Student Discount Society Helps Student Interns Launch Campus Businesses Making People Laugh and Promoting Daily Deals


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Student Discount Society helps interns earn money and gain experience in sales, content creation and social media marketing to help get jobs after graduation.

CHICAGO, November 29, 2011 – Student Discount Society is looking for college students who want to gain business experience, nurture job skills, make extra money and have fun doing it. The company provides resources and trains college interns to run their own local daily-deal businesses under the Student Discount Society brand.

“A degree only gets you a spot in line. If you don’t have job experience, you’ll lose out to candidates with better qualifications. But it’s difficult to get a job when you haven’t had one before, and that’s why we started Student Discount Society,” said Rich Alapack, one of the company’s co-founders, along with Jon Benson. “We provide all the resources that interns need to run daily deals, produce funny videos, earn money and improve skills that help them get jobs later. Student interns, in return, help us spread the fun of Student Discount Society throughout College campuses.”

According to Alapack, Student Discount Society’s national office provides sales strategy, training, weekly calls, software and video capabilities to assure the success of its student interns. The company is looking for interns who want to hone three skills increasingly important to today’s employers: sales, content creation and social media marketing.  “Today’s employers are looking to hire people with experience in these skills but in reality it’s very hard to find opportunities to acquire this experience.  I guarantee students won’t get the same level of experience from any other internship.”

Student Discount Society student interns give local businesses the ability to run daily deals on local college campuses. Then interns create funny, cool viral videos that help promote the deals. Finally, students use what is often innate knowledge of social media to promote the deals. The harder they work to sell the deals, the more money they make.

“Interns hoping to go into sales after graduation get a chance to learn how to increase contacts in their network, for example,” said Benson. “Interns who want to go into creative careers learn skills that will help them succeed in the film, graphic design and video worlds.”

In addition to earning money, student interns are recognized through regular contests and other rewards. “One of the most unique aspects of this program is that we help motivate our interns,” Alapack said. “We don’t just give them goals and let them sink or swim. We believe people should be encouraged and rewarded for good work. It helps keep them on track to meet their goals.”

The company intends to launch Student Discount Society internship programs on every U.S. campus. “After all, every student deserves to have the best possible shot at a good future, and we can help them gain the experience they need to take that first step from college to their first professional position,” Benson explained.

For more information on how to become an intern, students should visit Student Discount Society’s website at

About Student Discount Society

Student Discount Society is an organization built by students for students, to entertain students and help them save money and enjoy successful careers. The national Student Discount Society office provides resources, training and motivation. Student interns run daily online deals locally, then promote them on college campuses through viral video and other social media marketing techniques. Ultimately, interns gain job experience and build skills that make it more likely they’ll be hired after college. Visit Student Discount Society online at