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How New Graduates Can Get a Job Fast:

Advice from NYT Bestselling, Knock ‘Em Dead Author Martin Yate

BOSTON, MA—April 18, 2013— Come May, new graduates will need to get their foot in the door when searching for a new job. These young professionals need proven strategies for job search and career management right now.

Not warm ‘n fuzzy motivation and feel-good platitudes, but hard-hitting common-sense tactics that put food on the table and deliver a new sense of security in this uncertain world.

Knock ‘Em Dead — Job Search Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers: How to Manage Your Career, Find the Right Job, and Excel in the Workplace (F+W/Adams Media, April 2013) http://amzn.to/YhUDJB by New York Times bestselling author & career expert Martin Yate is exactly what new graduates will need to overcome economic obstacles, and launch their career.

First Time Job Seekers will learn how business works, why jobs exist, how to find, win and become successful in them.

The Knock ‘Em Dead approach teaches:

  • How to use understand what your customers (employers) really want.
  • How to construct a resume that will be discoverable in databases and go from the bottom to the top of the recruiter’s inbox.
  • How to build and leverage social networks in every aspect of the first-time job search.
  • How to cultivate transferable skills and professional values that underlie all professional success.
  • How to turn job interviews into job offers.
  • How to climb the ladder of success.

Praise for Knock ‘em Dead:

“He’s really just about the best in the business.”—ALL Business, Dunn & Bradstreet

“Classic winner . . . This is one of the most valuable career books on the market.” —Los Angeles Times

“Required reading.”—Library Journal

Martin Yate offers his time-tested method of job search and career management, cultivated over 35 years, showing entry-level workers how to find that all-important first job, how to keep it, and how to establish a presence in the workplace.

He draws on the wisdom of a large panel of experts, professionals in the fields of job search and career management. These insiders show what job hunting looks like from the other side of the desk and how to impress the interviewer with your professionalism and knowledge.

About the Author

Martin Yate, CPC is one of the foremost experts in the world of job search and career management. The bestselling author of Knock ‘em Dead Resumes, Knock ‘em Dead Cover Letters, Knock ‘em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World, and numerous other books, and former director of personnel for Bell Industries’ Computer Memory Division, he has helped millions of people turn their careers and lives around. For more job-hunting resources and advice, visit www.knockemdead.com.

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