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[BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY, JULY 14, 2022] With the stress of school and looming post-graduation adulthood, many students struggle with their mental health but do not have access to or cannot afford quality care. A new startup is disrupting the space with low cost, high-quality mental health services through an app called “zant.” They have recently announced that they are now accepting pre-registrations from college students. The company plans to offer its services at $25 per session with flexibility for less and will provide access to mental health professionals in over 20 niche categories across the nation.

Zant.’s founder and CEO, Maggie Rose Macar, created the app after struggling to find a professional for herself. “I had just lost a close friend to suicide and needed to see someone, but was shocked when I finally found someone I thought could help and they were $150 per session,” said Macar. “zant. solves many problems, but affordability is at the core. We make this as headache free as possible and eliminate the many roadblocks that stop those struggling from getting the help they need.”

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), 1 in 5 college students experience mental illness and 75% of all lifetime cases of mental illness begin by age 24. This mobile app, zant., is looking to fill the gap in affordable, accessible mental health care for this population. College students can choose from a variety of professionals, from trauma specialists, eating disorder mentors, stress and college life coaches, and more. App users will have access to a secure chat room where they can share information with their professionals and other members of their treatment team. Sessions are conducted via phone or video call which remain confidential.

Zant. is quickly gaining traction among college students through its growing list of pre-registrations. The soon-to-launch app’s goal is to provide students with the tools they need to succeed in college and beyond. In addition to mental health services, zant. also offers student wellness programs to help students maintain a healthy lifestyle through their college or university. Zant. believes that providing student mental health services and student wellness programs, will help students succeed in college and life. Users can join the zant. community and pre-register here.

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