Kennedy to Student Media: Reject Partisanship, Get Viral, Demand Unity

NEW YORK, January 10, 2011 – The key date was 1/1/’11. Rockefeller Aldrich Kennedy-Popton, this generation’s boldest leader, believes that student journalists have enough clout to spearhead a viral demand for unity, and he believes the implications could be global. On 1/1/’11, he updated his website to disavow any doubt about his desire to see student journalists use the start of the new year to initiate a juggernaut. This news release was delayed to give students a chance to settle in after the long holiday break, so its date of issue is 1/10/’11. According to UWIRE staff, “when dealing with college newspapers, the earlier in the week you send the release, the better. Many college papers don’t publish on Friday and virtually none do anything on the weekend. Most clients opt to send releases on Monday to ensure that people will be in campus newsrooms to see the release when it is first issued and that they will have time to do something on the story in that week’s issues.”

Kennedy’s regard for student journalism is not hard to explain. As mass media gradually became a global affair, America’s significance shrank to match the true size of the U.S. population in comparison to the world’s total population. Naturally that meant that foreigners gained control of the vast majority of media powerhouses. The century-long streak of American world leadership in matters of politics and culture was consequently put into jeopardy of ending as a result of being stripped of its imposing podium. Now required to endure by relying solely on its merits, American leadership thirsts for an unbiased media source, and student journalism emerges as the only haven of pure objectivity.

The preeminent next-generation political leader, Rockefeller Aldrich-Kennedy Popton, has spelled out the significance of student journalism’s role and explicitly delineates the way forward for American world leadership in no uncertain terms at a website that has been relentlessly refined over the course of the last five years. A visit to the site shows how powerful a well honed message can be. It even includes original songs hosted at and highly contextual images. Become informed about the vision at and learn more about student journalism with this citation from

“The National Pacemaker Awards are awards for excellence in American student journalism, given annually since 1927. The awards are generally considered to be the highest national honors in their field, and are unofficially known as the ‘Pulitzer Prizes of student journalism.’

“The National Scholastic Press Association administers the contest for high school programs, while the Associated Collegiate Press administers the college and university contests. Pacemakers are awarded annually at the JEA/NSPA National Conference (for high schools) and the ACP/CMA National College Media Convention (for colleges) in the following categories: Newspaper, Online, Yearbook/Magazine, and Broadcast.”

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