Kno Delivers Over 100,000 Discounted eTextbooks to Facebook and Web;
Announces Interactive Journal and QuizMe Features for iPad App

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 10, 2011 – Kno, Inc., www.kno.com , a pioneer in education software, is shifting the industry once again with three breakthrough products that will fundamentally change how college students study this fall. The company is delivering the world’s largest selection of eTextbooks, over 100,000 titles, to Facebook, giving students instant access to their books and class materials where they are already spending an average of 3 hours a day . Kno has also added the most advanced set of interactive features to their Textbooks for iPad application – Journal and QuizMe, which help students easily extract the information from their textbooks that is most important to them. Lastly, Kno is giving 19 million students instant access to eTextbooks through Kno for Web, which works on any major web browser, computer or tablet.

“Kno is focused on redefining the learning experience well beyond the textbook. Students interact differently in the digital medium and our goal is to help students easily extract the pertinent information for their classes,” said Osman Rashid, CEO and Co-Founder, Kno, Inc. “Our latest release gives students the most advanced set of interactive features that helps them study more efficiently and focus on what is most important to get the grades they want.”

Kno for Facebook
Kno is now available on Facebook, giving students instant access to textbooks where they are already spending a large portion of their time. With this new option students can study alone or with their Facebook friends and can even post questions from their textbook to their news feed. In a recent survey from Kelton Research, Kno found that 67% college students said they would be likely to use an app through Facebook that might improve their grades. The survey also revealed that if they could access their textbooks from anywhere without having to lug them around, a majority would study more often (62%) and more effectively (54%).

New Journal and QuizMe Features for iPad
The latest version of Kno for iPad gives students the most advanced set of interactive features with Journal and QuizMe. The Journal feature helps students focus on what is most important to them by automatically transferring images, highlights, stickies, text and media from their textbook into a single digital notebook for easy review.

Meanwhile, the Quiz Me feature makes study preparation a breeze by turning any diagram into an instant multiple-choice quiz with a built in self-assessment tool, real-time feedback and grading.

“There is no competition on the market that comes close to what Kno offers, considering we have over 100,000 discounted eTextbooks and more than 60 interactive features that instantly simplify learning for students. And were not stopping there we’re constantly adding new features that make a traditional textbook look like nothing but an oversized paper weight,” said Babur Habib, CTO and Co-Founder.

Kno for Web
Kno for Web gives 19 million students free access to Kno’s software without the worry or expense of having to purchase a new device. From any browser, students can access the more than 100,000 textbooks they need and never have to worry about loosing a book again, since Kno automatically backs everything up on the web. This also means that students using platforms other than an iPad, such as laptops, netbooks or Android tablets can now have access to eTextbooks.

“I’ve been using Kno to access my books and it’s been a huge time saver because I can study anywhere at anytime,” said Noel Hernandez, a nursing student from Florida International University. “And, my books look exactly the same as the other people using physical textbooks so I can follow along with my professor in class but with a lot more interactive features that make it easier to understand and remember the material.”

For more information go to: www.kno.com/features

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Kno, Inc. is an education software company on a mission to make learning engaging, effective, and social for students. Osman Rashid, the co-founder of Chegg, and Babur Habib, a consumer electronics veteran, founded Kno, Inc. in May 2009. The company has received funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Intel Capital, Goldman Sachs, Advanced Publications, FLOODGATE, GSV Capital, First Round Capital, Ron Conway, Silicon Valley Bank, SV Angels and TriplePoint Capital and is based in Santa Clara, California. For more information, go to www.kno.com, or follow Kno at facebook.com/GoodtoKno and twitter.com/GoodtoKNO.

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