New Facebook App Redefines the Meaning of DTF – Dating Through Friends

November 19, 2013 – SetMeUp, a social discovery app, announces that in its initial release it achieved over 3 million searchable profiles. Unlike hook-up apps like Tinder where you’re connecting to complete strangers, with SetMeUp you find dates through friend introductions. The app utilizes friend-of-friend connections to help individuals meet new singles and enrich their first date experiences.

SetMeUp creates an ecosystem where people can meet as they normally would offline, through their mutual friends. By leveraging Facebook, which people already trust and feel comfortable using, SetMeUp enables people to find and easily connect with their friends of friends. Users are able to connect to people who they are more likely to trust because everyone falls within the same social circles.

This is particularly appealing to the college market since they can avoid the stigma of telling their friends they met someone online. The application is designed so no one knows who is using the app other than those people successfully connecting with each other, maintaining full privacy for the user. College students and post-college graduates simply install the app on Facebook, select friends, and then search through those friend’s friends sorted by compatibility.

“The goal is to get away from traditional online dating models and use social platforms that are integral to our everyday lives,” says SetMeUp co-founder and Harvard Business School grad, Abhishek Jain. In addition to launching the app, SetMeUp is also excited to announce the creation of an internship program for college students interested in entrepreneurship and marketing. “Launching any product, especially one as innovative as SetMeUp, is an amazing learning experience for everyone involved,” says Jain. Students interested in applying for this internship opportunity can e-mail their resume to

College students at the University of Georgia love the application. Morgan Leaf, an undergraduate student at UGA, is tired of using hook-up apps where guys are sleazy. “I like SetMeUp because guys realize they’re accountable to our mutual friends.” says Leaf. “I wouldn’t date any other way.” A senior at Boston University, Estela Del Mar, feels the same way, adding, “On other dating apps, you don’t get any quality connections. With SetMeUp, I get connected through my friends so I can trust the people I meet.”

About SetMeUp
SetMeUp is a social discovery application, available on web and mobile devices, that helps you meet a new romantic interest through mutual friends on Facebook. To get a better understanding of the product, you can access SetMeUp on your web browser at Mobile is expected to be released within the month.

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