Paysa Data Reveals How Education Impacts Pay for Tech Grads

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August 30, 2016 – Palo Alto, Calif. – New research from Paysa, a salary transparency and career guidance platform, reveals just how much education factors into tech pay, giving college students and grads actionable insights to help shape their careers.

“Tech jobs pay well – we all know that,” says Chris Bolte, Paysa CEO. “So, we took a look at schools producing the top tech talent to find out which grads make the most, which schools offer the best return on investment, and how tech-focused students can best position themselves for future success.”

Paysa offers a wealth of information about the US tech workforce, shedding light not only on the impact of education but also on how skills and experience influence what people earn.

With this research, Paysa sought to answer questions like, “does it take a Stanford degree to make top dollar in tech?”, “where does Google hire from?”, and “which schools will give me the best return on my tuition investment?”

Key findings include:

- Top schools for the best starting salaries: Stanford University, University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, Harvard University, and Iowa State University.

- First to $150K - These schools put tech grads in the best position pay back those student loans: Rutgers University, Stanford University, Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, and McGill University.

- Best ROI – When comparing total earnings after five years in the workforce with total investment in college, these schools come out on top: Brigham Young University, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, Bellevue University, Thomas Edison State College, and University of Phoenix.

- Which schools Google hires from – These schools are the hottest recruiting grounds for top tech firms like Google, Uber and Airbnb: Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon University.

- Top paying skills – These ten skills pay dividends, regardless of which school tech workers attend: large scale systems, natural language processing, recommender systems, information retrieval, scalability, text mining, high performance computing, big data, win32 api, and mapreduce.

The infographic with the full list of findings can be accessed here.

“Our latest research underscores that when it comes to salary, education is only part of the equation,” says Bolte. “Ultimately, it’s about what you know, and what you can do today to gain the skills employers are looking for – and paying for. Paysa helps tech grads determine their worth in the workforce and achieve their market salary, no matter where they went to school.”

About Paysa
Initially targeted at software engineers and related professionals in the U.S., Paysa is a personalized salary transparency and career platform that enables employees to optimize their value throughout their career. Leveraging its massive data sets of jobs, employee profiles and compensation data points in concert with its proprietary machine learning algorithms, Paysa provides professionals with actionable tools, insights, and research to help them understand their individual worth in the market today, and how to increase their value.

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