Jerusalem to Host Set for Israel’s First-Ever International Film Course Designed for University Students

International Film Course

(JERUSALEM- April 6, 2014 ) The Jerusalem Film Workshop ( will welcome university students from across North America and the world for the opening of its inaugural class for the summer 2014 beginning on July 6th. The Workshop will be to be taught by leading figures within the Israeli film industry, will cater to aspiring film students from around the world. The program, the first high-level film education course of its type to be based in Israel, is an initiative of Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland and Kate Rosenberg of Green Productions (

As a result of a collaboration with Onward Israel, and United King Films the program is being offered at significantly discounted rates.

“Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular offer the types of settings that are truly ideal for storytelling and filmmaking,” Greenspan says. “Our concept is to introduce students to the country while providing them with the tools and education to express themselves through the medium of film.”

the Workshop is divided into four individual courses; a month course which offers instruction on both documentary and fiction filmmaking techniques; two “mini courses” of two weeks each which allow students to choose between doco and fiction courses and the main six-week track. All courses will combine both instructional lessons with travel around the country. Participants will be provided with access to state of the art cameras and filmmaking equipment.

According to Greenspan, the Workshop is intended for all levels of aspiring filmmakers. “The goal of this program is not only to give students the tools to become better artists, but to learn how to use a unique setting like Jerusalem to tell dramatic stories.”
Israel has been the set for some classic films and scenes in cinematic history and major studios continue to seek out the Jewish State as a movie-making destination. The Workshop is being coordinated in cooperation with The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, the Maaleh School of Television, Film and the Arts in Jerusalem and the Jerusalem Cinematheque. Upon completion of the Workshop, students will partake in the renowned Jerusalem International Film Festival, highly regarded as one of the city’s most popular cultural events.

Among the names selected to be instructors for the course are Oscar nominated movie-makers and several figures who have been instrumental in bringing Israeli filmmaking into the international marketplace. Students will be instructed on the variety of technical aspects of filmmaking, while producing individual projects that will become permanent features on their professional resumes.

“Jerusalem is known as a city of dialogue, opportunity and challenge and is literally an environment where at every corner there is an iconic spot that just demands to be captured by camera,” Greenspan says. “To become a truly experienced and accomplished filmmaker, this is an ideal location.”

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