Rescue your Spring Break with new app dubbed the “Uber of Roadside Assistance”

WASHINGTON—March 4, 2015–Let’s face it, sometimes when you hit the road, the road hits back. But when a breakdown interferes with break time, every second counts.

Picture this – you’re on the road with your best friend riding shotgun to the spring break destination of your dreams, and you get a flat tire. Problem is, you’re in the middle of nowhere and have no clue who to call to come help.

Fortunately, your friends told you to download before you left. With just a few taps on your smartphone, a nearby tow truck is immediately en route – and just like Uber, you can watch help arrive right on your phone’s map.

So whether you’re heading to the white sandy beaches of Florida or the freshly powdered mountains of Colorado, don’t head out on your adventure without first downloading It’s free, and with a nationwide network of rescue vehicles and flat-rate, pay-per-use pricing, it’s an altogether better (and far cheaper) way to get roadside help than anything that’s come before it.

And for a limited time, Urgently is offering a lifetime discount on service of 15% to anyone who downloads the app and enters promo code “SB15” during registration.

Less paying, more playing. Sounds like a plan. Now, download the app by clicking here!


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Contact: Laura Gross,, 202-695-8223