First umbrella that enables texting and e-mailing in the rain

CHICAGO, May 23 – Rainy days just became fun with the introduction of the Brolly™, a very affordable (less than $20 retail) small umbrella, that hopes to supplant the bigger and behemoth-sized umbrellas with a very unique finger hole grip.

The grip literally removes the danger of losing control of the umbrella in really foul weather, which can be prevalent in the Windy City.  At the same time, it (grip) allows the holder to text/e-mail on your mobile phone in the rain with a certain degree of security and sturdiness.  The Brolly, available in blue and black and green and black — is compact, stylish and comfortable to hold onto.

“We wanted to create a rain umbrella that was easy to hold and offered a superior level of durability. Rain umbrellas do a decent job of keeping people dry in the rain, but they are often uncomfortable to hold and fall apart after a few uses,” said Greg Edson, president of Brollytime Inc., the Chicago-based company that created and built The Brolly.

With its patent-pending finger hole grip, the Brolly puts your hand in full control of the rain umbrella, making it nearly impossible for you to lose your grip or grasp. Durability is the keystone of the umbrella. Its ribs are reinforced with fiberglass to handle strong winds and the frame consists of steel and aluminum. Even little things, like plastic around the umbrella tips, were incorporated to prevent people from being poked in the eye with metal tips.

You can buy the Brolly rain umbrella online and at select local retailers throughout the U.S.  The price-tag alone makes it affordable for anyone to own and it’s anything but another low-priced rain umbrella.

“It’s time to redefine the rain umbrella industry by offering  a high quality, low cost rain umbrella that is a conversation starter no matter where you go,” said Edson. “The Brolly gives you an extra hand to do things that are impossible to do with traditional rain umbrellas.

“We are excited to release the Brolly rain umbrella to the world and hope consumers enjoy using it, as much as we enjoyed bringing it from concept to life. We have put our best hand forward with this rain umbrella invention — literally.”

About Brollytime Inc.

Brollytime Inc. is a Chicago, IL-based business that developed The Brolly rain umbrella to create the most comfortable, fashion-forward and durable rain umbrella. The Brolly rain umbrella has a patent pending finger hole grip design to make the umbrella easy to hold and enable people to multi-task even when standing in the rain. For more information, please visit


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