Hyperlocal Online Classifieds Site Wants to Save Thousands of Abandoned Couches Lining City, Town and Campus Streets Each Spring During Moving Exodus

NAPERVILLE, Ill.—April 12, 2010— A sad and disturbing crisis that ravages cities and towns across America is about to strike again: Couch Abandonment. Each spring and early summer during the moving exodus from campuses and cities, the phenomenon occurs nationwide. Thousands of abandoned couches line sidewalks and pile up forgotten around dumpsters, waiting to end up in land fills. In an effort to stop Couch Abandonment,, a free, hyperlocal online classifieds site, is launching a contest for college students and anyone who is moving to share their story of why their couches deserve to be saved and have a chance at a new life. Check out the Couch Abandonment Contest video at

Simple and easy rules for the contest:

  • To enter, applicants must submit either a video (no more than two minutes) or a written testimonial with a photo (no more than 250 words) explaining why their beloved couches deserve to be saved from abandonment. Videos and testimonials will be posted on each week.
  • During the first few weeks of the contest, will award a weekly prize of an iPod to a contest winner. The grand prize winner will win a new couch to take home to their new living space.

To enter the contest or check out posted applicant videos and testimonials, please visit or Also follow AmericanListed on Twitter at for contest updates.

“With Couch Abandonment a major concern in cities across America from Boston to San Francisco and towns from State College to College Station, is dedicated to putting a stop to the crisis and giving these couches the chance for a new home and life,” said Thomas Westling, president of “ offers college students and all movers an easy, safe and family-friendly place to post their old couches and other unwanted items online for sale, as well as look for new items to purchase or exchange. We hope Americans will join us in our effort to end Couch Abandonment.”

About AmericanListed

AmericanListed, founded in 2007, is a free online classified advertisements website that provides U.S. residents with a simple and safe way to sell and buy products and services within their own residential area/city. The site’s local reach offers users the ability to list and search classified ads in all states, all cities and all zip codes in the United States.


Paul DiPerna or Scott Love
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