Celebrate St. Francis with Seven Streaming Songs of Peace

Celebrating St. Francis’s Feast Day, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, in concert with Franciscans International, present seven streaming songs of Peace. They are available throughout October at the Franciscanized World www.fscc-calledtobe.org.

Several generations of singer-songwriters and genres offer distinct perspectives on peace, from personal relationships to universal concerns, from discernment to deliberate calling. Featured artists and songs include:

Legendary singer-songwriter Eric Andersen’s rare full band of his ‘I Shall Go Unbounded’. According to Sr. Mary Ann Spangers, his song “brings to mind the inner freedom that comes with the peace of knowing oneself respect and acceptance for others and oneself.”

Houston native and soulful singer/songwriter James Hall’s ‘There is an Answer’. Hall reflected there are “A lot of questions in life, but most of my peace is sponsored by the trust that there is an answer.

“Top 40 icon Tommy James’ updated version of ‘Crystal Blue Persuasion’ is my personal favorite of all our hits. Whenever I hear it, I immediately think of that magic summer of 1969 – but more importantly, it was the point in my life when I became a Christian, which is what the song is about.”

Novice Sister Monica Martin suggested, “we can see the goodness around us, trusting God that He can illuminate the darkness. I think, as Franciscans especially, we are called to do the latter.”

About his urgent take on ‘Get Together’, Irish singer – songwriter Paul Brady affirmed, “I always loved the song and was pleased to be asked to sing it on the Bleecker Street compilation. I feel that separation is at the heart of a lot of the problems of mankind and that fear is the main obstacle to closeness between people. Music as a positive and unifying force in the world.”

Kentucky native Daniel Martin Moore is one of the new singer songwriters gently observing life’s subtleties. About ‘The Old Measure’, Rose Pearson, one of the Franciscan Sister’s postulants said, “We are called to look forward and look to Christ for inner healing and peace. In Him we are given the opportunity to breathe a ‘sigh of relief’ and continue our journey with Him.”

“The Annunciation Byzantine Choir’s serenely majestic interpretation of the ‘Waters of Babylon’ is about the captured Israelites in Babylon being tormented by their captors to sing songs of their former homeland. This reflects the present situation of so many refugees in the world today and of others uprooted by the economy to search for work far from the security of home and family,” said Sister Angela Paul.

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The World needs you. God Calls You. We Invite You. Catholic vocations.