For Immediate Release. CHICAGO, Ill. (September 22, 2015) — More than 100 million selfies are taken daily. Finally, selfie takers can earn cash for those selfies with Pay Your Selfie: the first app that pays any selfie-taker real cash for their selfies, provided they are 18 years old or older.

Available for iOS and Android, Pay Your Selfie works like this: users download the app for free and start taking selfies that match “selfie tasks” worth cash, such as showing off your tattoo, dancing at a concert, or sipping your favorite soda. New tasks valued up to $1 each are available weekly. Users also can import selfies from their smartphone’s camera roll.

When a user’s piggy bank reaches $20, they can cash out and receive a check in the mail or choose to donate their selfie cash to charity.

“We make the common selfie pay off for everyone,” said Michelle Smyth, CEO of Pay Your Selfie. “Selfies capture special moments — people you care about, joyful places, things that make life easier and better. We think it’s time everyone earns money doing what they already love to do.”

Pay Your Selfie offers sponsored selfie opportunities to advertisers for brand engagement and consumer insights. “We connect brands with consumers in a unique and engaging way,” said Smyth. “People who use our app say it’s a fun and easy way to earn a buck. For brands, we deliver a direct way to reach active and social consumers who like to express their lifestyles through selfies.”

Pay Your Selfie also runs “Selfless Selfie” campaigns, raising awareness and funds for partner charities and non-profit causes. Each selfie taken on behalf of a non-profit partner goes directly to the organization, rather than into a user’s piggy bank.

About Pay Your Selfie
Pay Your Selfie connects brands with consumers using selfies as the medium. For consumers, Pay Your Selfie pays cash for selfies, turning social currency into real currency. For brands, we offer a performance-based mobile marketing platform that delivers consumer engagement and insights. Pay Your Selfie is available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit

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