Route Plan Paris Brings Maps and a Metro Route Planner to Android


ROUTE PLAN PARIS brings maps and a Metro route planner to Android 
Dependable offline solution helps travelers easily navigate Paris and avoid roaming charges

May 5, 2015 - PARIS, FRANCE – Forge Factory has announced the release of Route Plan Paris onto Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The mobile app brings users a detailed city map of Paris and finds the best subway routes between stations and many of the city’s top attractions, all without internet connectivity. Route Plan Paris also injects some fun into the mix, with a Metro-themed trivia challenge designed to entertain users with interesting facts on the city.

Route Plan Paris allows on-the-go travelers to search for any Metro station, point-of-interest or previously saved address. The built-in route finder identifies their location, scans Paris Metro, RER and Tramway maps, then displays the optimal route to their desired destination. To lighten the traveler’s load even further, dozens of Paris’ top points-of-interest are already bookmarked within the app to allow for even quicker navigation – no internet required.

“In the past, visitors and new residents carried around a book of neighborhood maps, plus a separate metro map, to try and get the most out of Paris,” said Kevin Morris, Forge Factory’s Managing Director. “Today, that’s no longer necessary. Route Plan Paris delivers all of that and a whole lot more directly onto your phone.”

In addition to the app’s search functionality, Route Plan Paris also features three unique map view modes: street-only, metro-only, and street + metro. The street map modes allow users to quickly orient themselves by zooming in to any district. The app also allows for saving “favorite” places or street addresses, so users can access those locations later, perhaps while offline or underground.

Due to the global appeal of a city like Paris, the app was built with a wide array of users in mind, offering features that appeal to everyone from students and budget travelers to jet setters and residents of Paris. The app’s primary features work without internet connectivity to ensure users always have access to critical information while on-the-go.

Route Plan Paris is scheduled to be released on iOS later this year, followed by other popular travel destinations for both Android and iOS.
The app is now available on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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Forge Factory is devoted to developing innovative and entertaining products for end-users. The Company is led by its Managing Director, Kevin Morris, who was previously a Product Manager at Macromedia in San Francisco (now part of Adobe) and has over 20 years experience in commercial software and internet development.
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