Ready for summer? Your next move can save you money, on self storage.


As soon as you take your last college exam, you can breath a sigh of relief. Summer is here at last, and you’re ready for a long, much-deserved vacation. However, there is still one last task to accomplish before relaxing on the beach: moving!

Whether you are moving back home for the summer or changing apartments permanently, you need to have a plan for what to do with all of your stuff. Throughout the past few semesters, you’ve acquired a lot of things that no longer fit into your apartment, and you need more space to store these items.

Rather than shoving all of your stuff into a junk room or in your parent’s damp basement, have you considered a storage unit? is the No. 1 self storage search engine in the United States giving university and college students the ability to find the best price and special on a storage unit and book it online for free. If you are looking for the perfect self storage unit for the summer months and at the guaranteed lowest price, you can find it with With the best storage units aggregated into one place, you can find the best bang for your buck without sacrificing your college budget.

As college students, summer can still be a busy time: you’re starting a new part-time job or internship, leaving the country on a study abroad trip, or still taking a few classes to catch up. With, simply enter your city, zip code or school name in the search bar and use the filters to arrive at the storage unit of your choice. Using current technology and a user-friendly platform, students can reserve a storage unit for free from their desktop, tablet or smartphone device in a matter of minutes. Both convenient and quick, finding the best self storage unit for you has never been easier.

“The demand for storage units in the United States is high and rapidly growing. We have made the reservation process friendly, efficient and reliable.” Victor Dante, CEO, said.

Rather than searching through one or two self storage units in your area, you’ll search through thousands of options nationwide; with so many options, you are bound to find a great unit for your belongings.

About has evolved into one of the most prominent self storage lead generators in the industry. Consumers are able to locate, compare and reserve a self storage unit online or over the phone.’s team is comprised of self storage and technology professionals, and is headquartered in North Miami Beach, Florida, ( For more information you can contact them at 888-222-0225.

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