Lip Sync Battle with YouTube Stars Spreads truth About Tobacco

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March 25, 2015

Social Influencers Frankie J. GrandeMegan Nicole, Chris Collins, Brittani Louise Taylor, Jason Chen, and Charity Vance Challenge YouTubers To “Left Swipe Dat” Lip Sync Competition

Washington, DC – By “Lip Syncing Dat” truth gives teens the opportunity to become a YouTube star. To emphasize the unattractiveness of smoking truth is challenging teens to join in the “Left Swipe Dat” movement by creating their own lip sync video. Riffing off the creativity of popular YouTube icons, truth encourages teens nationwide to put their own imagination to work. The best lip syncs will be included as part of a supercut video released by truth in April.  

“It was so cool to see all of the cameos in the original ‘Left Swipe Dat’ music video. It’s a funny video and also gets the point across that smoking is not good for you and our generation has the power to end smoking” said Megan Nicole. “It was great to work with Chris Collins on the song and put my own spin on ‘Left Swipe Dat’!”

“Left Swipe Dat” calls attention to the negative impact smoking images have on teen behavior. Tobacco use is not only deadly, with half of those who smoke long-term dying prematurely from smoking, it’s also unattractive. Since the video’s release, #leftswipedat has been a number one trending topic across social platforms worldwide. More than 28 million video views have propelled left swiping smoking into popular culture: “Left Swipe That” now appears in the Urban Dictionary.

“’Left Swipe Dat’ has been amazingly successful,” said Cas Marburger, the social media manager for truth. “And now we get to see what other hilarious and talented YouTubers and YouTube stars can do with it. We hope more people put their spin on it by Lip Syncing Dat. It’s like karaoke for a cause, without the pressure of hitting any notes.”

truth is sparking conversations about tobacco through the Finish It campaign launched in August 2014. Finish It empowers this generation to be the one that ends tobacco for good. “Left Swipe Dat,” offers another way for teens to creatively join, support, and make an impact on the tobacco issue – whether that be by left swiping a smoking selfie, erasing smoking photos from the web, or putting an X through their social profile.

To join the Finish It campaign or create an original “Lip Sync Dat” video, visit How? Pick a favorite part of the song, record a lip sync, then post it to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Vine using #LeftSwipeDat AND #PickMe. Using the hashtag makes the video eligible for inclusion in the “Lip Sync Dat” supercut video that will debut on truth social media in April.

View the original “Left Swipe Dat” in its entirety at: or visit to learn more about how teens are using their creativity and social power to end tobacco use for good.


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