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EVANSTON, ILL., January 22, 2013 - What is a MOOC? What were the top jobs offered to graduates last year? Who earns more college degrees: men or women? Find answers to these questions and more at, a comprehensive new website that provides easy access to thousands of the best online higher-education resources for students, counselors, professors and lifetime learners.

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Enhance classroom learning with thousands of free lectures, course offerings and seminars offers easy access to an extensive assortment of exceptional, freely available course material and lectures: literally thousands offered online by colleges and universities, including many of the best in the world.

  • Prepare for the GRE with Revised GRE Quantitative/Math by Quantum GRE at Udemy
  • Brush up on Newton’s laws of motion in Udacity’s Intro to Physics with Andy Brown
  • Solve for x, courtesy of the University of California at Irvine’s course on Pre-Calc
  • Improve your computer skills with a 10-week course on programming languages from the University of Washington
  • Supplement the study of Shakespeare with a University of Michigan lecture
  • Start your own company upon completing the University of Maryland course Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies
  • Stay competitive with a lesson in Mandarin Chinese from the Open University
  • And thousands more


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