Scholarship: AirSage PASS for Young Professionals in Transportation

YPT members, AirSage wants to know: Where are you going and how can we help advance your career?

ATLANTA, GA September 16, 2013—Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) now have access to a new source of funding specifically earmarked for professional development and continuing education through The AirSage PASS: Professional Advancement & Success Scholarship.  AirSage™—a pioneer in digital population analytics, and the largest provider of consumer travel trends and population movement intelligence in the U.S.—has partnered with the national chapter of YPT to support the organization’s focus on cultivating emerging leaders in the transportation sector.  Headquartered out of Washington D.C., YPT provides professional development, fellowship, and networking opportunities for young professionals in the transportation field across the country and around the world.

Each quarter, the AirSage PASS program will award scholarships to young transportation professionals who have a drive to further develop their career through training, conferences, seminars, or other methods of advancement.  Depending on need and requirements, the funds can help cover the cost of registration, tuition, travel expenses and other fees.

“Today’s professionals must keep current in new and emerging technologies to recommend the most cost-effective, site-specific solutions,” said Thomas W. Brahms, Executive Director and CEO, Institute of Transportation Engineers. “In addition, we need to encourage new partnerships between the public and private sectors to develop collaborative solutions for transportation needs at all stages: planning, design, implementation and maintenance.”

The AirSage PASS, exclusively for YPT members, is part of AirSage’s larger commitment to corporate responsibility and focus on Giving Back that also includes:

☐     Contributions through donations to the LeadershipITE program (identifies, develops and engages leaders to shape the future of transportation) and sponsorships (as a Sustaining Affiliate sponsor for the YPT Organization).
☐     Educational discounts on AirSage data sets for universities and academic research that can advance the next generation of transportation professionals as well as the industry as a whole.

“As a technology company providing data to the transportation industry, AirSage has a responsibility to support industry-wide advancements through insights and education,” said Cy Smith, Founder and CEO of AirSage. “This summer’s release of the first ever ‘AirSage Annual Transportation Industry Survey’ eBook was one way to share industry insights. The AirSage PASS provides another opportunity to create a unique legacy of impact within the transportation planning community.”

AirSage PASS applications are reviewed quarterly. Details—including application and eligibility requirements, are accessible online. The first application deadline is Sep. 27, 2013 with announcement of awards on Oct. 11, 2013. The tentative schedule for subsequent awards:

☐     PASS Award deadline: Dec. 13, 2013  Award Announcement: Jan. 3, 2014
☐     PASS Award deadline: Mar. 7, 2014  Award Announcement: Apr. 2, 2014
☐     PASS Award deadline: Jun. 6, 2014  Award Announcement: Jul. 2, 2014

About AirSage
AirSage™—a pioneer in population analytics—is the largest provider of consumer locations and population movement intelligence in the U.S. Each day, AirSage uses patented technology to capture and analyze more than 15 billion anonymous, real-time, cellular-signal data points to identify travel patterns and transportation trends. Partnerships with the nation’s largest wireless carriers give AirSage exclusive access to data from more than 100 million mobile devices. Analyzed and aggregated, AirSage data provides actionable insights into where and when people travel and is transforming the transportation industry, commercial enterprises and a diverse range of industries. Find AirSage online at and on Twitter @AirSage

About YPT
YPT is a professional organization for young transportation professionals based in Washington, DC with chapters around the country. We aim to provide career guidance, fellowship, and networking opportunities for young professionals in the transportation field through seminars, meetings, and happy hours. Find YPT online at and @YPTvoice