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Mark My Media announces the ALPHASEAL® Recruiting Database


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STAMFORD, CT (June 4, 2013, 2013) Today, Mark My Media, a firm which produces league tables for the financial services industry, announced the creation of a new recruiting database, allowing finance industry employers access to the profiles of top candidates in the United States. This database is the first of its kind, populated with recent graduates and students currently enrolled in college and graduate programs, and providing users a way to search for talent based on skills that have been tested in live market conditions.

The candidates in the recruiting database are top performers in the 2012-2013 Institutional Investor All-America Student Analyst Competition; a program for undergraduate and graduate students in finance to test their mettle against like-minded participants from around the United States to develop the best simulated stock portfolio. 700 students from 35 colleges and universities competed and the winners were published in Institutional Investor Magazine’s May 2013 edition. Performance was graded quantitatively on multiple factors to determine the winners in seven different industry sectors as well as in a general category. Now, the database allows these vetted and financially experienced students an opportunity to searched and contacted by The Wall Street firms in search of top performers.


John Power, CEO of Mark My Media, describes the recruiting database as “a unique opportunity for employers to know in advance what to expect from incoming talent at the entry level. For too long, the conventional wisdom has been that making mistakes in recruiting is just a cost of doing business.”

In the competition, Schools whose students performed particularly well included a number of MBA programs from well-known financial schools such as UC Berkeley’s Haas School, Cornell University’s Johnson School and Fordham’s Gabelli School. Undergraduate programs that stood out included CUNY/Baruch’s Zicklin School, Drexel University and University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School. Schools such as Florida International University and Loyola Marymount University were well-represented by students from both undergraduate and graduate programs. The candidates used a wide variety of strategies, including fundamental analysis of individual companies, technical analysis, algorithmic models, and macro strategies that were executed through the use of ETFs.

The competition was powered by Mark My Media’s ALPHASEAL® investing platform; a cloud-based simulator that provides each trader with a personal portfolio, tracking the equity value, the net asset value, and profits and losses on a daily basis and imposing the same mark-to-market discipline that Wall Street and money management firms use to measure performance. By tracking their own performance, students at colleges large and small can provide would-be employers with an objective measurement of their investment acumen.

Jason Tong, who was the #3 ranked analyst in the Energy, Power and Utilities sector, said: “Alphaseal provided an exciting experience to compete with other students all around the country while I was a senior at Baruch. The platform provided feedback mechanisms that helped me to reduce risk, for example by measuring short alpha, which is a metric that’s unavailable in other trading simulators, but commonplace in a professional setting.” Mr. Tong is currently employed as an analyst at JP Morgan.
Employers and recruiters will have full transparency into the relevant statistics for all winning competitors, including the details of their winning sector portfolios and their current employment status and availability.

About Mark my Media
Mark My Media, based in Stamford, Connecticut, produces league tables for the financial services industry and has a sophisticated software platform to track portfolios. The company’s ALPHASEAL® offering helps business students bridge the gap between what is taught in the classroom and what is expected on the trading floor by giving them a tool to track stock performance along similar metrics as those used by investment professionals. Mark My Media treats data as a precious asset and allows system-users to warehouse their data on our own hardware, an SAS-70 certified environment accessible via the cloud. For additional information on the company please visit

Media Contact for Mark My Media

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Allegiant Flight Attendants Launch Ad and Website to Rename Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. Hall at University of California, Davis Business School — “Let’s set an example for future business leaders”

For immediate release May 9, 2013

Contact: Roger Kerson, roger.kerson@gmail.com734.645.0535

Allegiant Flight Attendants Launch Ad and Website to Rename Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. Hall at University of California, Davis Business School — “Let’s set an example for future business leaders”

Davis, CA — Flight attendants at Allegiant Air, members of TWU Local 577, launched a new ad and website urging students and faculty at the University of California, Davis to participate in the renaming of Maurice J. Gallagher Jr. Hall.

The building, where UC Davis School of Management students attend classes, was named after Gallagher, CEO of Allegiant Airlines and former officer and director of ValuJet, following a $10 million donation to the school. The TWU ad, which will run in today’s UC Davis newspaper The California Aggie, features the headline “Rename Gallagher Hall” and asks:

Shouldn’t the main classroom building be named for a leader who in your opinion has a reputation for high standards and business excellence?

“Let’s honor business leaders who treat employees and customers with respect, while still delivering a profit to shareholders,” said Thom McDaniel, International Vice President of the Transport Workers Union. “We should name buildings after people who deliver value to customers and the communities they serve, while also representing the best values of the University of California.”

The ad encourages readers to “join us by adding your suggestion for a corporate leader fitting this profile” at the new website

“This is a step in the right direction for our campus. We need to start naming buildings after people that are community and worker friendly,” said Duane Wright, UC Davis campus chair of UAW Local 2865, the union representing teaching assistants, readers, tutors and other academic workers at the University of California.

Recent news reports about Allegiant have raised concerns about passenger delays, the reliability of the airline’s aging fleet, excessive fees and abrupt cancellation of routes and service to cities formerly served by the airline.

A majority of flight attendants at Allegiant voted in favor of TWU representation in December 2010. More than two years later, flight attendants still do not have a first contract agreement.

The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) represents 200,000 workers and retirees in commercial aviation, public transportation and passenger railroads, including 11,000 flight attendants. The union is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO.




First ever crowd-funded transcontinental train journey seeks to empower 100 young artists, innovators, and entrepreneurs during 10-day train journey to help move America forward.

Washington, D.C. – Today, The Millennial Trains Project (MTP), a non-profit organization that leads crowdfunded transcontinental train journeys for enterprising, creative, and civic-minded Millennials, announced it has begun accepting applications for its inaugural journey from San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC (August 8-17, 2013).

In partnership with City Year, McKinsey & Company, National Geographic Traveler, Opportunity Nation, and the Startup America Partnership, MTP will turn a caravan of refurbished mid-20thcentury train cars into a mobile innovation lab, campus, and dormitory.

“Journeys build leaders – and Millennials are the new pioneers,” said Patrick Dowd, the Millennial Trains Project’s 25 year-old founder and CEO, “I started MTP to create a platform for people my age to explore their own personal, professional, and creative frontiers on a national scale – and to better understand our country in the process.”

To get on board, applicants will use MTP’s crowdfunding platform to propose and build support for a project that they intend to advance in each community where the train stops.

Applicants have until July 1st to reach a $5,000 fundraising goal, which covers the cost of their participation. Since the application process is a race, those that apply early have the best chance of getting on board. Anyone age 18-34 is eligible to apply, and the public is encouraged to visit the MTP crowdfunding platform to support applicant projects.

Traveling from San Francisco, CA to Washington, D.C. over the course of 10 days, 100 participants will have the opportunity to learn from on-train mentors, explore local examples of innovation, and advance their projects. Participants will be evenly allotted among the following ten professional tracks:

• Advocates: Community organizers, non-profit leaders, changemakers, lobbyists, lawyers;
• Entrepreneurs: Job creators, disruptive thinkers, risk-takers, founders, soon-to-be founders;
• Explorers: Mountaineers, conservationists, astronauts, park rangers;
• Intrapreneurs: Anyone leading within an established company or non-profit organization;
• Innovators: Inventors, hackers, engineers, scientists;
• Makers: Architects, designers, writers, filmmakers, poets, journalists, craftsmen;
• Performers: Actors, singers, dancers, musicians, comedians;
• Public Servants: Political staffers, teachers, enlisted soldiers and law enforcement officials;
• Students: Anyone enrolled in college or grad school, research assistants, fellows;
• Veterans: Anyone who served previously in the military.

“Long before the Internet brought the world to our fingertips, trains served as vehicles of discovery, connection, and economic opportunity,” said Dowd, “we intend to use them for this purpose once again.”


THE MILLENNIAL TRAINS PROJECT (MTP) is a non-profit organization leading crowd-funded transcontinental train journeys to empower diverse groups of Millennials to explore America’s new frontiers. Stopping in 10 cities in 10 days, MTP’s mission is to help participants and virtual audiences to identify, evaluate, and explore emerging opportunities and challenges in the communities where our trains stop – and advance a project that benefits, serves, and inspires others. The inspiration for the Millennial Trains Project comes from a similar train journey, theJagriti Yatra, that founder Patrick Dowd helped lead as a 2010-11 Fulbright Scholar in India. Learn more about the Millennial Trains Project at For the latest news and updates, follow MTP on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.

For press inquiries, please contact Jessica Straus ( or 203-219-8666).

For more information, visit