The Best Success and Business Practices as Step by Step Actions

Carlsbad, CA, April 23, 2015-Brad McMurrey’s The Success Ladder will enable young professionals to stand out from the crowd with decades of extra experience at their fingertips. The book is a comprehensive 30 year collection of motivational, self-improvement, and work-related “how to” knowledge from hundreds of sources organized as more than 500 specific actions.

Readers are shown explicitly how to get motivated, assess and improve their characteristics, capabilities, and behavior, then set and achieve their goals. At work they’ll know step by step how to perform: Time Management, Weekly Planning, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Leadership, Public Speaking, Marketing, Project Planning and Execution, Negotiation, and many more work activities.

The Success Ladder is the perfect complement to a student’s classroom education and provides a detailed blueprint for personal and career success. “I’ve done the research to compile the best ideas and advice on these subjects so readers don’t have to,” said Brad. “They can save countless hours and avoid serious mistakes.”

“An outline for top rung success…definitely a book that would have benefited me and propelled my career upward…a real asset to anyone, especially those fresh out of college,” said R.T. Sedgwick, PhD., a retired research scientist and principal investigator.

Brad McMurrey is retired after years of managing the development of multi-million dollar computer systems. He has also written The Love Ladder, a collection of the great relationship ideas to find and grow love. The print books are $9.99 at Amazon; eBooks are $4.99. Read more with order links to Amazon and the iBookstore at


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