New Website Helps Renters Manage Rent Payment, Credit, Earn Cash Back

CHICAGO, IL March 29, 2010 – WilliamPaid, an online resource for renters and roommates, launched recently bringing relief to the 102 million Americans who live in apartments, condominiums, and other rental units. The comprehensive new website for renters and roommates provides flexible rent payments, the ability to build personal credit with rent payments and a cash-back program with a matching contribution toward student loan and rent payments.

“With WilliamPaid, powerful renter and roommate tools are just a click away,” said WilliamPaid CEO Evan Silverman. “For many, rent is a sensitive topic due to financial issues and roommate disagreements. WilliamPaid complements existing social media platforms to offer a hyperpersonal roommate relationship experience. We provide flexible payment options to relieve financial strain as well as a medium for roommates to communicate about and monitor rent payments without face-to-face conflicts or ‘text message stress.’ In the end, it is a win-win for everyone – landlords get paid on time, and roommates avoid needless drama.”

Communication and busy schedules, Silverman said, are big obstacles for roommates and rent. “I live with three other roommates, and our biggest challenge has been getting our rent in on time. It is difficult for us to be on the same page,” said Ingrid Perez, 19, from Suffolk University.

To address these types of issues, according to Silverman, WilliamPaid ( provides flexible rent payment options that let each roommate pay rent how each person chooses – bank account, credit or debit card or any combination – but yet provides a collective payment to the landlord. “With WilliamPaid, each roommate can see who has paid – and, more importantly, who hasn’t. It’s a non-confrontational way of dealing with the rent while also providing the flexibility that each roommate may need,” said Silverman.

WilliamPaid also helps renters build credit with their rent payments. “As the only rent payment service that reports rent payments to a credit bureau, tenants can build credit without going into debt – something renters struggle with,” Silverman added.

Matthew Vitko, SVP of Sales for PRBC, Inc., a credit bureau and division of MicroBilt Corporation, agrees. “Traditionally, apartment renting comes with a disadvantage,” he said. “Unlike mortgage payments, timely rent payments do not improve your credit rating. WilliamPaid helps renters build a positive payment history by providing them with the option to report monthly rent payments to a nationally-recognized credit bureau. If you are currently an apartment renter and you want to establish a positive payment history, WilliamPaid is a good option.”

The WilliamPaid Cash-back Program provides cash-back to its users who shop online and refer friends to the service, with a 10% matching contribution when users apply their cash-back to their rent or student loans. According to Silverman, WilliamPaid will also be rolling out a cash-back program for rental payments.

For more information about WilliamPaid or to schedule an interview with a member of WilliamPaid’s executive team, contact Evan Silverman, 847.510.6444.

Renters and roommates are invited to visit William Paid’s BLOG, YouTube Channel, Twitter Page, and Facebook Fan Page for more tips and resources.

About WilliamPaid
WilliamPaid is an online resource for renters and roommates, providing flexible rent payment options, including paying rent with a credit or debit card, credit building services such as having rent payments and past rent and utility payments reported to a credit bureau, shared bill management, allocation and tracking and other roommate tools that help renters and roommates communicate. WilliamPaid is headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. Learn more:
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