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April 11, 2016 — BOSTON — As spring break ends and summer approaches, there is always talk of summer learning loss, but not so much when speaking of college-aged students, or those in or entering graduate school. While those individuals might not be as prone to losing knowledge acquired throughout the year as compared to younger children, summer represents a time for opportunistic learning — to get a head start on the school year and to broaden skill sets in various subjects.

HBX CORe, a three-course online business fundamentals program powered by the faculty of Harvard Business School, is an effective way for students of all majors to master essential business principles (in just eight or 10 weeks) before fall classes begin. HBX CORe gives students the skills and confidence they need to be successful in the business world, regardless of their field of study or future career path. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Credential of Readiness from HBX and Harvard Business School – a clear resume-builder and opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

Peter LaBerge, an English major with a concentration in creative writing and a minor in consumer psychology through the University of Pennsylvania’s College of Arts & Sciences and Wharton School of Business, enrolled in CORe after his spring semester to build his business acumen.

“As the end of my freshman year of college drew near, I realized I was at a pivotal point in my academic career: I could either continue to rely on entrepreneurial instinct — which, honestly, had served me fairly well through my founding and developing The Adroit Journal to that point — or I could commit to establishing a strong understanding of economic principle, financial accounting and business analytics,” LaBerge said. “During my summer as an HBX student, I realized that instinct is only one piece of the puzzle. I realized that it is important — no, essential — to understand how to not only process and analyze the proper metrics to make effective decisions, but also communicate and defend these findings to stakeholders and colleagues.”

Unlike other online programs, the unique HBX learning model effectively marries Harvard Business School’s renowned case study method approach to teaching with an interactive, online, community-based curriculum in a way that provides an opportunity for individuals to learn business fundamentals and directly apply their learnings to their respective careers. This means that students can work their summer jobs or at their internships during the day and have the flexibility to participate in HBX CORe in their free time. CORe provides the essential elements individuals need to know to get started in their respective careers — whether it be at a big company, a small start-up, or a nonprofit — and is bundled into three distinct courses: Business Analytics, Economics for Managers and Financial Accounting. There are 10 program starts throughout the year — and two offered this summer.

Participants in HBX CORe will join a supportive global network of HBX learners who are regularly called upon to engage within the course platform through online discussions, shared insights, peer feedback and private Facebook groups. The ability to learn from, and network with, a cohort of committed learners from around the globe is something students won’t find in other online programs.

Applications are now available online through May 15 for June’s 10-week cohort and through June 13 for July’s 8-week session. For more information on how to apply to CORe, visit HBX online.

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