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October 20, 2015 – NEW YORK – LivnList™, the social planning app that taps video for invites, is available for download on iOS at

“Making plans with friends scattered through your life can be a hellish experience. Even with all the technology available at our finger tips, no one has figured out a better way to organize getting together with friends. Whether you’re planning a tailgate party, spring break trip or night out, LivnList™ is the easiest way to get your friends to do things,” says Brian Liebler, Co-founder & CEO, LivnList™. “We’ve turned the existing piecemeal process of sending out static group texts, impersonal emails, or formal calendar invites into a dynamic, fluid experience that mimics real life, but better.”

The app offers features for both social butterflies who like to organize plans and their improviser friends who like to see all their options before committing to doing something. Inspired by the ruthless efficiency that dating apps brought to the process of meeting new people, LivnList™ streamlines the social dynamics for how friends get together in the real world making it as simple as List. Share. Do. ™

For full details about the inspiration behind the company and how the app works, please visit our blog.

About LivnList
Get your friends to do things with LivnList™, the fun and easy way to organize, share and discover what you and your friends want to do. It’s as simple as List. Share. Do.™ The activity planning messenger is available for download on iOS. Android and web versions coming soon. For more information, visit or follow us in social media @LivnList.

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