SmartSex – A new app that helps college students get smarter and safer about sex.


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October 8, 2013 (New York, NY) –  College students know that knowledge is power. And having accurate and current information on sex empowers college men and women to be more confident, make healthier choices, and enjoy sex more.

That’s the purpose of SmartSex™, a new iPhone app that’s a confidential sex advisor for college students. The app is playful, informative and social. It has a dashboard of features, including enjoyable shake games to test sex IQ, breaking news about sex, a weekly question poll with results, and social networking features. The app offers multiple ways to answer questions, find key words, and check topics about sex. A new feature is Weekly Q – with answers to personal questions from app users.

Today’s college students are more open about sex than previous generations and are hungry for accurate and current information about sex.  SmartSex™  celebrates the pleasures of sex and is designed to meet the growing needs of adults for authoritative facts about sexuality, sexual health, and relationships.

The SmartSex app has a dashboard of fun and useful features:

  • Weekly Q – Submit an anonymous question. A new question answered weekly.
  • Three Fun Q&A Shake Games - Test your sex IQ in general and about common sex myths and key sex health issues. You have to shake it – the phone – to get each new game question. After five questions, see your score and share the results with friends through Facebook or e-mail.
  • Weekly Sex Poll – Find out what others like you are thinking and doing! Each week a new5 confidential question on sex attitudes is asked of app users. They can go quickly to poll results to see how others are responding.  A new week?  A New question – and opinion results!
  • Accurate info: – An extensive Info Area with the ability to look up words, topics, and FAQs. There are 6 information areas: word search, general information Q&A, sexual health Q&A, sex myths Q&A, sex topics for in-depth information, and links to websites for added information on various areas of sexuality.
  • Links - Links to a host of Websites that specialize in specific sex topics – for added depth.
  • Sharing - SmartSex app users can either e-mail or use Facebook to share info from the app as well as polling info and personal comments.
  • Latest Sex News – Get the latest sex news with links to the original source – stories from general media and sex research journals. It may be about enhanced pleasure techniques, sex health news, birth control technology, trends in sexual relationships, or stories about sex — with a contemporary twist.

The app developers have a public health background and bring a broad understanding of sexuality to the app’s content.  SmartSex™ balances fun with accurate and current information along with social features to help the user to be part of the app’s community.

“We know students are eager for the facts about sexuality, whether it’s fun information about new trends and attitudes about sex, or key health information about sexual disease prevention or pregnancy.” said Joyce Lisbin, Ed.D. Co-developer of the app.

“In a world where the smart phone is a constant companion, why not add a reliable and confidential sex advisor you can carry anywhere?” noted Paul Froehlich, MPH, the app’s other developer.


SmartSex can be a lifestyle companion for users who want to make healthy decisions and become sex smart. After all, being smart about sex is very sexy.

Price: $0.99

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About the developers:
Pando Health Resources, LLC. was established by Paul Froehlich, MPH, and Joyce Lisbin, Ed.D. to create health media based upon their work in public health and communications. Based in New York, Paul Froehlich has been an award-winning producer of media products. Joyce Lisbin, based in Denver, is former chief of the Health Communication Unit, California DPH/STD Control Branch.

Comments from SmartSex Users (Students and other adults):
“It ‘s about time someone came out with a sex app like this. Useful.”
BF, Vermont

“SmartSex gives me facts, not the kind of fluff I usually see.”
Student, KH,  –  Mexico

“There’s some great pleasure tips. You can always learn more.”
DV – Utah

“I like the poll.  I was surprised by what others say about sex.”

“I love this app! I am recommending it. Full of correct info & fun at the same time.”
JS, Pueblo, CO

“I can’t believe how much I didn’t know.”
JG, Ithaca, NY

“What stands out for me is the accurate information the app provides. That’s very important to me.”

I don’t use it every day but when I need it, it’s nice that it’s there! Has lots of answers to my toughest questions…it’s useful.
RS – , Hartfortd, CT

It feels funny — sharing sex facts with my friends. But, I’m not so sure they know some of these things. I think it’s a cool thing to help with the facts.”
KV – San Francisco, CA

“I didn’t think an app on sex would offer much to someone like me but worth a try for a buck. I was impressed.  It’s got more information and variety than I expected.”

“Girls just want to have fun. But, SmartSex keeps me better informed about my body and relationships.”

The games are a hit with me and my friends. We see who’s the smartest on sex.”