ResumeSponge Delivers New Social Career Platform to Help College Students and Graduates Better Showcase Themselves in Today’s Crowded Marketplace

Beta Site’s Powerful Technology Features Will Enable Students, Graduates and First-Time Job Seekers to Achieve Success throughout their careers

HOLLYWOOD, Florida (October 13, 2010) – ResumeSponge,, has officially introduced a new social career platform designed to help college students, college graduates and first-time jobseekers build a professional online presence unlike the world has ever seen, help them engage in career focused opportunities, and achieve success throughout their careers.

Packed with a powerful package of advanced, proprietary features, ResumeSponge addresses significant shortfalls in today’s marketplace by allowing users to better showcase their talents, market their expertise and highlight their skills in a more compelling, effective way. While in beta, ResumeSponge currently supports Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox with Internet Explorer support coming very soon.

You can sign up here:

Why ResumeSponge
With millions of college students, graduates and first time job seekers searching for entry-level jobs, it is extremely difficult to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. ResumeSponge offers both students and recruiting professionals a one-stop solution that gives users more options on how they can network, communicate, collaborate and showcase themselves.

“ResumeSponge is a powerful, web-based platform filled with proprietary technology and advanced features that will give college students, graduates and first-time job seekers a whole new way to showcase themselves in today’s competitive job market. Unfortunately, most resumes are easily lost in the shuffle. ResumeSponge solves this problem by delivering a powerful set of advanced features that allow users to fully elaborate on their finest attributes and make a great first impression. We look forward to partnering with universities across the country to help their students better engage in career focused opportunities. In the next few weeks, we’re rolling out even more features so there’s much more to come,” said Solomon Engel, founder & CEO.

ResumeSponge has created powerful solutions that help users achieve success today, tomorrow and in all their future professional activities. As part of the beta preview, users can:

  • Build a professional online presence unlike any other. Today’s web sites don’t allow you to fully elaborate on your finest attributes and expertise to make a good first impression and stand out from the crowd. More importantly, profiles filled with in-line text alone just don’t tell the whole story and they aren’t very good at presenting the most of what you can offer. People Profile from ResumeSponge is packed with advanced technology integration, and lets users attach documents, videos, and photos, providing them with the ability to showcase more of their talents and professional work than on any other site today.
  • Market opportunities more effectively. ResumeSponge Jobs lets users discover, create, manage and engage on opportunities in a way that makes them more successful. It’s the best place to create jobs on the web. Users can describe their opportunities, then add relevant documents, videos and photos to put their opportunities center stage. With Jobs from ResumeSponge, users can attract top talent, and market their opportunities in ways that are not currently offered by any other single medium.
  • Communicate, Collaborate and share your professional work like never before. Today’s web mail systems are very basic, do not encourage collaborative group conversations, and provide no control over attachments once they’re sent. In addition, professional social networks typically charge a fee for usage of their very basic mail systems unless you’re directly in connection with the intended recipient.

ResumeSponge delivers SpongeMail, a highly advanced mail system taking the best of some very well known, industry systems and adds enhancements that specifically meet the needs of its users. With SpongeMail, people can easily share all types of files and content within interactive threaded messages. There is no need to download software or files; attachments are viewed within ResumeSponge’s vivid viewers, making for simple, secure and a great viewing experience. In addition, users have the ability to maintain control over their most valued attachments by restricting recipients’ ability to download, forward, print, or share them.

  • Take recommendations offline, and put them to use in the real world. Recommendations posted on professional social networking sites, as well as throughout the web, aren’t always taken as seriously when compared to original letters of recommendation. ResumeSponge takes the positives of what others think of you, and lets you put them to use in the real world. You can write a recommendation, sign it, and ResumeSponge certifies it. View your recommendations with a click, and then download them to take with you to job interviews or incorporate them in your portfolio.
  • Upload all your career, professional, and personal files in one secure place. Files from ResumeSponge allows you to upload all the most commonly used file types, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, and all major video and photo formats. You decide what you want others to see by displaying your files publicly, or keeping them private. Browse through your files with a flick of your mouse, and display them in ResumeSponge’s beautifully designed viewers. With no storage limitations, Files from ResumeSponge is the best place to store and manage all your professional work. And so much more

About ResumeSponge
ResumeSponge is a Social Career Platform built to help people achieve success throughout their career and employment initiatives. It is for anyone seeking an innovative way to market themselves, stand out in the crowded job marketplace, discover and create compelling opportunities, collaborate more effectively with colleagues, classmates, business professionals, and drive results. For more information, please visit

To learn more about ResumeSponge, check out our video on YouTube


Files: The best place on the web to store and showcase all your professional work

Jobs from ResumeSponge is the best place to market your opportunities

People Profile: Market yourself like never before and show the world your capabilities

Recommendations: Put them to use in the real world and show people what others think of you

SpongeMail: The best communication and collaboration tool on the web

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