Enter the 2019 SVG/NACDA College Sports Media Awards Today!

2019 SVG College Sports Media Awards in association with NACDA:
Celebrating the Finest In College Sports Video Production

The Sports Video Group (SVG) and the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA) are proud to announce that entries are now being accepted for the 11th Annual SVG College Sports Media Awards in association with NACDA (CSMAs).

The SVG/NACDA College Sports Media Awards recognize the best in college sports video production, celebrating those who have pushed the envelope and set a higher standard for the quality of live and pre-/post-produced college sports video content.

The deadline to enter this year’s competition is April 22.

Winners and finalists will be honored during a ceremony on Thursday May 30 at the 2019 SVG College Summit (May 29-31, Omni Hotel at CNN Center, Atlanta). For more information on the SVG College Sports Media Awards in association with NACDA and to watch videos from previous winners and finalists, visit www.collegesportsmediaawards.com. For more information on the SVG College Summit, visit www.svgcollege.com.

This year’s awards will be given in four divisions across five categories:


• Professional
• Collegiate Conference Offices and Governing Bodies
• Collegiate Athletics
• Collegiate Student


• Live Game Production
• Live Non-Game Production
• Program Series
• Special Feature
• Promotion Video: Hype, Open, Tease, PSA, or Marketing Campaign

NEW FOR 2019
Those who have entered the SVG College Sports Media Awards in association with NACDA should note some key changes to the rules and entry procedures:

• Conferences and Governing Bodies Now Have Their Own Division!
Given the growth of live video production by conferences and governing bodies (NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA), this replaces the Regional Sports/Local/Syndicators Networks Division.
• Production Companies and Regional/Local/Syndicators will now compete with National Networks in the New “Professional” Division.
If you are entering as a production company, regional/local network, or syndicator, you will now compete in the National and Regional Networks, Local TV Stations, and Production Companies Division.
• Social-Media/Digital-Platform Material Accepted

Entrants are highly encouraged to submit entries that were designed primarily for social-media distribution, both live and preproduced. This includes games or non-game productions intended for airing on Facebook Live, Twitter, a Smart TV application, etc. If you have any questions about where your video fits, please ask!

Any party entering a submission to the SVG/NACDA College Sports Media Awards is qualifies for a complimentary pass to attend the SVG College Summit.

For complete rules and to enter your production, visit http://www.collegesportsmediaawards.com/csma/rules. Any questions regarding submissions please email Brandon Costa, Program Director of the SVG College Summit at brandon@sportsvideo.org.


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