Course Hero Launches New Course Advice Feature for Student Success

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 17, 2016 – Today Course Hero, the leading educational technology platform for course-specific study resources and tutoring, unveiled its new Course Advice feature to make the platform an even more holistic learning community for students. This offering—in addition to the company’s study materials and 24/7 tutoring—further improves the community by sharing advice from students who have already “been there and studied that.”

Since soft launching the feature last fall, students from high schools and universities across the nation have shared more than 50,000 entires on how to succeed in specific classes.

“At Course Hero, we believe that a network of knowledge and experience propels everyone forward,” said Course Hero CEO and Co-founder Andrew Grauer. “Choosing the right classes, workload, and instructors whose teaching styles align with your learning style are critical to performing well, learning deeply, and staying on track to graduate. With the Course Advice feature, students can more accurately prepare for their semesters and get the most out of their education because we take a different approach – we focus on advice for how to excel in the course, not on the personality of the professor.”

The new Course Advice feature helps students master their classes by enabling them to share feedback on courses they’ve already taken and offer advice to help others study efficiently and learn deeply. In as little as 60 seconds, students answer a few questions about what they learned, how much time they spent studying, and what they did to succeed. With tags like “requires group work outside of class,” “go to office hours,” “participation counts,” and “great discussions,” students can plan more balanced semesters or get ahead of a tough workload even before their first day of class.

To see Course Hero’s advice feature in action, please visit the Course Advice page.

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