Pocket of Money, LLC Grand Opening with 10% OFF Sale

Do you want to reduce spending and increase savings while still affording some luxuries? Pocket of Money, LLC is having a grand opening with a sale on the Grow Your Savings products. They provide tools, tips and tricks to help you cut costs and save money while in school and after. “Paying bills while saving money can be frustrating, especially while in college” said CEO Maria James “however, using our Grow Your Savings products can take away some of the stress.” She is excited to help others by sharing six factors and the system she used to manage finances while in school and after graduating.

Pocket of Money, LLC will be officially launching online on Saturday May 4th at 10am with a sale on all products! “Do you know those experiences that change your life?” said James. “I opened my first business at 10 years old, which ignited a passion for finance.” In honor of this, during the grand opening there will be a 10% OFF sale on all products for 10 days. And for the first 10 hours everyone will receive 20% OFF. Go towww.pocketofmoney.com to view the products.

The Grow Your Savings product line has already received great feedback, “I enjoyed your personalizations. You spoke to the reader” said Kristy Gangaram, a happy customer. “Maria showed me that I can have fun without spending a dime.”

As a recent graduate, 78% of James’ $27,000 income went towards living expenses and she still saved over $10,000 while traveling within the U.S. and abroad. James determined six factors that allowed her to consistently and steadily save money. “I created the Grow Your Savings products to share my knowledge and help people save money while still being able to do things like take luxury vacations” said James.

About Pocket of Money, LLC:

Pocket of Money, LLC helps you find the luxury in frugal living by providing tools, tips and tricks to help you manage finances in order to reduce spending, increase savings and eliminate debt. Go to www.pocketofmoney.com to learn more about the products and the company.

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