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Talk about an historical event.  Where will the website be in 150 years.  It may be a late bloomer; however, great it is, it contains an infinite loop of infinite numbers randomly selected printed in ones mind and on sheet music.  Sort of a loop of henly in composition, that one can play and enjoy the continual progressions of Ionian, dorian, mixolydian combinations in all keys and permutations honing his or her listening skills.  Be the first to write a symphony only on filling in the blanks of resolve and the harmony given.  The balance of 2-5-1 for each chord sequence and melody give one the basis to write your own music with the printout as a  template that one can copywrite with little or no pecuniary remuneration to the site or owners of the site Corny Cornball- look up in  amazon or google creations and be delighted at ( for one thing) mathematical proof of eternally living redundantly forever in his book Death Mythed or Sinc I eternity…A must read grounded in the mathematical theorem ….. any finite combinations of elements when combined an infinite number of times will produce a finite number of combinations an infinite number of times like you are finite.

The advances are staggering. Sophisticated algorithms can create 50 pages of original music in one nano-second. With the help of a friend, I’ve created an algorithm I call, which uniquely combines Ionian, Mixolydian and Dorian chords and scales, using a random number generator to create octodcillions of pages every second.

The music created by the site ( can be saved to a computer or iPad, printed and edited, copyrighted, played…. Entrepreneurs will present millions of pages to the public at a minimal cost. Festivals of spontaneously written music will flood the stadiums. Bye-Bye Sheet Music Pie.

Douglas “Corny Cornball” Cornish
Chairman of the Board
Econplusminus Llc