasons Why Cancun is the Spring Break Mecca of the World

10 Reasons Why Cancun is the Spring Break Mecca of the World

As your designated driver and local destination expert, we have seen it all. Amstar is your official airport shuttle during Spring Break 2015 at the top beach destinations in Mexico and the Caribbean and it’s our pleasure to give our top 10 reasons why Cancun is the Mecca of the Spring Break world. 

Cancun’s white sand beaches and the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea make this city on the sea a favorite international beach destination for many a traveler. But there’s so much more. Cancun has also become notorious for not only having a great Spring Break party scene, but for having the Spring Break party scene par excellence. And while tourism in Cancun has become much more diverse over the last several years, one thing is certain: Cancun is like the Floyd Mayweather of Spring Break destinations: it remains undefeated.


Here’s why.

#10 Mariachi sombreros

Fulfill your secret desire of wanting to dress up like a mariachi and travel to the paradise that is the Mexican Caribbean for some tropical sombrero shopping. Yes, that’s right, you’ll find great prices on an array of mariachi sombreros that not only make great souvenirs to take back home with you. Plus, they’re so big they provide lots of shade, which in turn means you won’t go home with that raccoon look that would make you a social media sensation.

#9 Added skin tone

That is of course as long as you make sure to wear sunscreen to avoid that baked gringo look of falling asleep on the beach without sunscreen (or a mariachi sombrero). Yes, friends, make sure to apply heavy doses of sunscreen so that you avoid those painful sunburns that ruin the rest of your trip But don’t let that scare you, because just by spending some healthy time on the beach, which we’re sure of course you will, you’ll still go home with a nice tan that will be the envy of all the unlucky peeps that stayed home in the cold while you partied away on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

#8 Right next door

Cancun is like your lovely neighbor with the great swimming pool. Close by, an awesome backyard, cold beer and good looking friends hanging out together under the sun. Yes, Cancun is all that and much, much more. And with direct flights from many U.S. destinations and most large airlines flying in and out of this tropical paradise, it’s never been easier for you and your friends to make that venture down Mexico way. You’ll also have a friendly face to greet you when you arrive.

#7 Accommodations for all

From all-inclusive accommodations to shared rooms in high-end or low-end hostels, not to mention AirBnB, Cancun has got the overnight solutions for all budgets. And with a great public transportation solution that basically runs all hours of the day, you’re free to choose a room with an ocean view or one that’s in the heart of downtown Cancun. Either way, you’ll never be more than 20 to 30 minutes away from the next beach party. And that’s all that really matters.

#6 Real Mexican food  

You see, as delicious and mouth-watering as Tex-Mex food can be, it isn’t now nor ever really was authentic Mexican cuisine. So even if you can find that and many other ‘Merican staples such as McDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks galore (although not quite on every corner), make sure you dive into the deliciousness of the real deal. For instance, try the Yucatan specialty of Cochinita Pibil, or the pride of the Mexican Caribbean, Tikin Chic, which not only sounds cool but is a very tasty charcoaled fish covered in achiote sauce and onions. Or a michelada, which is not only a great beer-drink-mixture for that hangover you just can’t shake, you can also get it with shrimp skewers.

#5 Tequila

Cue the music, because this one’s easy. While there’s no doubt that you should test your tolerance by drinking you some tequila, you should know that it will be an experience unlike those painful affairs you had back home. Know why? Because what you drink back home may bear the name tequila, but it likely isn’t. And it’s painful. In fact, real tequila must be 100% blue agave (a plant not a cactus) and is best imbibed using your best tough guy impression: straight no chasers. Your body will thank you the next day when you realize that your tequila trauma was due to a drink that was nothing more than a cheap imitation of the 100% blue agave nectar known in Mexico as a drink from the gods.

#4 Inception Music Festival. ‘Nough said.

If you haven’t been to or heard of the Inception Music Festival, then in all likelihood you fell into a comma after taking a hard fall while running with the bulls in Pamplona haven’t woken up in the last two years, during which time over 60,000 spring breakers have gathered their youthful energy for some of the best damn partying this side of the Rio Grande. Top international DJ’s, great music, beautiful beaches and more party people from all over the world dancing to the beat than most people ever see in a lifetime. Organizers of this party on the beach (and at Cancun’s premier nightclubs) call it, “The wildest week of your life.”


#3 Mayan ruins and pyramid- climbing

Nothing says Mexican Caribbean more than the must-see Mayan ruins that are spread out all over the Mexican Caribbean. And with so many great sites to visit, you really can pick your poison based on what sounds best for your group. Want to visit a Seven New Wonder of the World? Then Chichen Itza is calling. Want to see a walled-city built to overlook the Caribbean Sea? Tulum is in your future. Want to ride bikes in the middle of the jungle and climb the highest pyramid in the entire Mexican Caribbean? Coba is your shot of tequila. Prefer to get off the beaten path and visit a less-crowded but equally impressive monument to the mighty Maya empire? Ahoy, Ek Balam!

#2 Land and sea adventures galore

If archeological sites are nothing more to you than simply pieces of crumbling stones covered in faded and barely visible paint, then you just might want to consider other activities to complement your party-filled agenda. And this is part of what makes Cancun such a great place to visit. there’s always something for everyone! Want to take a catamaran cruise to the beautiful island of Isla Mujeres, with some snorkeling at a coral reef mixed in for good measure? What about some deep sea fishing or a mixture of land and sea adventures at one great aquatic park? And be it soaring through the canopy on zip lines, getting your fill on an ATV-ride through the jungle or diving down into the depths of underground rivers, it’s all good. Plus, there’s more to do than you’ll ever find time for.

#1 Too blue to be true

Last but definitely not least. In fact, we saved what is perhaps the best for last: Cancun’s white sand beaches. If you’ve never been to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, you’ll have a hard time believing that those incredible azure hues of the Caribbean are the real deal. But, yes, it’s true. No Photoshop is needed to make these beautiful beaches look any more amazing and awe-inspiring than they already are. Moreoever, with over 16 miles of white sand paradise to choose from, you can always take some time away from the party scene to kick it back and soak up some rays in front of the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

And remember, always drink responsibly and follow all safety regulations, especially when you’re at the beach. Have fun, live the moment to the fullest, and always remember that Amstar dmc is your local expert for tips and advice about the best things to do and see while in Cancun. We’re online and in destination 365 days a year and are always more than happy to help.