Property Protection 101: How College Students Can Travel with Confidence During Spring Break

Right now, more than 20 million college students across the country are beginning to plan vacations, service trips, and visits home for spring break. As students consider the best ways to travel safely, they should consider taking the following steps to protect their health, property, and financial well-being.

Consider Protecting Your Trip

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us all how quickly external circumstances can change, whether due to weather, natural disasters, or epidemics. Depending on the cost of the trip or type of flight you’ve purchased, and the refund policy, families and students may want to consider buying additional insurance at the point of purchase.

Keep Track of Your Tech

Traveling with technology, such as phones, tablets, computers, headphones, wearables, and more is now the norm. But if a student has their property lost or stolen while they’re away, the cost and time needed to replace their belongings can add up quickly. To reduce the stress of losing all the information you have on your technology items you can make sure your devices are password protected, install location tracking apps, and enable 2-factor authentication when available.

Lock Your Door (and More)

Students who live on and off campus should be sure to secure their room or apartment, unplug their electronics and appliances, and lock their valuables in a lock box. Even if they are away or traveling, students are responsible for damages stemming from electrical fires, floods, or . Students should consider renters insurance, like the one offered by GradGuard below.

What to Know Before You Go

GradGuard’s Renters Insurance, which is specifically designed for college students, provides coverage for students’ belongings not only while on campus but also while they are traveling worldwide.

“The rising costs of living and a college education means students have to be smart about what they buy and how they can get the most for their money. Part of that is making sure they protect their investments and GradGuard’s Renters Insurance, like our tuition insurance, is one way to make sure they can graduate college with less stress and less debt,” said John Fees, co-founder and CEO of GradGuard.

To learn more about GradGuard’s Renters Insurance, which enables students and families to easily replace a bike, laptop, cell phone, or other items that are stolen or damaged due to a covered incident visit In addition, GradGuard’s industry-leading tuition insurance program is also a benefit that can be purchased. Visit our website to see the tuition insurance benefits available for your school.

About GradGuard

GradGuard is an authority on protecting students and families from the risks of college life. Trusted by a network of more than 400 participating colleges and universities, today GradGuard is the number one provider of tuition and renters insurance for college students. Since 2009, GradGuard has protected more than one million members at more than 1,200 unique institutions. For more information visit or follow GradGuard on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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