Coffee Club Goes Viral With Members Earning Free Starbucks Cards

Now accepting new members and set to go viral – Free Coffee Card Club is helping coffee lovers pay for their coffee. The company operates a membership club that rewards members with Starbucks coffee cards for referring new members to the club. The market potential is enormous with 54% of American adults drinking coffee every day. The club is already popular with college students and young professionals.

The main idea of the club is simple. A person pays a $20 fee to become a member. They get one $5 Starbucks gift card just for joining. That member is then rewarded additional $5 Starbucks cards for every new member they refer to the club. The more friends a member refers to the club, the more coffee cards they earn.

It’s no surprise that coffee is still a welcome addiction to so many people. A 2012 Huffington Post article cited the following coffee facts:

“Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day, equivalent to 146 billion cups of coffee per year, making the United States the leading consumer of coffee in the world.”
“52% of coffee drinkers would rather go without a shower in the morning than give up coffee.”
“49% of coffee drinkers would rather give up their cell phone for a month than go without coffee.”

These facts clearly demonstrate the explosive potential of this coffee club as members tell their friends about it on Facebook and other social media sites. As if the world is not already wired enough, coffee fans will appreciate this new way to subsidize their happy habit. For more information, visit

About Free Coffee Card Club:
Free Coffee Card Club operates The site is a coffee club where members earn Starbucks coffee cards for referring new members. The club launched January 1st 2015 and is designed to go viral via perpetual member referrals. The club has no affiliation with Starbucks Corporation.

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