Challenges Students Across The Nation To “Battle It Out”

New Site Allows Members to Pit Their Best Videos of Crazy Stunts and Top Performances Against Each Other to Help Settle the Score on Which University is Truly the “Best of the Best!”

CAYMAN ISLANDS – October 17, 2012 – Do you think you have what it takes to be called the “best of the best” right in your home town or on your college campus? How about versus your rivals just next door or across the country? Are you the ultimate beer pong champion? Can you eat more wings in five minutes than anyone else? If you truly think so, now you have a chance to prove it, as today TopThat introduced its online combat arena,, to colleges across the nation.

The free site, which is built for trash talking, in-your-face, socially competitive people, allows students to create, compete and judge 1-on-1 or group-based competitions to see who can out-do the other for ultimate bragging rights with other students from colleges around the country.

Think you can Top That?
Only your imagination is the limit as competitions on span a wide array of categories including Sports, Arts & Entertainment, Technology, People, Places & Events and Lifestyle. Examples of competitions on TopThat can include: Craziest Skateboard Trick, Best School Pride, Greatest Football Catch, Funniest Prank, Gnarliest Stunt, “Gangnam Style” University Clash, Coolest Instagram Picture and many more.

Promote yourself and have loads of fun!
Students can brand themselves by creating a profile, which includes a photo, personal URL, personal quote, description, and success rate with the ultimate goal of creating their own unique TopThat personality. And, a robust social networking integration allows students to promote their profile, competitions, and entries via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

And, to further community engagement, students are encouraged to vote for competitive entries, giving each one a rating of either: “Love it,” “No Opinion” (a neutral vote), or “Hate it.” Voting is based not only on the people that “love” an entry, but also the people that “hate” that same entry.

“With the fall semester in full swing, students can now use to show their school pride and prove that their school can top its rivals at anything,” said Brandon Caruana, founder & CEO, TopThat. “Whether it’s USC vs. UCLA, Alabama vs. Auburn, Michigan vs. Michigan State or any other rivalry, big or small, students finally have an online platform to put up or shut up and prove they are the best at any activity.”

Make some money, too!
In Q1 2013, TopThat members will be introduced to an innovative points system called “Karma” that will allow them to monetize their competitions. By gaining high point totals, members can increase their stature on Members with higher point totals, will not only receive further exposure around the website, they will also be offered the opportunity to generate revenue from competitions they create.

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About TopThat
Founded in 2011, TopThat is the ultimate online combat arena where members create, compete, and judge in 1-on-1 or group-based competitions by uploading their best images and videos capturing life’s random moments, crazy stunts, and top performances. By pitting these uploads in competition vs. other members, the game is on to see who can out-do the other for global bragging rights! The brainchild of Brandon Caruana, a Toronto, Canada native, the idea behind TopThat was originally developed for a snowboarding competition in the winter of 2008, which saw a huge number of people enter. Today, and after a few years of intensive development and refinement, TopThat is built with the latest technologies that are setting the paradigm for tomorrow’s Internet experience. As part of the site’s socially competitive culture, TopThat members are highly encouraged to send each other messages to promote themselves, their entry, and even to provide in-your-face, trash tal king commentary about entries from other members. For more information, visit


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