CampusMD Debuts Video Doctor Visits for College Students via American Well


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CampusMD Debuts Video Doctor Visits for College Students via American Well
Subscription service makes it easy for kids to get care away from home

Bethesda, MD (October 22, 2013) – As students settle into their dorms and classes they have a new way to see a doctor: over the Internet. CampusMD and American Well have teamed up to address a gap in student access to medical care using American Well’s telehealth platform. This innovative service allows students to see and speak with a physician, ask questions, and get a diagnosis from anywhere, anytime they need care, over an iPad®, iPhone®, or Android™ mobile device, or from any computer with a webcam and browser.

The American College Health Association Spring ’12 survey reports that 50% of students get sick at least once a year at school, and 22% report dropping a class, stopping work on a major research project, or earning a lower grade due to illness. According to the CDC, half of the 20 million STD cases diagnosed each year occur in young adults ages 15-24; within the college population, estimates of infection are as high as 25%.

While some college campuses have a student health center, few offer care around the clock. CampusMD will offer students fast access to care with a US Board Certified and licensed doctor of their choice 24/7/ 365 days a year.

“Students often don’t get the care they need for many reasons: There may be no health center on campus, the options for when it’s closed may be limited, or students procrastinate,” said Dr. Larry Moneta, VP for Student Affairs at Duke University and CampusMD Board Member. “With access to a physician from any device, illnesses can be caught early and students can get back to class.”

He added that even when students remain on their parents’ insurance plans, they may be out-of-network at their school and vulnerable to high out-of-pocket costs. “CampusMD assures that students have a doctor wherever they go to college and likely at a far lower cost than the ER or urgent care center.”

Parents and students can purchase a subscription to CampusMD for $18 per month. Students can log on, read physician ratings and profiles, including where they went to school and how long they’ve been practicing, and select the doctor that’s right for them. They connect to the physician via video and have a face-to-face conversation for information, diagnosis, treatment, and prescriptions.

“As parents, this gives us real peace of mind,” said Dara Feldman, whose son Jake attends James Madison University. “Knowing that he can reach a doctor quickly while he’s away from home makes us feel better. Plus, going to college is a big step, and learning to take care of your health is a huge part of that.”

CampusMD also addresses the needs of students attending career schools, grad students who work while they purse advanced degrees, international students, and undergrads living in off-campus housing.

Affordable Care Act Requirements Could Widen the Student Healthcare Gap
The ACA is expected to have a significant financial impact on college-provided care. Starting in 2014 the Act mandates much higher dollar coverage on existing health services as well as a number of new services colleges must cover. These mandates are forcing many schools to reconsider whether they can afford to provide healthcare on campus, leaving a growing number of students without adequate care.

“Many colleges are getting out of the business of providing student healthcare,” said Duke’s Larry Moneta. “It just doesn’t make financial sense anymore.”

Roy Schoenberg, CEO of American Well Systems, agrees. “The gap in students’ access to healthcare is widening. We’re delighted to partner with CampusMD to help address that gap and bring affordable, quality care to students when they need it.”

About CampusMD
CampusMD is part of Bethesda, MD-based Access Health Group. CampusMD brings around-the- clock physician care and choice exclusively to the higher-education market. Using the latest mobile technologies, the company connects patients immediately to board certified physicians who diagnose and treat a range of non-emergency illnesses and conditions. Office visits are conducted at the patient’s convenience with the doctor and technology of choice at a cost far lower than an in-person visit.

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About American Well
American Well® is a telehealth services company that brings healthcare into the homes and workplaces of patients, to overcome barriers of distance, mobility, and time. The Company’s web and mobile telehealth platform lets patients and clinicians connect for live, clinically meaningful visits through video, secure text chat, and phone. American Well partners with leading health plans, delivery networks, retail pharmacies, employers, and distributors to deploy telehealth services, including solution design and set-up, provider network design and operations, and marketing to support adoption by consumers, physicians and employer groups. American Well is a registered trademark of American Well Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks used are the property of their respective owners.

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